Let’s start with the definition of a hashtag (#). This is Twitter officially definition:

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

I personally use hashtags to keep myself updated with topics I’m interested in. Let’s face it, 24 hours is just not enough time to get our work done and keep ourselves updated about industry news, so I always spend an hour a day in the morning checking relevant hashtags to see what industry influencers are talking about or what’s trending now.
Today, I am sharing with you the ultimate list of hashtags used by top translation and localization industry influencers.


Top Hashtags for translation and localization industry

Hashtag Impressions Reach
#translation 850,776 510,343
#xl8 1,013,294 537,964
#t9n 1,022,502 277,373
#l10n 1,008,662  459,701
#i18n 99,631 71,930
#g11n 100,388
#linguistics 145,472 120,655
#medxl8 48,341 33,574
#techxl8 6,489 3,759
#MultiLanguages 1,413 1,413
#CrossCulture 45,176 25,716
#MT 4,289,625 1,926,174
#t9njobs 454,717 55,812
#Interpreter 756,254 585,389
#interpretation 1,240,713 501,645
#t9y 304,799 95,747
#LocWorld30 2,204 2,204
#LSPs 26,830 26,117
#xl8cpd 250,881 53,256
#xl8events 41,375 39,292
#localization 990,578 3,713,853

Data fetched from Keyhole.co for 7 days period.

Some of them were totally new for me when I started working in translation and localization industry, one of the best tools I found to help me figure out what some of the above hashtags stand for is: Tagdef.com.

Definition of Hashtags (Thanks to Tagdef.com)


It means “translate” (awful, but true. this is how: – x = trans – l = l – 8 = ate


It means translation: t + 9 letters + n. as i18n means: “internationalization” and l10n means: “localization” take the first letter, then the number of letters up until the next to the last, and the last one.


Similar to the above – except starting with an ‘L’ and ending with an ‘N’ with ten letters in-between for ‘localization’.


The same idea is behind #i18n for ‘internationalisation’.


Same as above: globalization


Stands for #terminology (introduced by @TermServ).


Stands for language service providers


Stands for continuous professional development in the language/translation industries. Hashtag created by the Alexandria project (@Alexandria_xl8)

Why hashtags are so important?

Get more exposure to your message as it will appear in the hashtag page which displaying your tweet not only for your followers but also for all users who click on the hashtag word, for example, this is the link for this hashtag “#xl8”: https://twitter.com/hashtag/xl8

Content discovery, hashtags are a great way to discover new content and see what people are sharing in real time. In the era of social media, there are too much content published every day, following specific hashtags will keep you focused on the content that matters most to you.

If I missed any relevant hashtags, feel free to leave your favorite in the comment section below.


I use tweetdeck to monitor the most relevant hashtags, it helps me do some filtering to the search results, like show only tweets written in English that have at least 5 likes, 2 replies or 1 retweet. That will ensure you only get quality content in front of you and avoiding potential spammers.


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