Travelling abroad soon and not looking forward to lugging a dictionary or phrase book just to get around? Well, you don’t need to if you have an Android smartphone which can be loaded with a ton of free and inexpensive translation apps which will even tell you how to pronounce any word in the local language like a pro. To make sure you don’t waste any precious travel planning time searching Google Play, here are some of the best translation apps for Android.

1- Google Translate

Google’s translation tool is both a staple and classic for desktop and mobile users. It may not be a great help when translating long texts, but it features almost every modern language in the world and packs a number of impressive added features which have made it the first choice not only for written but also spoken and even visual translation. What really sets Google Translate apart is that you can translate written speech and spoken words in a whole number of languages, but you can also translate signs and high-quality printed words using your smartphone’s camera, thanks to the integration of Word Lens into Google’s translation app. And if that wasn’t incredible enough, you can enjoy all of these features offline, so that you don’t have to pay extra internet fees or rely on Wi-Fi to make your translations while out and about.

2- iTranslate

Probably the second most used of mobile translation apps. It covers over 70 languages and several pairs, but it also has a number of other features such as turning foreign characters into words you can read, allowing to translate whole phrases, voice recognition, pronunciation examples in several languages and the ability to save and share your translations on social media.

3- ColorDict Dictionary

This is another example of a translation app that can give you more. The ColorDict uses different sources not only to translate but also give you information about the words you’re translating, like context and history. This is not only interesting, as you learn about the place and culture you are visiting, but it also allows you to avoid being offensive by not understanding or respecting local culture.

4- TS Translator

This is the top travel app on Google Play for a reason. It only features ten languages, most of which are Asian, but it works like an interactive phrase book, allowing for 2 way voice translation, as well as a Q&A mode which will prepare you to respond adequately in a conversational context, so you can easily navigate any circumstance while travelling abroad.

5- Translate Voice

Our final suggestion is a voice-based app. Translate Voice supports around 80 languages in total, and it will work with voice recognition for input and output in 44 of those languages, so it is a great option for those who want to actively speak the language when visiting a foreign country.

Found an app which features the language of the country you’re travelling to? Then you are ready to go on your new adventure. If you do get in trouble in an Exotic location and one of these translation apps saves your life – or from eating something you’d rather not– don’t forget to share this list with your friends on Twitter or Facebook so that they can take advantage on their next trip as well!