Terms of Use

  • Torjoman.com offers their users (hereafter customer) the opportunity to have texts and other documents translated for a fee through the Torjoman.com website. The translations are carried out by Torjoman.com or contracted translators. The realization and implementation of the respective contract is executed through use of the website Torjoman.com In all cases the customer is the contractual partner of Torjoman.com only, not the translator, who may be contracted by Torjoman.com


  • Torjoman.com will proceed with customer submitted request only upon verification of valid advance payment.


  • Delivery deadlines are obligatory only if previously confirmed in writing by Torjoman.com and subject to receiving full advance payment.


  • If the translated text is not in accordance with the contractual agreement the customer shall allow an acceptable time frame for correction of a minimum of 5 days.


  • Individual subject terminology established by the customer is taken into consideration only upon prior agreement, if sufficient and complete documentation, i.e. previous translations or glossaries are supplied upon placing the order. Otherwise, specialist terms shall be translated in accordance with the quality norm.


  • Translations are limited to text only. If the text contains pictures (i.e. graphics, comics, etc.) Torjoman.com may decline translation of these sections or the entire text. This applies also if, in the sole opinion of Torjoman.com, the text consists of culpable or illegal content in violation of public morals.in such case the customer shall be entitled to full refund of his payment and no compensation entitlement is due upon rejection.


  • In all cases where refund is eligible, the customers agrees and consents that he will receive his funds within 14 working days.


  • Obvious mistakes in the translation noticed upon download or other modes of transmittal to the customer, shall be reported immediately in writing and outlining the discrepancies. Hidden discrepancies shall be reported immediately upon discovery. Otherwise the translation shall be assumed contractually executed and acceptable.


  • Unless specifically agreed upon in writing, Torjoman.com does not guarantee that the respective translation is permissible or appropriate to the customer’s purpose. This applies especially in the event that the translation is published or used for marketing purposes. The customer exclusively bears all legal risks pertaining to publication of the translated texts.


  • If an allocated order is cancelled the customer is obligated to compensate Torjoman.com for the costs of the completed portion of the translation at that time. In any case the cost reimbursement entitlement consists of a minimum of 50% of the contract value.


  • The customer may charge against the claims of Torjoman.com only with undisputed or legally determined claims. The customer may exercise a retention right only in the event of such counter claims that result from the same contractual agreement as the claims that are subject to retention right.


  • Relinquishing of rights resulting from this contract is not permissible without prior agreement of Torjoman.com.

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