What is Market Research Translation?

The term Market Research refers to the systematic process of professionally collecting important data and using these data to generate expert in-depth information about a target market. The data can cover anything from customers to competitors and even trends observed in that particular market in relation to a certain brand. Market Research Translation however refers to translation of the research materials into another target language. Properly done, market research materials translation requires efficient and dedicated project management as well as fast turnaround. The quantitative or qualitative market research (MR) materials that a multilingual team of translators can handle generally include the following:

  • Reports compiled during and after the research
  • Questionnaires
  • Stimulus materials (advertising, concepts, brand product lists and show cards)
  • And many others

marketing research translation

Why You Need Market Research Translation Services

Every global company needs to know how well its brand is doing in foreign countries and there is no better way to that than by thorough market research. However, carrying out this research requires a clear understanding between the company carrying it out and the targeted native customers as well as the culture of the locals. Getting the correct interpretation of research concepts can greatly help you formulate well translated market research materials for the targeted native markets. The locals understand the flow of the contents, and therefore the response is both correct and without ambiguity. this is especially handy when coding open end questions either through telephone or face to face interviews and questionnaires.

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Who Needs Market Research Translation Services?

Companies that invest in quality Market Research Translation benefit a lot when it comes to proper strategizing that is information driven with clear facts. Some market research companies recognize the need for quality translations of market research materials to ensure that the primary focus of the entire project is maintained in different targeted international markets.

We are ready to help

Our team of professional native translators at Torjoman is focused on global coverage and vision with specific attention toward 24/7 support with clear considerations to time zones and alliances for global strategy as well as the differences in global cultures and languages. Our 20 year operational transparency and exceptional quality control through effective project management has won us an ISO 90001:2008 certification. The experience we have amassed over the years ensures that all customer needs are tailored to fit specific target market situations. All factors, including culture, language and dialects, local legal guidelines, local preferences and both qualitative and quantitative research methods are well integrated by our team of multilingual experts to provide the best Market Research translation services in the industry. We have worked with many large companies over the 20 year period and continue to serve existing and new clients with exceptional zeal. 


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