Technical Translation Services

More accuracy, More Profits

In a world of technology, major companies find it difficult to professionally break the barriers of languages while saving themselves from unforeseen liabilities. Only professional technical translation companies can do it efficiently, because of the high level of precision that distinguishes this field. Just select the trust-worthy company and sit in the comfort of its experience.

Technical translation is a field where consistency, accuracy and precision are essential, yet hard to achieve. So it’s crucial to entrust professional technical translation experts with your work. Since nonprofessional translations may endanger your brand name and badly affect your company. Thus it’s important to depend on accredited translators with in-depth knowledge of technical terminology specific to certain business sector. Additionally, enjoying wide experience in a technical field is as essential as enjoying good translation skills. Technical translation services include the following fields, to name a few:

  • Automotive
  • Environmental technology
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Heating systems
  • Solar technology
  • Electro-technology

Among documents to be translated:

  • Operating manuals
  • Patents
  • Engineering specifications
  • User guides and catalogs
  • Websites, software and hardware UIs
  • Marketing materials
  • Audio and video multimedia
  • Labels and safety manuals


Torjoman for Technical Translation Services,

Where accuracy & in-time delivery come together

With our expert translators and approved quality systems, Torjoman can guarantee you fast, accurate and consistent translations. Since manual translation fails in providing consistent translation in real-time, we utilize a collection of the most updated translation tools and comprehensive professional glossaries. In this way, Torjoman grants you not only consistent translation for only for your current project, but also for all your projects by creating a collective translation memory for all your projects. 

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Not Sure If You Need Translation?

Regardless of your specialization, deadline or size of project, Torjoman can provide precise translation with the best quality and best price.
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Torjoman experts follow a highly professional work system that will provide the best possible quality in little or no time. First, they assign a certain project manager to deal with all issues related to your work. Once the PM receives your files, he analyzes them using your comprehensive TM, if any. Second, we assign the most efficient translators available  in the field of this project. After translation, your project passes by a review and proofreading step to make sure that the text seems as if it was mainly written in that target language.

Deadline respect, best quality, and best price are the major advantages that distinguish Torjoman from any other technical translation agency. So get the attention your company deserves with a Torjoman professional technical translation crew.