Desktop Publishing Services

Have you finished localization and translation of your source to several languages? Now, it’s time to prepare the document’s layout consistency across multiple languages. Torjoman professional DTP team can help you to prepare localized print or online documents reflecting the source document and adapt the linguistic and typographical standards of all your target languages. Whether you have a manual, a book, an ad or any document including images and layouts, Torjoman DTP specialists can run the DTP work needed efficiently!

What is Desktop publishing

Desktop Publishing is the last phase of any localization and translation project that aims at adjusting the appearance of the localized document. Even if you have the most accurate translation, any small typographical or layout mistake affects badly on your customers’ reaction towards the product. Moreover, some small mistakes in figures or symbols such as decimal separators can cause product recalls or misuse due to misunderstanding the true meaning of the text. Thus, regardless to cost, time or effort this process can take, it’s an inevitable step towards achieving success and clients’ satisfaction.


About Torjoman DTP Services:

With Torjoman professional DTP team , we are happy to provide you with all desktop publishing services including:

  • Adapting the formatting and layout of source language documents with target language documents
  • Running post-DTP quality assurance checks
  • Generating PDF and PostScript files for print-ready and online documents
  • Extracting the content of translation from any DTP application or format

Among the documents we can work on: smart building softwares, multimedia flash projects, online help files, machines and electronic devices manuals, and e-learning softwares. In Torjoman, we usually offer DTP service as part of our localization process, yet sometimes we run DTP services for translations done by other companies. When DTP services is a must, let Torjoman do it for you!


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