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Apps Localization Services simply consist of translating of textual content and adjusting the mobile app to include functional elements targeted at a particular international (foreign) market. Many mobile app developers have adopted this new venture to increase sales in other countries apart from the app’s country of origin. Localization technologies are also advancing as time passes and the adaption of smartphones goes up on a global scale. However important to remember that the transfer of the mobile app’s original intention both in functionality and language is key to maintain usability. Mobile app localization follows the same basic principles used for Web and desktop applications.

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The process of effective mobile app localization comes in two main steps, namely.  internationalization and localization. Basically the mobile app should first be internationalized to ensure that the development process does not restrict the end product to one country, language (read right-to-left or left-to-right), culture or locale. The app is made global ready before localization begins. 

One of the other hand, localization of the mobile app  entails the process of tailoring the app to fit any target market without losing its initial objective or usability. Resources (images, text and videos) are added appropriately to support different cultures, countries and languages. At the point it is important to know that localization does not entirely depend on internationalization which means it can be done directly without having to through the latter.  

Why Mobile Apps Localization?

One word: profits!

Here are some reasons why mobile app developers should consider localization for increased profits:

  • 95.5% of the total world population subscribes to mobile services. This is approximately 7 billion mobile users.
  • A recent study showed that downloads for mobile apps after localization increased per country by a whopping 128%.
  • More than 60% of the total world’s mobile subscribers comes from 14 countries only! (Nigeria, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Pakistan, United States, the Philippines, Brazil, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Russia and Germany).
  • Results collected after a week of introducing a localized app to different added countries also exhibited a 26% profit increase by companies.
  • A total of 52% of global mobile subscribers are in Asia.
  • The return on investment after localizing a mobile app is higher because the traffic grows exponentially.
  • It is projected that the Middle East and Africa will surpass Europe of mobile subscriptions by the year 2016.

Who Should Use Mobile Localization Services?

All entrepreneurs focusing on the global mobile app market whether in Android or iOS platforms.

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Torjoman and Expert Mobile Apps Localization

With over 20 years in the translation industry, our ISO 90001:2008 certified team of expert multilingual native translators gives you exactly what you seek. Our tailored services are designed to fit any scenario. The aggressiveness with which our project managers approach mobile app localization has taken us to the  No.1 position and our track record speaks for itself. We have worked with many large companies over the years to garner the current level of professionalism and experience. We help all our customers by delivering high quality mobile app localization. We handle both Android and iOS (including descriptions for iTunes) apps localization services which clearly makes us your best choice. Among other services we provide in mobile app localization include the following:

  • We help anticipate challenges in keyboard and display functionalities for different foreign markets.
  • We prepare for your mobile app’s localization despite the platform.
  • Testing mobile apps for different languages and operating systems. 
  • Help to improve the app’s design to handle several issues such as foreign language structure and character sets.
  • By understanding the global market and best practices, we ensure that foreign mobile users have a positive experience while downloading, installing and using your mobile app.

Get in touch with us today through telephone at 0097143911813 or e-mail, to get a free quote or consultation. We will help your mobile app succeed across cultures and borders and drive your company to greater heights by introducing your app to many target markets under different languages. Avoid such issues as incorrect punctuations or breaks, poor text or line wrapping, incorrect sorting of different alphabets, incorrect text or layout direction and others by working with the best!


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