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Become a Certified Translation Agency in UAE in Just 5 Steps!

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  • Date: February 12, 2023

It is quite easy to find a skillful translator who is bilingual or multilingual. However, not every translator is certified. To be certified, translators must undergo many qualifying tests that check whether they have the required competencies to do the job perfectly.

Thus, by hiring a certified translation agency in UAE, you make sure that your important information is in safe hands.

In this article, we will explain how to become a certified translation company in UAE. Yet, before we go through this, we will unfold the differences between a certified translation and regular translation.

What Is Certified Translation?

It is a special type of translation that requires a translator with outstanding language skills, preferably with a postgraduate degree, to translate an official or legal document. The certified translator takes full responsibility for the translated text and accompanies the translation with a letter of certification stamped with his/her own seal.

You should know that any errors are not allowed in this type of translation as this may lead to delays, rejections, or costly results.

Torjoman offers you certified translations that are valid and accountable since we provide you with a certificate stamped by a translator guaranteeing the authenticity of the translated text.

What Are the Differences Between Certified Translation and Regular Translation?


Certified translations are needed when translating legal or official documents that need approval from a governmental sector.

Being an ISO 17100-certified agency, Torjoman delivers the highest-quality certified translations in any official document.

The following are examples of such documents:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Educational documents
  • Criminal records
  • Immigration documents
  • Passports
  • Commercial invoices

As for normal translation, if your documents are related to business, marketing, literature, technology, or any other fields, you do not need a certified translation.


Certified translation is delivered in a non-editable format along with a certification letter that has an authentication statement from the translator that the translation is ready to be used for official purposes.

Regular translations are delivered in editable formats that clients can freely change.


Certified translations should be in the same format as the source file. However, this does not matter a lot in regular translations unless you submit an editable file. In this case, the same format can be used easily.


The cost of certified translations is higher than that of standard translations because of the high qualifications of the certified translators and the big responsibilities that fall on their shoulders.

If you are looking for certified translation services that are budget-friendly and cost-effective, Torjoman is here to help!

How to Become a Certified Translation Agency in UAE?

The following are the main steps to follow if you wish to be a certified translator or a certified translation agency in UAE:

Documents Preparation

  1. The translator must be sponsored by a translation agency located in UAE and receive NOC (no objection certificate) from the same or similar agency.
  2. The translator must submit a certificate of equivalency to the Ministry of Education in UAE, a Secondary School certificate, an academic transcript, and a graduation certificate from one of the official faculties stating that he/she has mastered the language of study and this must be certified by the University Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy and Consulate.
  3. The translator is asked to get a security permit from the Police General Headquarters in UAE.
  4. The translator, except for Emirati nationals, must submit a certificate proving that he/she has five years of experience in a translation agency since their graduation and that it has to be certified by the Notary Public and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country.

Submission of Documents

The translator must provide the above-mentioned documents which are an equivalence certificate, no objection certificate, graduation certificate, and security permit along with 6 passport photos to the Ministry of Justice in the UAE, and finish the online registration form.

Getting Approval

After submitting the required documents, the technical and security committees hold a meeting at the UAE Ministry of Justice to consider the submitted documents and applications and upon which they determine the approved and rejected applicants.


Members from the UAE Ministry of Justice contact the approved applicants to inform them of the exam date and provide them with the examination guidelines.

Final Procedures

  • The UAE Ministry of Justice representative approaches the applicant who passes the exam to inform him/her of the exam result and asks him/her to get a referral letter from the ministry of justice.
  • The translator submits the letter of referral to the competent judge and takes an oath before him.
  • The translator receives a document explaining the policies of legal translation Dubai and the UAE.

To put it concisely, certified translators are officially guaranteed to have the skills, knowledge, and experience required to prove the credibility and accuracy of their translations.

As one of the remarkably certified translation agencies in UAE, Torjoman promises to deliver you top-notch certified translations. Contact us now!

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