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Japanese Translation Services

At Torjoman, we have over 25+ years’ experience in Japanese translation services. We believe Japanese translators should have a deep understanding of local culture and specific markets. We use specialist local knowledge to navigate local language, dialects and culture. This results in amazingly accurate translations and localizations.

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Consistent quality translation

Torjoman’s Japanese translation services are suitable for almost any field. We employ industry-specific experts who are native speakers of the languages you need. These linguists employ different, innovative translation methods depending on the needs of each project. This includes the use of translation memories and glossaries to ensure that technical language is used consistently, as well as computer translation tools where appropriate.

Japanese market opportunities

Japanese businesses have become global household names. In 2020, Toyota was named Japan’s leading company, with a valuation of over $58 billion. Japan’s successful business sector offers an abundance of opportunities for international expansion. Companies are turning to Japanese translation services to ease communications and foster these new relationships.

The Japanese consumer base is older than in many other countries. In 2050, estimates suggest that approximately 38% of the Japanese population will be aged 65 years and over. Additionally, the country is also home to a variety of dialects that are not always mutually intelligible. Torjoman acts as a guide between your company and your international market. Our expert Japanese translation team is here to guide you through your next project.

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Translation tools and QA systems

We also have the latest technologies at our disposal. This includes top project management platforms, powerful computer-assisted translation tools and leading quality assurance systems. For each project, we ensure that the most appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective methods are used to produce the highest quality work.

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Japanese language services

Whichever industry you work in, Torjoman can provide a wide range of Japanese language services to support your international project. For complex and multimedia projects, a mixture of services is usually required to ensure all aspects of text and voice are translated for the new audience.

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Overview language services

We offer the following services in Japanese:

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Your language guide for Japan

Our translators, localizers, technology experts and project managers are working together to create the highest-quality translations that are linguistically accurate, visually perfect and culturally appropriate. Whether you need translations to or from Japanese, we can help you reach new audiences, drive business, and create new opportunities.

Languages combinations

Torjoman can offer translations for almost any language pairs. For Japanese, the most commonly requested languages are Japanese to English and English to Japanese.

However, with offices around the world and translators spread across the continents, Torjoman has the experts you need for your projects. Our skilled team would be happy to accommodate your requests.

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Meet our Japanese translators

Torjoman’s Japanese translation team is made up of trained linguists with academic qualifications in the Japanese language. They also have industry-specific expertise and experience. Every translator we hire is taken through our thorough on-boarding process. This builds on their translation methods, specialist industry knowledge, and technical skills.

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Quality control processes

Torjoman also logs translators’ progress and undertakes quality control processes. This way, we can make sure to assign the most suitable translators for your project. And, if you have previously worked with us, you can request a specific translator for your next project!

As a top translation agency, all of our professional Japanese translators ensure accuracy, precision and speed. To get a free quote, please send us a message.

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Break communication barriers

If your company is looking to expand into or out of Japan, it will need some form of Japanese translation service in order to break communication barriers. The Japanese language is unique, with three different alphabets, meaning that translations can be complex. You may need precise translations of contracts and reports, meeting or conference interpreting, creative marketing localizations, or more. Torjoman provides expert linguists with industry-specific knowledge for the highest quality language services.

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Our most common industries

Torjoman provides expert linguists with industry-specific knowledge for the highest quality language services. We specialize in professional translation for the following industries:

japanese medical translation

Japanese medical translation

Medical translations need to be highly accurate. At Torjoman, our specialists are adept at working with technical terminology and niche concepts, finding the perfect translations into and out of Japanese. Documents can be translated as a one-off occurrence or as part of a larger project.

medical translation

Medical documents

Materials that need to be translated may include:

  • Medical records
  • Pharmaceutical certifications
  • Medicine labels
  • Informative videos
  • Academic research
  • Marketing and communications materials
japanese interpreter

Medical interpreters

Interpreting is also extremely important in the medical industry. Patients can access vital information about their care via Torjoman’s remote Japanese interpreting services, from anywhere in the world. Our interpreters can also facilitate conversations between medical staff and industry professionals or provide conference interpreting services.

japanese legal translation

Japanese legal translation

Legal translations, like medical translations, must be highly accurate and reliable. Many countries, such as the US, demand translations from accredited sources who adhere to high standards. At Torjoman, our translators have all received accreditations from either from the NAJIT, the American Translators Association (ATA), or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

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On demand or in advance

At Torjoman, we offer remote legal translation and interpreting on demand or in advance. There is no room for error in legal translation, which is why Torjoman offers high-quality, accurate Japanese translation and interpreting solutions, wherever you are based. Our legal translators can guide you through the process, with local, industry-specific knowledge and top QA procedures.

legal translation

Adhere to local laws and customs

Each type of Japanese legal translation is handled with the client’s final objectives in mind. For example, contracts, certifications, licenses, and terms of use need to adhere to local laws and customs. Translated testimonies, witness statements, and court transcripts, however, must be faithful to the original document and accurately reproduce events in a new language.

japanese marketing translation

Japanese marketing translation

72.4% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when companies provide information in their language. This shows that translation is vital, however truly resonating with customers requires more than a shift in language. Our linguists are adept at modifying content to ensure your message is received in the right way.

japanese marketing

Japanese localization services

Marketing products and services abroad requires a deep understanding of the new culture. This is why, at Torjoman, our native linguists offer Japanese localization services for your marketing materials. Please visit our marketing translation and localization pages to find out more.

consistent brand image

Maintain a positive and consistent brand image

Localization involves adapting texts, images, layouts, and more so that they resonate with their audience in a new locale. This is important for customer engagement and brand identity. Localization helps brands maintain consistency, avoid mistakes, and promote a positive image internationally.

japanese e-learning

Japanese education translation

The education sector is rapidly changing. The e-learning market alone is predicted to reach a value of $243 billion over the next few years. As education continues to go virtual at lightning speeds, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to reach international audiences. In education, localization for the Japan market helps Japanese students and educators to engage with content.

overcome linguistic obstacles

Overcome linguistic obstacles

Effective education hinges on a deep understanding of materials. As such, there are linguistic obstacles to overcome for Japanese companies expanding abroad and for foreign companies expanding into Japan. Translation agencies such as Torjoman can help you seamlessly navigate this new culture. We also offer bespoke services for individual projects, finding solutions to suit your platform, audience, and timescale.

japanese e-learning

Localizing e-learning platforms

Localization is also extremely important for successful e-learning platforms and materials. Localization is the process of adapting a product or service so that it resonates with a new audience on a cultural, as well as linguistic, level. Torjoman’s Japanese language experts can provide professional, specialized localization services. We are adept at working with content in any format.

japan software localization

Japanese software localization

Torjoman’s expert linguists work alongside our technical engineers to localize software, websites, and apps. This means you can be confident your project will operate perfectly, matching original usability in Japanese. Platforms need to be adapted so that they are culturally appropriate for the new locale. Localization to Japanese should be undertaken by native speakers from translation companies such as Torjoman.

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Translation vs localization

Translation, at its most simple, involves changing text from one language to another. However, simply translating content is not always enough. Your content and interface need to resonate with an audience to have a lasting impact. Imagery, social references, navigation and iconography are not universal, meaning that changing the language alone could cause confusion or even offence.

japanese localization process

Japanese localization process

Localization is important for customer satisfaction and user retention in Japan and abroad. The process includes:

  • Adapting layout and usability
  • Changing imagery
  • Adapting local formats such as currency and units of measurement
  • Modifying culturally sensitive references
  • Creating effective slogans

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Frequently asked questions

How long does Japanese translation take?

The turnaround for each of our Japanese translation services depends on project size and complexity. However, as a guide, our translators can translate 2000 words per day.

Our project managers are adept at working to your schedule. If you have tight deadlines or key milestones in mind, please let us know and we will work with you to ensure your project is completed on time.

How much does Japanese translation cost?

We offer extremely competitive prices and top quality guarantees. We can work with you to optimize your budget for any project. If you would like a free quote, please visit this page.

Do I need a professional japanese translator?

At first glance, using non-professional translators may seem budget friendly. However, in the long run, this usually yields amateur results and costs time and money in the long run when issues arise. Professional translation agencies handle complex languages, unusual syntax, and sensitive subjects with ease. Their translators can also navigate difficult language barriers, including lesser-known dialects and terminology that doesn’t have a direct translation.

At Torjoman, we also use the latest professional technologies to ensure smooth and efficient translations. This includes project management and quality assurance programmes. If you need assistance, we offer regular contact from an assigned project manager who is with you every step of the way. These services are not usually available through amateur translators.

How do I know which service I need?

Torjoman’s team is always happy to help. If you’re not sure which services your project needs, simply get in touch with details of your project. We are happy to work with multinational corporations and small businesses alike to find the perfect solutions for them.

If you’re looking for a Japanese translation expert, Torjoman can help. Get in touch today to tell us what you need and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

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