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Telephone interpreter service

All across the world, linguistic diversity is growing day by day. There’s no stopping, as people who speak different languages and belong to different cultures will always interact, communicate, and do business. And here comes the role of translation, specifically the vital role of phone interpreter services.

What’s telephone interpreter service?

Telephone interpreter services are our fast, easy and confidential way of conquering the linguistic and cultural barriers that separate business partners, no matter where each of them is located. This service is in essence, a 3-way conference call connecting you, the interpreter, and whatever other party you’re calling or he/she is calling you. It’s the quickest and most guaranteed method to have an interpretation conducted on very short notice. The role of a skilled interpreter in the telephone call is to make the conversation easier between two other parties, each one speaking a different language.

Uses of phone interpreter services

Phone interpreter services are an exceptionally valuable method of communicating across language barriers, making it possible for people to communicate in different languages in a matter of seconds ─ with the use of just a telephone. Actually, there’s a wide variety of uses for a professional telephone interpreter service:

In healthcare

In the medical and healthcare sector, it is risky if the patient’s family members or other unqualified persons act as interpreters. Therefore, when it comes to the health and wellbeing of patients, healthcare providers should partner with professional telephone interpreting companies to provide the most accurate foreign language support to patients and medical staff alike.

Interpreting Services

Interpretation in times of emergency

Phone interpreter services may also be required in times of emergency when it’s logically easier to pick up the phone and connect with an interpreter.

Handling translation anonymously

Besides, there’re many situations where an interpreter service is required for handling translation anonymously, such as in the case of a journalist interviewing a source who might request to remain unidentified.

Vital instances of communication

When it comes to the people with limited proficiency of any other language ─ phone interpreter services will help them with such services as billing, collection, reminders, registration, scheduling of appointments and many other vital instances of communication.

Telephone interpreter advantages & benefits:

What are the advantages and benefits of phone interpreter services?

Overcoming limitations

First of all, there’s the power of overcoming the limitations of geography. Simply, when the customer is in a place or city an interpreter can’t access, telephone interpreting becomes a viable, effective solution.

Available at any time

When it comes to efficiency and time saving, phone interpreter services are the prime choice, as it’s often available at any time of the day. Phones are accessible everywhere and therefore clients can be served instantly without any delay.

Convenience guaranteed

Also, convenience shines as one of the main benefits of phone interpreter services. Let’s just think of an insurance company that has a call center fielding millions of calls in multiple languages each month.

Cost and time savings

Moreover, this kind of telephone interpreter service often results in a lot of saving in terms of cost and time.

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How to select telephone interpreter service vendors?

When it comes to which telephone interpreter service vendor, and which interpreter, to trust, there’s actually a lot of advice in this area.

Look for the reliable vendor

Since you need the trust of your customers, so you have to connect them with an interpreter company that they can also trust. Therefore, when you choose a provider, look for one who has earned a reputation for good performance and high fulfillment rates. Neither you nor your customer will endure unexpected cancellations or poor service.

no in-house interpreters!

Companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, usually start with looking for internal multilingual staff to do the job, which usually ends up with poor results. Also, it’s not only difficult and impractical to find these internal resources, but it’s also more expensive. Therefore, we recommend that you minimize your reliance on in-house staff. Whether we like it or not – professional telephone interpreting companies are the right solution.

Look for high-tech

Ideally, a telephone interpreter service should be delivered on an on-demand, instant basis. With the use of the industry’s latest technology, all you or your other partner will have to do, is to pick up the phone, dial the number of one of the interpreting companies, and have the service delivered immediately. Gone are the days of waiting for the service. Therefore, when you use search engines to look for a service provider, look for such words as “hosted language IVR”, “real-time,”, “click-to-call,”, etc., because this will guarantee that the company is capable of offering ad hoc, fast support.

Pay what you need only

The situation with a normal telephone interpretation is different than it is with on-site translation services vendors, who usually charge their customers by the hour, and may get extra transportation charges. We, at Torjoman, advise that your payment agreement should be per-minute basis, with no minimum fees.

Supported languages

With our substantial professional network of telephone interpreters, we managed to deliver telephone interpreter services to hundreds of clients in 120 languages, including, but not limited to:

  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Bengali
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Latin
  • Danish

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 23 years of solid experience.

46 Million








Why Torjoman?

At Torjoman, we provide our customers with our telephone interpreter service in an easy, simple way that caters to their communication needs. All our clients have to do is call our free interpretation number. Within a minute, he or she will get a professional phone interpreter to help with communication. However, it’s important to know why both individuals and businesses rely on our services for their needs?

Professional interpreters

We, at Torjoman, search the world for the most professional interpreters and then provide them with continuous training and education ─ to make them the best in the industry. Each member of our interpretation team, therefore, has many years of experience in this sector. Every interpreter is also bilingual and bicultural, and has rock-solid expertise in a specific business sector. With this, you’ll be 100% sure that your interpreter will have the following features:

  • Professional and well-mannered.
  • Has extensive subject-matter expertise in a specific industry, field or sphere of knowledge.
  • Has full command of the languages your clients speak.
  • Adhering to strict confidentiality standards.

Best technology

In addition to hiring only experienced interpreters, Torjoman uses the industry’s best-of-breed telecommunications technology. So we smartly combine the best human resources with top technological capabilities to deliver the highest-quality phone interpreter services.

24/7 availability

Last but not least, Torjoman is committed to providing seamless telephone interpreter service on a 24 hour / 365 days / 7 day-a-week basis.

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Frequently asked questions

It’s noticeable that several questions frequently arise in the circles of clients and prospects and in other areas of the interpretation industry about phone interpreter services. So, we had to collect the frequently asked questions in one place along with their answers in an attempt to provide as much information as possible.

What is the telephone interpreter service?

Telephone interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter service is a fast and easy method to bridge the language gap between two parties.

The service connects interpreters (human not machines!) through the telephone to customers who speak different languages and wish to communicate. The only equipment needed is a phone equipped with a speaker function or special, dual-handset phones.

Who carries out the telephone interpreter service?

A: Professional interpreters – noting that in your case, the interpretation will be performed by an interpreter specializing in your industry, niche, or sphere of business ─ depending on your request.

How do telephone interpreting companies deliver the service?

At most telephone interpreting companies, the following steps are followed:

Step 1: The client calls the company’s number. Clients are provided with a number that connects them to the company’s automated telephone system. The customer just dials the number to instantly get an interpreter on the phone.

Step 2: The client enters a unique code which they are given and which connects them to the company’s automated system.

Step 3: The client chooses the language he needs by entering a code, and instantly he will be connected to an interpreter. That’s all!

In which situations should we prefer phone interpreter services to on-site interpreting services?

The first situation is when you and the other partner are already communicating over the telephone. Therefore, a telephone interpreter service is recommended in these cases.

The second case is when professional interpreters are not available in person. So, if you’re in a situation ─ at a medical facility for example ─ in which you have to choose between a translation by a friend or family member or a telephone interpreter service, it is definitely better to choose the professional interpretation provider.

When it comes to dialing, will there be long waiting times for phone interpreters?

The high tech capabilities we leverage at Torjoman makes it possible for us to ensure a fast connection time for all of our clients.

How do you handle our information?

AT Torjoman, we use the most rigorous information confidentiality standards in the entire phone interpreter services industry. Our expert interpreters adhere to our strict code of confidentiality. Moreover, all documents and notes used for the telephone interpreter service are immediately deleted at the end of the interpretation process.

When can we use your telephone interpreter service?

Our phone interpreter services may be accessed by our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Should we reserve appointments for phone interpreter services?

Not at all. Our interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will you charge me for your telephone interpreter service?

Per minute, and our client pays only for the minutes used.

Is it possible to use your telephone interpreter service to connect people in different locations or countries?

Yes. This is the greatest benefit you get out of our state-of-the-art conference call technology, which creates a multi-way call with parties in different locations.

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