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As technology progresses, translation services get worse and worse. It may seem counterintuitive, but as more and more online translation services use cheap computer programs and inaccurate technology, it can be hard to find a translation company that can give you solid, well written translations of your content in a timely manner. That’s what’s different about Torjoman. Torjoman offers on demand German translation services from real people at a low cost, providing affordable and accurate results at a high speed.

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The customer comes first

At Torjoman, we prioritize customer experience by focusing on understanding the nuances of the German languages and our customer’s needs.

Our expert interpreters can translate German to and from any language, including popular favorites such as Arabic & English.

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Best translations on the market

Our team is consistently reviewed as one of the top german translation agencies in the market, and it’s no surprise: We only hire the most fluent linguists with specialization in German translation, who are accredited by reputable academic institutions. Our translators are trained to understand the subtle nuances of the language, to avoid any awkward confusion, or painful literal translations (which can be especially common when translating german).

Options to suit your ever need

Our German translation company focuses on helping brands post relevant content with properly translated material, ensuring that they see results. In order to keep up with our clients demands, we offer a wide variety of professional translation services, including localization, proofreading, desktop publishing, interpreting, multimedia translation, and medical transcription. If you have concerns over tricky translation combos, don’t worry. Our expert team of native German translators and linguists are fully trained and prepared with world class technology to give you great translations and put your mind at ease..

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In need of German translation services?

Our most commonly used services for the German language

Many of our clients need German translation for important legal documents, and are worried of the serious legal and financial repercussions due to a possible mistranslation. If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone, and this is no cause for concern. German is a tricky language. For years, scholars have noted it’s difficult cases, uncommon grammar rules, and long words. We are prepared, with years of experience working with hundreds of clients to translate german legal documents. Our German document translation services take into account everything, including:

  • Multiple meanings of phrases
  • Differences in cultural region or context
  • Subtleties and complexities of german grammar and spelling conventions
Education Translation Services

We’ve translated it all, from trademarks, contracts, and agreements, to wills, statements and legal requests.

We maintain the highest standards while translating your German documents because we understand your concerns, and the severe legal consequences that could result from a mistranslation.

Marketing and media translations

Each of our clients receive a carefully picked translator from a selection of thousands of experts to tend to their specific translation needs. Our experts are not only disciplined in the simple act of translating from language to language, but making the language meaningful and persuasive. We specialize in dozens of marketing needs like videos, written ads, website content, print ads, and more! If your needs are more aligned with media translation, we translate online content, journals, public statements, press matters, customer feedback, and even radio stations.

At Torjoman, we understand how much it means to have a German translation company that understands current trends and has relationships with headline media groups.

Marketing Translation Services
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Trained media translators

In the 21st century, it’s important to have commerce translators that have experience with the booming economy of online shopping. Being able to give your customers valuable information is everything, and at Torjoman, we take that to heart. If people are blocked by the language barrier, you will lose customers that would have loved to purchase your product. That’s why we offer advanced translation services that streamline content generation and translation for your online store. We comb through your entire website with expert level translators to ensure every letter is perfectly translated and expressed to your customer, regardless of your original language.

It’s no easy feat to quickly, reliably and affordable translate German media content, and our media translators are specially trained in the nuances of content, literature and marketing. All of our interpreters have access to top notch equipment such as dictionaries, media examples, and previous translations to ensure their work is fantastic.

Government translation services

On top of this, Tojorman provides German language translation to government agencies, public sector companies, and non-governmental organizations to facilitate meaningful communication and discussion with the public, despite language differences. We’ve recently been awarded the ISO 17100 certificate, which truly displays our excellence in our craft. Our team has highly experienced in important key issues that are shaping the political world today. We are fully equipped to translate social and economic justice matters such as healthcare, climate change, and racial justice because that’s just who we are. Virtually all of our translators are native Germans, and they understand the complex political situation, cultural history/knowledge along with German government structure and positions on foreign affairs. We guarantee accurate, punctual translation, with government quality.

Business transcription services
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Translations for tourism and visiting travelers

In Germany, the travel industry is ripe with new content, new tourists, and a constant need for new translations. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of this industry, and we have your back. It’s one thing to have a German translator converting one language from another, but how about this: How about hiring someone who’s driven on the Autobahn, been to Oktoberfest, and lived their life in the cultural heart of Europe. Someone who’s walked the streets and tasted the foods. Our translators understand what you need, and they are well equipped to translate promotional content, tourism/booking sites, and personal descriptions of local treasures and areas of interest.

In need of German translation services?

Finance translation

Financial translation is no easy feat, and our expert translators understand that. It means that not only have you become an accredited German translator, but you have in depth understanding of the market and other financial matters. Here are some of the challenges our translators are trained to work with:

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Varieties of file formats


The finance industry differs greatly from nation to nation, and even region to region within Germany. In some countries, salaries are public information ,whereas in others, salaries themselves are considered taboo.

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Economies and currency exchange rates

The financial translator should always be up to date when it comes to currency exchange rates which can fluctuate greatly based on the economic conditions in the countries using the specific currency. Our translators factor in the most current currency exchange rate to ensure that the information is accurate.

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The constantly changing vocabulary

A lot of economic and financial words are unique to the German language, and it’s important your translator knows what they are. Oftentimes, new words in the market are being used faster than dictionaries can record them. We make sure that your financial translator has an in-depth understanding of real-world terminology and current words.

Importance of special skills set

Financial translation involves more than standard translation where written content is translated into another language. Financial services include insurance, investment and banking, each one requiring a different set of terminology. Financial translation is more demanding because the financial concepts and language differ from country to country, and Torjoman translators are equipped to understand these differences. Some German states also have particular guidelines for financial documents in terms of numbering, formatting and use of specific terms. The variances might be slight and easy to miss if the translator does not understand the unique and explicit needs of financial translation.

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German Medical Translation Services

Medical translation might be the most sacred and important thing to translate. Not only does it have it’s own special needs and concepts, but it is oftentimes the difference between life and death. Would you put technical medical writing in the hands of a translator who doesn’t know what they’re doing? Neither would we. Our experts have a wide range of certifications and medical degrees to ensure that no harm is done due to mistranslation. At Torjoman we take health and medical translating very seriously, and leave no room for error.

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Over 25+ years of working experience
Our main vision is to deliver our customers the best.

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Qualified Translators

Why choose Torjoman for your German translation services?

Over the last 25+ years, we’ve worked hard to make sure that every single project we undertake is completed to the highest quality possible and, this is testified to by the number of major companies who regularly trust us with their important translation work. Some of these are; Amazon, airbnb, Sony, Bloomberg, The New York Times and YouTube. We understand that your business’s reputation is dependent on your communications – which is why we only ever entrust your work to the most skilled translators, backed up by our use of cutting edge technology.

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iso certification


As well as using some of the best German translators in the world, we are an ISO 17100 certified business translation agency – which is your guarantee that that we’ll always be driven by a commitment to best practices and the highest possible standards in error free business translations in German.

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Industry knowledge

We employ qualified, skilled and experienced translators from a wide range of different industries. These include legal, medical, technical, retail, educational and financial so you can rest easy knowing that your translator is knowledgeable about your sector as well as an outstanding translator.

time frames

Time frames

We know that, sometimes, you may need your translation a little bit faster than normal and we’re always happy to accommodate when we can. Our German translators are flexible when it comes to deadlines and will always do their best to meet your requirements.

full confidentiality


We’re always very much aware that our clients are trusting us with sensitive and confidential documents – which is why we offer a guarantee of confidentiality including the signing of NDA documents where required. We promise that your documents will only be seen by the translator working on your project and will never be shared with any third party outside of our organization.



Our native, in-country translators are able to do so much more than simply translate the vocabulary of a document. Each translator is well versed in the jargon, slang, colloquialisms and terminology of each and every German speaking country and sector – which means that your translation will always be correct, intuitive and native to the recipient.

new technologies


Not only are we committed to providing high quality German translation services, we’re also dedicated to making sure that our prices are always on point. We offer two sensible price options for every language, and our faithful guarantee is that the price we quote is the price that you pay – no sneaky extras and no hidden charges – ever.

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Our achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with over 25 years of solid experience.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know I am getting a quality translation?

All of our German translators are highly qualified, and go through a highly selective vetting process to ensure only the best translators are working with your documents. Additionally, we select each translator to fit your specific wants and needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of quality levels, because we know our clients have differing needs. Whether you are translating official government documents or a simple conversation with an acquaintance, we have what you need. We also have a German proofreader review all translated text.

What kinds of business documents do your translators usually work with?

Our translators handle a multitude of documents including, tax documents, mission statements, POs, RFPs, general documents, legal documents, identification, and more! .

What sort of certifications/expertise do your translators have?

All of our translators have years of translation experience, and are certified by a number of world renowned organizations. We recently obtained recognition in our world class translation services by obtaining ISO 17100.

Do you have a mobile app?

We do! It’s free to download here fully updated, allowing for easy access, mobile uploads/translations, and 24/7 customer support. Ordering is extremely simple, and with a few taps on your mobile device you can purchase your translation!

How long have you been in the translation business?

We have been translating languages and helping happy clients for over 25 years! In our years working in the field, we’ve helped thousands of happy clients, and translated over 54 million words in 120 languages across 9,500 projects.

How long does translation usually take?

We usually aim for our translators to translate about 2000 words per day, but this varies from project to project. It’s also important to take into consideration the nature and complexity of what’s being translated.

How many languages do you translate?

120, including a number of indigienous languages and important dialects. In German, all of our translations are read over by a native German speaker, and verified for 100% accuracy.

How many clients have you had?

We’ve helped over 2,000 happy clients in our translation services over the years, and we couldn’t be here without them. Their support has allowed us to open 5 offices around the world, and hire over 500 in house translators.

Where are you located?

We can help you translate from wherever you are in the world, and we have offices in New York, London, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Riyadh. Our translators hail from hundreds of countries, and are always going to give you a fantastic service, worldwide.

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