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Oil and Gas Industry’s Increased Global Growth

In recent years, the world has seen a huge global growth in the oil and gas sector. The growth is no longer limited to the Middle East with developed oil and gas resources in countries like Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The growth has now stretched to new explorations in Greenland, Brazil, Venezuela and Angola among many other countries.

These emerging new entities and petrol companies around the world offer better solutions in the energy field including drilling and oil exploration, oil refining, natural gas extraction and petrochemical usage. With such technological progress in the oil and gas industry, the need to communicate internationally with accurate industry-specific translations in multiple languages has also increased.

Oil and Gas Translation Services

Get Highly Technical and Accurate Translation Service

As a full-service translation and localization company, Torjoman offers highly technical and accurate oil and gas translation services. Our team of experts who have served the energy sector can work with over 150 languages including all the major African, American, Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. At Torjoman, our technical translators are not just linguists – they also hold advanced qualifications and degrees in the oil and gas industry.

We work with a wide range of industries under the oil and gas field such as pipeline, civil engineering, production, instrumentation, architecture, health and safety, construction, production, seismic, mechanical, drilling, metallurgy, exploration, shale, subsea, global petroleum, telecommunications and mining.

Since the oil and gas industry is highly technical, you want to ensure that your translators fully understand the technology behind the text that needs to be translated. This is why we require all our editors, translators and proofreaders to have the education, training and work experience in the oil and gas industry to match the subject matter of translation. Our strict QA system is equipped with checks and balances throughout the translation process – from selecting the project managers to the final stage of proofreading the translated text.

Our Expert Translators Know All Processes of Oil and Gas Industry

At Torjoman, our translators have the knowledge of all processes in the oil and gas industry such as mining of oil and gas fields, building pipelines, drilling, making booster stations, processing gas, refining oil flow metering, storage and transportation, description of gas and oil equipment, oil and gas recovery and retail marketing of oil and gas.

Through our experience in oil and gas translation, our translators managed to translate dozens of documents. These documents have complex and specific financial as well as technical terminology with abbreviations and symbols that are not common.

· Maintenance/operation manuals
· Drilling expedition reports
· Equipment manuals
· Environmental impact assessment reports
· Performance data of installations
· Technical proposals

· Tender documents
· Insurance policies
· Technical specifications
· Weight measurements
· Catalogs
· Patents

· Brochures
· Marketing materials
· AutoCAD Drawings and files
· Training handbooks
· Website translation
· Proposals and reports

Our oil and gas translation experts have legal knowledge for translating legal documents for oil and gas operations. They understand the laws and rules which govern oil and gas royalties, leases, land ownership, legal agreements and contracts for drilling/pipeline installation and usage. Since the translating terminology of oil and gas industry is very specific, our translators are familiar with the jargon used and the challenges it presents. Therefore, we already have an updated glossary and dictionary of technical terms of the oil and gas industry. We also have a detailed database of international petroleum terminology because we understand that it is the key to accurate translations.

Get Oil and Gas Translation Within Deadlines by Professionals

We pride ourselves in maintaining the fastest delivery records and honoring deadlines in all our translation projects. Our oil and gas translation QA department customizes a workflow procedure for every specific oil and gas translation project no matter which language combination is required. We are also one of the few ISO certified translation agencies that bear proof to our high-quality standards and processes.

At Torjoman, we ensure you receive the highest quality translation service through an experienced project manager that will oversee all aspects of your project. We make sure all your requirements are met and any amendments or unforeseen changes are implemented without causing any disruption in the overall result.

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