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What are medical transcription services?

Medical transcription services are used in medical facilities, such as medical practices and hospitals. Transcriptionists handle the recorded reports from doctors and other medical professionals to convert them into written documents that form a permanent part of patients’ medical records.

What are transcriptionists?

Transcriptionists ─ also called healthcare documentation specialists ─ help doctors to save their time by writing and editing dictations for their notes, charts, or their communications with other medical professionals.

Multiple tiers of quality control

Medical transcription services comprise several tiers of quality control, with editors reviewing the transcribed documents for mistakes before they’re returned to the dictating medical professional.

Types of medical transcription services

At Torjoman, we take pride in having hands-on experience in a wide diversity of medical transcription services. Our clients rely on us for delivering these services with accuracy, top quality, competitive prices, and in line with the highest standards of data confidentiality. There’re many types of medical transcription services, including:

Interview transcription services

It’s a common practice in the medical professional practice that physicians and other medical professionals frequently conduct interviews and hold both regular and ad hoc meetings to discuss ongoing developments in the medical and pharma industries, regulatory updates, clinical therapy updates, and other issues related to the wellbeing of medical staff.

During these meetings and discussions, a doctor usually records medical interviews on a mobile phone, a Dictaphone, or any other recording device.

Our medical services include the transcription of:

  • Patient medical history reports (which the doctor dictates upon admitting a patient)
  • Discharge reports (which the doctor dictates to allow a patient out of the hospital)
  • Physical reports (which the doctor dictates to determine a patient’s physical state)
  • Radiology report (which a radiologist dictates upon completion of a radiological diagnostics procedure)
  • Pathology report (which a pathologist dictates to report on his findings of the patient’s tissue samples.)
  • Lab reports (which the lab doctor or technician dictates to describe findings of internal examinations.)
  • Medical referral letters
  • Patient letters
  • Summaries of medical assessments

Transcription services for medical reports

We, at Torjoman, provide accurate medical transcription of a broad range of medical reports ─ which clinicians and medical professionals usually dictate using a voice recording device to describe patients’ prognosis. Our medical transcriptionists are highly skilled in converting any poor-quality audio into good text.

These medical reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient medical history reports (which the doctor dictates upon admitting a patient)
  • Discharge reports (which the doctor dictates to allow a patient out of the hospital)
  • Physical reports (which the doctor dictates to determine a patient’s physical state)
  • Radiology report (which a radiologist dictates upon completion of a radiological diagnostics procedure)
  • Pathology report (which a pathologist dictates to report on his findings of the patient’s tissue samples.)
  • Lab reports (which the lab doctor or technician dictates to describe findings of internal examinations.)
  • Medical referral letters
  • Patient letters
  • Summaries of medical assessments

Medical transcription services for conferences and symposiums

In this very special area, our highly trained transcriptionists use their high command of languages along with their expertise in the medical industry to provide professional medical transcription services for the discussions that take place at international medical conferences and symposiums.

We provide specialized medical transcription of:

  • Medical and pharma roundtable meetings
  • Podcasts and infomercials
  • Medical symposiums and conferences
  • Subtitling and closed captioning of medical presentations
  • Training and educational videos

How to choose your medical transcription provider?

This task is tough for you and for any medical facility or medical professional. Yet, according to experts, there are a number of basic criteria for you to ensure that you’ll partner with the right medical transcription company who will deliver a quality service. Let’s together dive into some of the major factors.


Money matters. If you’re new to the business, you’ve got to know that there are mainly two standards that medical transcription companies often use to charge for their services.

  • To charge the client per line, noting that the line comprises 65 characters.
  • The visible black characters (VBCs), noting that a VBC is any character of typed text, like a letter or punctuation mark, so spaces don’t count. So, the VBC model aims to exclude spaces from the costs, thus making pricing more specific.

Quality Assurance

You can judge a medical transcription company by the layers of review that exist in their transcription process. A professional vendor normally has from 2 to 4 layers of quality assurance. In other words, 3 or 4 linguists, including the transcriptionist, will be dealing with your audio record to transcribe and review before the final product is delivered to you.

So, it’s your job to ensure that there are a number of individuals reviewing your transcribed materials ─ remember that the fewer reviewers, the more errors!


Before you select your medical transcription company, you have to ensure that they have solid experience in your medical specialty. You’ll know about this by checking the transcription company’s references and requesting that they show you random examples of their past transcriptions in your specific medical field. More importantly, you need to ensure that the medical transcriptionists are certified, well trained, and highly experienced.

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What medical companies seek in a transcriptionist?

Transcriptionists are envied as they always have the opportunity to work from home, with just the required technology to connect with the clients. However, there are a number of skills which the medical transcriptionist job demands.

Typing accuracy & speed

When it comes to a job where misspelled words might mean the wrong diagnosis of a patient, the accuracy of typing is an essential requirement for the transcriptionist job. Transcriptionists should have exceptional typing skills that would enable them to competently and speedily turn audio content into written documents, in line with the highest standards of accuracy and precision.

Expertise in medical jargon

It’s said, in medical transcription services circles, that the perfect transcriptionist is the linguist who has the best medical dictionary on hand, but she seldom uses it!

Not only should the good transcriptionist cover such basic branches as physiology and anatomy, but she must also be versed in the terminology of as many medical specializations as possible ─ from psychology to neurology, cardiology, urology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, hematology, hepatology, etc.

As many branches as possible! The good transcriptionist, it is said, is the one who frequently reads medical publications and journals with a view to keeping up with the new developments in the various branches of medicine.

Since the job is basically to prepare professionally written documents and reports for doctors and other medical professionals, there’s no doubt that a successful transcriptionist should have an impressive command of grammar and punctuation. Grammar mistakes in writing medical reports may expose the hospital, clinic, or medical facility to legal issues.

Computer mastery

Whether they work remotely or onsite, medical transcriptionists need to be computer-savvy because almost all medical transcription companies use computer-based platforms.

Multitasking skills

When you work for medical transcription companies, you need to be a multitasker who is listening to a recording and typing with speed and accuracy at the same time. Multitasking abilities in this area are a must, just like the knowledge of medical terminology.

Focused Mind

Since transcriptionists work autonomously over long periods of time, they should have an aptitude for focusing on her work. The ability to concentrate and the mastery of the technology they are using will combine to make it possible for them to deliver high-quality and accurate output.

Good listening skills

It’s a must for transcriptionists. They should have the skill of hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating, and finally responding ─ with accuracy and speed.

Problem solving and analytical Skills

Moreover, medical transcriptionists frequently prepare highly complex reports and sometimes need a special skill to spot errors and inconsistencies before finally submitting these reports. Therefore, they need to have a good level of analytical and problem-solving skills.

Attention to detail

In the fields of medicine and healthcare, transcriptionists should also have solid attention to detail, which makes it possible for them to sustain a high level of detail throughout her daily tasks ─ in which every letter and each word in a report matters.

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Why Torjoman?

Founded in 1994, we’ve developed through diligence, innovation, and customer orientation into the leading vendor of translation and localization services in the MENA region. However, when it comes to medical transcription services, there’s a number of specific reasons why we always come out on top.

Experienced linguists

The medical transcription team at Torjoman comprises experienced linguists, with each member having an in-depth knowledge of medical terms, an impressive command of languages, along with the exceptional skills of typing, listening, problem-solving, attention to detail, computer literacy and researching, in addition to full mastery of grammar. Moreover, our client’s project is handled by a dedicated account manager who works to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Accuracy guaranteed

With Torjoman as your medical transcription company, it looks like the speed of light! You just send your audio files to be transcribed, and you’ll get them back in 24 hours, or less. In addition, we also offer urgent medical transcription services at highly competitive prices. Significantly, you can rest assured that speed, at Torjoman, does not come at the expense of accuracy. With Torjoman, 99% accuracy is guaranteed. We never compromise on quality standards.

Latest technology

At Torjoman, we mix human brilliance with high tech to produce second-to-none results. So, our transcriptionists use the latest dictation technology in the medical transcription services industry, along with state-of-the-art transcription software to deliver speedy and accurate transcriptions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the normal turnaround time for medical transcription services?

The turnaround time generally depends on the client’s business. Some healthcare providers target a turnaround in the vicinity of 24 -48 hours, whereas others require that they get the transcriptions done more quickly. More costs will naturally be charged for quicker turnaround times. So, the important advice here is for the medical facility to ensure that the medical transcription services vendor they single out will offer the turnaround times they need.

What are the benefits of medical transcription services?

Top on the list of medical transcription services benefits is that it provides medical facilities with a simple, fast, and cost-effective tool to accurately transcribe the audio dictations conducted during their daily work. With this task carried out satisfactorily, the medical facility staff will use their time and effort to do the more pressing duties they have.

How can transcription services help healthcare providers?

Insurance and medical billing constitute the area where your medical facility will benefit substantially from medical transcription services, which can tangibly optimize your charts for the most efficient billing process. In other words, when your charts are properly transcribed, your billing staff will be able to easily code claims and properly submit them with a lower risk of rejection or denial by the payer.

Furthermore, when medical transcriptionists transcribe medical professionals’ audio dictation directly into the appropriate fields in the Electronic Medical Record EMR system, healthcare providers will, as a consequence, save the time spent in transcribing audio from clinical encounters ─ or, to put it differently, the staff of these facilities will be saved the hassle of typing while seeing a patient.

What is the quality assurance process used?

A professional vendor of medical transcription services should have in place a rigorous quality assurance system. According to this process, medical transcripts are reviewed by at least one editor or proofreader, and sometimes the transcript may go through 3 or 4 people ─ editing, reviewing, and proofreading.

Moreover, the multi-tier quality assurance system for medical transcription services also involves that transcriptionists and reviewers must maintain accredited medical transcription certifications.

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