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Voice Over Services

Having a message that you want to transmit to a global audience?! Wanna spread your multimedia content and adapt it to different cultures? Torjoman has the best in class voice over services. We have the highest standards, the fastest process, and the best combination of the world’s most talented voice performers.

In an online rapidly changing world and fierce business competition, you need to speak up to your audience in their own language. One of the best practices in the realm of digital marketing nowadays is publishing a video with multilingual voice over. From business and commercial videos to the entertainment industry, voice over services have proven to be an effective and appealing tool in the video production process. However, only professional and talented voice over artists are capable of producing a memorable and vibrant audio experience that your audience can easily identify with.

Read on and delve deeper into the business of voice over services and how far this distinctive language solution contributed to the development of multimedia content across multiple industries.

Voice Over Services

It is undoubtful that voice over services will add much to your audiovisual experience, but do you really need it? And if yes, how can you choose the best voice over service provider based on your specific requirements? Why is Torjoman your ultimate choice?

What are voice over services?

Voice over services refer to the off-camera or non-diegetic commentary or narration of any multimedia content and they are a product of a rigorous multi-step process of scripting, recording, and audio engineering. The creation of professional voice over is a collaborative work that involves project managers, scriptwriters or translators, voice actors, and sound engineers.

The applications of voice over services are seen in commercial and promotional videos, educational materials, radio broadcasting, television production, filmmaking, among others. Also, multilingual voice over has established itself as a successful technique to address global audiences with different social and cultural perspectives.

The evolution of voice over services

Following the introduction of advanced sound equipment, video makers increasingly adopted the idea of synchronizing professional audio recordings with their videos to enhance their quality and appeal. The concept of voice over services remained on the rise as the video production industry enlarged and crossed paths with almost every single industry in the age of the internet.

Given the fact that one-third of today’s overall online activities are spent on watching videos, it makes sense that language services like dubbing and multilingual voice over are much in demand. Also the current unprecedented growth in the usage of voice search reflects people’s tendency to interact more with audible content than written texts. It is no exaggeration to say that voice over services are more like the magic wand of the online digital world.

Video content is expected to represent 80% of all online traffic by 2021, according to Cisco Study Visual Networking Index (VNI)

According to Comscore, 50% of all search queries worldwide will be voice-based by 2020

Why would you need it?

Whether you are a business that aims to grow or a filmmaker that aspires to spread your arts, voice over services will give your videos a touch of authenticity and much more enticement. If your media is targeted to promote, educate, entertain, or even inform, partnering with a professional voice over company will work wonders! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine how better watching your video with a highly crafted voice over would be.

Even more importantly, multilingual voice over services expand your reach and drive further engagement to your content. As people resonate more with the content that is provided in their mother tongue language, using native voice over services puts you a step closer to your audience. Several multinational companies are now unable to dispense with their proficient voice over service provider due to the numerous benefits of this partnership.

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Torjoman’s distinguished voice over services

Hosting a large pool of gifted and highly-qualified voice-over talents in more than 120 languages, Torjoman is your top choice for professional voice over services. We promise the highest quality, the fastest turnaround, and the ultimate vocal capabilities by our diversified team of native male and female, young and elderly voice actors.

Our voice over professionals are fully versed in your industry and highly trained to portray your message and spit it out loud. Our sound engineers are then ready to adjust their voices and adapt it to your video environment using the best digital audio workstation (DAW) and most effective video editing software.

We offer full video localization and competent voice over solutions; we will help you create an expressive script, translate it into whatever languages you want, record it with the ultimate intonation and vocal projection, and synchronize it with your video(s). At the tone and rhythm you want, our voice over will give life to your story.

As an ISO 17100 certified language service provider, Torjoman will follow the best-practice process to come up with exceptional results. We consider the cultural nuances, stick to the highest pronunciation guidelines, and leverage the most advanced technologies to record, adapt, and synchronize your voice over in your requested language.

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Types of our voice over services:

In a myriad of languages and across countless industries, Torjoman takes pride in offering multiple types of proficient and versatile voice over services that align with different needs. We have been providing voice over services for over two decades now and we have many satisfied clients, including well-known multinational brands. These are some of the voice over service types we specialize in:

Corporate video voice over

For all your business communications and multimedia materials, our voice over calibers will help you document and visualize your business activities. We would like to give a sense of authenticity and professionalism to your event introduction videos, illustrative service presentations, orientation and training sessions, and more.

Advertisement voice over

From online promotional videos to TV and radio commercials, voice over is vital for any multimedia advertising or marketing activities. Leveraging their vocal capabilities, our native commercial voice over specialists will get your voice to your customers at the ultimate intonation and articulation.

Documentary narration

Finding a professional and warm-voiced narrator or commentator is an indispensable part of any successful documentary film-making process. We have a group of talented documentary voice over artists with superb talents and extensive experience.

Educational and e-learning commentary

Your courses, training programs, and tutorial videos need to be accompanied with a clear illustration. That is exactly what Torjoman’s voice performers will add up to your diversified educational and e-learning content.

Multilingual IVR

We have a dedicated department for interactive voice response (IVR) and other telephone voice over services. We will carry your automated replies and instructions to your callers at the highest quality standards.

Audio books

People all around the world are turning to audiobooks as an enjoyable alternative to traditional paper books. Our eloquent voice over specialists will turn your written book into an audio file in a very exciting way.

Video games

The success of a video game highly depends on its ability to engage its users. When provided with professional and entertaining voice over, video games gain more popularity and stick further in their users’ head.

Audio guides

Audio tours are one of the most trending activities in the travel industry. Offer your visitors and tourists a spoken description of the sights they view through small headphones.

Supported voice over Languagest

It is important that your voice over is provided by native artists with fluency in the dialect of your audience and awareness of their culture. Torjoman has an extended pool of talents all around the world and presents world-class voice over services in more than 120 languages. These are some of the most requested languages:

Arabic Translation Services Arabic voice over services

English Translation Services English voice over services

Chinese Translation Services Chinese voice over services

Spanish Translation Services Spanish voice over services

Hindi Translation Services Hindi voice over services

Portuguese Translation Services Portuguese voice over services

Bengali Translation Services Bengali voice over services

Russian Translation Services Russian voice over services

Japanese Translation Services Japanese voice over services

German Translation Services German voice over services

Korean Translation Services Korean voice over services

French Translation Services French voice over services

Turkish Translation Services Turkish voice over services

Vietnamese Translation Services Vietnamese voice over services

Latin Translation Services Latin voice over services

Italian Translation Services Italian voice over services

Dutch Translation Services Dutch voice over services

Danish Translation Services Danish voice over services

How to Choose the best voice over company?

Before choosing your voice over service provider, you need to assess your own project and take some factors into account. Here are some tips to choose the right voice over agency and come out with a successful voice over project.

Define your needs

Before you pass your project on to someone else, make sure you define the needs of your project. What approach do you want to take? Which emotions do you need the video to provoke? What is your target audience? And what is the purpose of adding a voice over?

Previous work samples

Before you deal with any voice over company, request some previous work samples from the voice actors who will handle your project. Voice over companies with extensive track records and rich backgrounds will be more capable of satisfying your needs.

Consider price and turnaround time

Although quality should come on top of your priorities list, you have to take the price and turnaround time into consideration. Picking a cost-efficient and quick-turnaround service will save you cost and time and get your video faster to the audience.

Ensure confidentiality

If a voice over service provider does not ensure the privacy of your information, never take its offer. Make sure you get an official guarantee that your project data will remain confidential and only accessible to the voice over team.

Opt for natives

Native voice over services do not only consider the subtle nuances in the language and culture, but also give your video a sense of authenticity. Your audience will relate instantly to your videos when they find them in their native language.

voice over company

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 23 years of solid experience.

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Why Torjoman voice over services?

There are four reasons why Torjoman deserves to be your ally:


Our voice over team comprises highly qualified project managers, veteran translators, talented and native voice performers, and expert sound technicians. All you need to do is provide us with your request details and leave the rest to our harmonious team of professionals. Linguists will localize your script (if needed), voice actors will embody your message at the right tone, pitch, rythme, and timbre, sound engineers will adjust the recorded audio file and sync it with the video, while project managers will keep you updated with the flow of the process.


One of our strengths is our impeccable process. Once we receive your request, a dedicated project manager gets in touch with you and picks the right team for your projects. All required translation and recording activities take place then, under the leadership of our project manager. Sound specialists take it from there and handle all the technicalities using a suite of cutting-edge technologies. We run multiple layers of quality control before we submit the output back to you and wait for your feedback. We never consider a project completed until you are 100% satisfied.

Cost & time

We offer the highest quality at the fastest turnaround times and most competitive prices. Torjoman’s project managers assess your project and tailor the best package for you. We make sure the entire project gets done within your budget and your expected timeframe.If you are looking for cost-effective or fast-turnaround voice over services without compromise to quality, Torjoman has got your back.


We never proceed with a voice over project without signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the client. We ensure the complete confidentiality and full privacy of your information and make sure they are only used for the project implementation.

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Reliable voice over company

Since 1994, Torjoman has engraved its name among the most reliable voice over companies in the US, the UK, and the Middle East. We have completed many successful projects with a plethora of satisfied clients. Our voice performers have been always recognized for their talent and professionalism. Contact us now and give voice to your business!

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Frequently asked questions

How do you choose your voice actors?

Our selected voice actors go through a long auditioning and filtration process. We handpick the most talented and qualified calibers all over the world. We have a huge team of voice artists with vast experience and unmatched vocal capabilities.

How long does it take to finalize a voice over project?

After you submit your request, we get back to you with a free, customized, and detailed quote that includes all pricing and timing details. We always strive to complete any project within our client’s expected timeframe.

Do you have your own studio?

Yes, we have our own studios in the US and the Middle East. The voice over will be recorded in our studios and the entire project will be handled in house.

On what basis should I decide on the characteristics of my required voice over services?

It always depends on your target audience. Study your target audience and define the details of your voice over request accordingly. If your brand addresses kids for example, It is recommended that you request a young voice or a warm female voice that sounds like a mother.

How do I submit a request for voice over services?

There are three different options:
Firstly, you can submit your request here.
Secondly, you can download Torjoman’s mobile application from Google Play or Apple Store and use it to submit your request.
Thirdly, you can email us with your request details at projects@torjoman.com

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