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Communication in business gatherings

International mega events are taking place every year all around the world, bringing together a myriad of attendees from various nationalities and different cultures. Since networking marks one of the core purposes of these global gatherings, language barriers are not allowed to hinder the flow of a seamless communication. The one and only way to achieve this is simultaneous interpretation services; a professional language solution where a highly qualified interpreter translates the verbal speeches in real time, leaving no space for miscommunications

From grand business conferences to mega industry forums, today’s global event organizers can not go without professional simultaneous interpretation services. All it takes is a set of sound equipment and a team of technicians and proficient interpreters with extensive background in the spoken languages and the respective fields. Once prepared and provided properly, simultaneous interpretation keeps everyone involved in the communication activities on the same page of understanding and allows more interactive engagement in the event.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

No room for misinterpretation

When it comes to professional business gatherings, communications may include deal negotiations, industry updates, practical discussions, among other critical talks. In this case, a small misinterpretation may ruin the whole understanding and lead to unfavorable results. With accurate and precise simultaneous interpretation, those who speak different languages manage to assimilate any oral content simultaneously and get a full grasp of the communications instantly. Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, guarantees that those who do not share a common language would understand, engage, and interact with each other in the most effective way.

However, simultaneous interpretation services should be only provided by reliable and certified translation companies with proven track records in the market. Otherwise, communications may hit a dead end and terrible mistakes could happen. It is fair to say that poor interpretation is worse than no interpretation at all, and if you want to make success, you have got to keep your international audience in the loop.

Torjoman’s simultaneous interpretation services

As a leading language industry player, Torjoman is proud to present flawless and high-quality simultaneous interpretation solutions in the US, the UK, the Middle East, and all around the world. Our experienced and certified interpreters are available around the clock and ready to fulfill your expectations. We have completed several satisfactory projects and established many successful partnerships.

If you get ready to host a new event and are looking for a proficient language partner, Torjoman is worth your trust. Focus on the core content of your event and leave all your communication concerns to us. We have a set of advanced equipment and a team of skilled technicians and highly qualified interpreters with diverse experience and various specializations. We cover over 120 languages and all fields and industries.

Interpretation apparatus

The first step of any successful simultaneous interpretation is the establishment of all interpretation equipment needed to facilitate the process and enhance the communication. Interpretation equipment is recommended to be set by the beginning of the event so technicians have the chance to do the necessary sound tests and check out the connections. The interpretation equipment includes:

Audience headsets

Audience headsets


The foreign delegates and attendees receive wireless headsets through which they listen to the interpretation. The headphones must be connected to the interpreter’s microphone and contain on/off and volume buttons.




Sound-proof booth

Sound-proof booth

Simultaneous interpreters usually do their job inside a closed and isolated sound-proof booth that eliminates noise and allows them to concentrate more. The size of the interpretation booth differs based on the number of languages required in multilingual events. Interpreters should be separated so they do not get distracted by each other.

Headphones and microphone

Headphones and microphone


The interpreter listens to the speakers through wireless headphones and translates instantly into the microphone. The interpreter’s headset allows him/her to speak while he/she listens to the speakers without getting distracted.


At Torjoman, we have the world’s most advanced interpretation equipment and our technicians make sure the sound is clear and pure. Our interpreters are very well trained to work with these tools and provide the ultimate interpretation experience to your event attendees.

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Interpreters’ skillset

A successful translator is not necessarily a good interpreter! Eligible simultaneous interpreters are required to have a special set of qualifications and skills that are completely different from written or textual translations. The following is the skillset that makes a perfect interpreter:

Intrapersonal skills

From confidence and emotional stability to persuasion and problem-solving skills, interpreters need to be open to all possibilities and able to handle the pressure. As they communicate with people, deal with spontaneous human speeches, and face different challenges, interpreters should be intelligent enough to get past any sudden barriers and offer clear and comprehensive interpretation.

Industry-specific experience

A professional interpreter is a subject matter expert who is aware of his/her industry jargon and familiar with all its complicated terminology. It is a must that interpreters are equipped with extensive domain-specific knowledge and up to date with the latest industry trends. If the interpreter can not catch up with the speakers’ specialized talks, he would not be able to convey the right meaning, and thus create miscommunications, and maybe harm the event’s image or reputation.

Language-specific expertise

Interpreters must be aware of the subtle linguistic nuances and the different spoken dialects of the source and target languages. Only native and language-proficient interpreters are able to fully understand the metaphors, proverbs, rhetorical expressions, and jokes in the spoken language and transpose them instantaneously in the target language. Before they are interpreters, they should be adept linguists.

Eloquence and fluency

A good interpreter is also a brilliant speaker. Fluency and eloquence are two must-have characteristics of any successful interpreter. As they translate orally, interpreters must deliver the speaker’s message with the same kind of intonation and tonality. Professional interpretation is not supposed to entail any stuttering, mumbling, grammar or structure mistakes; they shall, instead, go smoothly and seamlessly to the listeners’ ears.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, Torjoman’s simultaneous interpreting team comprises skillful interpreters who translate from and into the world’s most common languages. If you are looking for a simultaneous interpretation company you can rely on, Torjoman would like to be your partner to success.

Contact us now and request a proficient and native interpreter with specialized knowledge of your industry!

Tips for successful simultaneous interpretation


Professional and experienced interpreters are capable of predicting the speaker’s words and interpreting them instantly to keep the flow of the information.

Cultural considerations

Interpreting specialists take into account the cultural context of the speech as well as the culture perspectives of his/her listeners.

Voice control

Interpreters have to keep their voice clear and comprehensible and avoid loud or low voice.

Who needs simultaneous interpretation services?

It is clear how important simultaneous interpretation services are for the ease of communication, but who is in need for this type of language solutions? And when exactly do they need it? The general answer to this question might be any international event organizer who wants to enhance their guest experience, yet the following are some particular events where simultaneous interpretation services are a substantial reason for success:

Industry forums

Industry forums are international business gatherings where participants of a specific industry come together under one roof to discuss the industry’s latest updates and future prospects. When players from all around the world communicate with each other and share their insights, simultaneous interpretation comes in to make them understand each other.


To discuss a specific topic and showcase its recent developments, your organization may call for a symposium or a roundtable discussion where all involved parties participate and present their views. When they speak different languages, simultaneously interpretation acts as the linkage between all of them.

Interpreting services and language interpretation services

Training programs

If your multinational company is enrolling new employees from different parts of the world and conducting large orientation or training sessions, you need to make sure they are all at the same page of understanding. To do this, simultaneous interpreting will deliver the same message to everyone in their own language.


After all, simultaneous interpretation is perfect for large-scale events and environments where multiple languages are used. At its core, Torjoman’s simultaneous interpretation is aimed at connecting people together, narrowing the gap between cultures, and spreading the knowledge at the widest scale possible. Partner with us and maximize the benefits of your event!

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Simultaneous Interpreting vs. other interpretation services?

There are many other types of interpretation services that satisfy other communication needs. Simultaneous interpreting is concerned with the huge conferences and multilingual gatherings, while other interpretation services are used for different purposes and they are all available at Torjoman.

Consecutive interpretation services

Consecutive interpretation is when an interpreter listens to the source-language speaker until he pauses, then starts to reproduce the speech in the target language. It works better in one-on-one meetings, small gatherings, and press conferences.

Escort interpretation

Escort or liaison interpretation refers to a private interpreter accompanying a group of foreigners and interpreting whatever they want into their native language. It’s considered an informal form of interpretation and it is typically used during visits of delegations or at small business meetings.

Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpreting is when an interpreter joins a group of listeners and interprets the speech instantly, sometimes in whispring. It’s good for itinerant missions and tours, especially with the lack of logistical equipment.

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI

OPI is a triple conference call where the interpreter fulfills their tasks remotely over the phone. OPI is very helpful in sectors like healthcare and hospitality, where the physical presence of multilingual interpreters is hard and the communications can be done efficiently at a distance.

Video-remote interpretation (VRI)

VRI works exactly like OPI, but with a video conference. VRI usually requires further equipment setup and can be helpful for people with hearing imparities, when using the sign language.





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Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of simultaneous Interpretation?

As its name suggests, simultaneous interpretation is all about the instantaneous translation of oral communications from the source language into the target language in real-time.

How did simultaneous interpretation start and develop?

The introduction of business conferences and political meetings at the between the two world wars and in the wake of the second one highlighted the need for professional interpretation services. It has been said that the real beginning of simultaneous interpreting was after World War II in the United States’ Military tribunals Nuremberg trials. Yet, due its required equipment setup, it was not until a very recent date that simultaneous interpretation technology witnessed a breakthrough and became today’s most used interpretation technique.

How do I choose the right simultaneous translation service provider?

There is specific criteria a professional simultaneous interpretation company should meet to gain your trust. This includes the experience and certification, the quality of the process and equipment, as well as the eligibility of the language interpreters. Torjoman is an ISO 17100 certified translation agency that has been operating in the market since 1994. Our top-notch simultaneous interpretation services are powered by state-of-the-art interpreting equipment and an outstanding team of high-profile professionals.

Where are your simultaneous interpretation services available?

Our simultaneous interpreters are available round the clock in the US, the UK, and the Middle East. Contact us now!

How do you choose interpreters for my specific needs?

Once you submit your request, one of our dedicated project managers gets in touch with you and chooses the interpreters that specialize in your requested language pairs and industries. We also pick the experience level as per your requirements and within your budget. We promise the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

How do I submit a request for simultaneous interpretation services?

There are three different options:
Firstly, you can submit your request here.
Secondly, you can download Torjoman’s mobile application from Google Play or Apple Store and use it to submit your request.
Thirdly, you can email us with your request details at

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