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Accurate French translation

In business, getting the right message across to the right people has never been more important. While the world is ever more accessible for companies and brands, it’s only possible to achieve a truly global reach by making sure that your brand messaging is consistent, accurate and relevant. This means making sure that your contents and communications are on point, whatever the language or territory. At Torjoman, we employ native French translators translators to ensure that all of our French translation services are 100% accurate and relevant.

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French dialects

There are a number of variations to the French language depending on the country that the speaker is from. When conducting business communications, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you choose the right format and dialect in order to avoid misunderstandings and gain a reputation for a lack of professionalism. The main forms of the French language are:

Belgian French

Although the French spoken in Belgium retains many of the characteristics of European French. As Belgium is an important centre for industry, it is vital that the language used is 100% accurate.

European French

Should you happen to be strolling down the Champs Elysees, European French is what you are likely to hear. Fast paced and enthusiastic in tone, European French is often also referred to as ‘Standard French or International French’.

Canadian French

Depending on where you are in North America, you will hear either Quebecois French or Acadian French. While the actual words used will tend to be the same as European French, the pronunciation is widely different.

African French

Should you be lucky enough to be holidaying in Haiti, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear a French dialect which is made up of African, Spanish and Portuguese as well as Standard French. African French has many variations when it comes to pronunciation and spelling, for example, ‘oui’ becomes ‘wi’.

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Translate in the correct dialect

There are approximately 220 million French speakers across the globe, and this melodic language is the European Union’s fourth most commonly used mother tongue. And as you can see, there are a few different kinds of French spoken around the world. Therefore, when it comes to translation, it’s incredibly important that you hire a professional who is able to accurately translate work in the correct dialect. Should you require French translation to or from a language, please feel free to get in touch as we are able to help.

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Our French translators

We hire only the most experienced and skilled French translators to ensure that each and every project is completed accurately and on time. All of our translators are native which means that they are fluent in the language and also have in-depth knowledge of the nuances and variations of the language. As a leading translation agency, we offer the translation in 120+ languages including the following language combinations:

  • English to French
  • Japanese to French
  • German to French
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Professional translators

Our network of translation professionals are carefully selected from a wide range of industries and from every corner of the globe which means that, whatever your requirements, the right professional for your needs is just a couple of clicks away.

  • Provide native, in-country translators
  • Provide industry-specific translators
  • Deliver projects in a timely manner
  • Deliver high quality, 100% accurate projects
  • Ensure 100% confidentiality
  • Offer highly competitive prices

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Business translation

Every part of our day to day business transactions relies on documentation; without which our businesses would descend into chaos. Our business translation services are second to none due to the fact that our translators are not just certified French language experts but are also chosen for their niche business expertise. For our clients, this means that, whatever their industry sector, we have a translator who is ready to get down to business without requiring lengthy explanations. As a highly experienced French translation agency, we are able to help with the translation of a huge range of business documents – including legal and financial – quickly and affordably.

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Translate business documents to French

Business is about communication and, as our world becomes more and more connected, it has become increasingly easy to take your business to an international level. While this is great news, it can lead to some issues in terms of language barriers. Every business relies heavily on documentation and misunderstandings due to language issues can often be costly. At Torjoman, we’re able to help you overcome business language barriers by translating a number of documents including:



If you’re looking to begin a business partnership abroad, there’s a good chance that you will be sent a contract. These legal documents should never be undertaken lightly, and our skilled translators will help make sure that you understand what you’re signing.

financial documents

Financial documents

When entering into a business partnership, it is often necessary for both parties to provide valid and up to date financial documentation. Our industry-specific French translators have comprehensive experience in translating complex and lengthy financial documents.

bank statements

Banking documents

Most companies deal with banking transactions such as transfers, statements and payments on a daily basis. These are, of course, vital documents, and we’re able to offer expert translation to ensure that banking documents are error-free.

acquisition docs

Acquisitions documents

Whether it’s the acquisition of a new business premises or the purchase of another company, we’re able to offer industry-specific translation services from and into French.

school certificates

School documents

Whether it’s a teacher’s employment contract or a set of rules or guidelines, our French translators are top of the class when it comes to translating educational documents.

identity cards

Identity documents

When abroad, it’s vital that you’re able to identify yourself when asked. Our translators can help with identity cards, driving licenses and much more.

Technical documentation

In 2020, outsourcing of activities such as software development has never been more popular. While this is a great way of making cost savings and tapping into new skill sets, a project can turn sour if there are misunderstandings due to language issues. At Torjoman, we use the very latest technology, and we’re able to translate documents from any format.

Our technical French translation freelancers have extensive experience of both translation and the technical world and can help you to overcome any language difficulties during your project. We are able to offer translation for a number of technical documents including:

technical documentation
data security

Data security

As legislation regarding data security tightens, it’s important to make sure that your data security documentation is in tip top shape. Our French translators will ensure that your data security documentation is within legal guidelines by providing fast, accurate translation.

technical translation

User guides

Our skilled technical French translators are adept at the accurate and technically correct translation of user guides and manuals for devices and software. At Torjoman, we use the very latest technology, and we’re able to translate documents from any format.

software development briefs

Software briefs

When embarking on a software development project, it’s vital that there is nothing lost in translation in the initial brief. Our software savvy French translators will ensure that briefs are 100% accurate and convey the required message.

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Why Torjoman?

Quite simply, we excel at what we do. We work with thousands of clients worldwide including Amazon, airbnb, Sony, Bloomberg, YouTube and The New York Times. Torjoman’s native, in-country French translators have a deep understanding of the culture of their market and, so, are able to provide sensitive, accurate and relevant French translation. We understand that even the smallest of errors in translation can be catastrophic. This is why we use the most skilled French translators and the most cutting edge technology to make sure that each and every project is 100% accurate, including:

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full confidentiality


We’re always very much aware that our clients are trusting us with sensitive documents – which is why we offer a guarantee of confidentiality including the signing of NDA documents. We promise that your document will only be seen by the translator who is working on your project and will never, under any circumstances, be shared with any third party or person outside of our organization.

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Our commitment to our clients means that we’re constantly comparing and checking our prices to make sure that our high quality French translation services are also highly competitive on price. We offer two straightforward price options for every language, and our promise is that the price we quote is the price that you pay – no sneaky extras and no hidden charges – ever.

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While we’re happy to sing our own praises, we don’t, of course, expect you to just take our word for it. We are an ISO 17100 certified business translation agency – which means that we’re driven by a commitment to best practices and the highest possible standards in error free business translations.

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Industry specific

We employ qualified and experienced translators from a number of different industries. These include medical, technical, educational and financial so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your translator is knowledgeable about your sector as well as an expert translator.



We know that, at times, life throws you a curveball and you may need a super-quick turnaround on your project. Our French translators are available 24/7 and can usually offer immediate starts and fast delivery on translation projects.



Our native, in-country translators are well versed in the jargon, slang and terminology of each and every French speaking sector – which means that nothing is ever lost in translation, however nuanced or colloquial the language used.

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 23 years of solid experience.

46 Million








In need of French translation services?


Exceptional quality and global reach

At Torjoman, we’re dedicated to bringing the world closer by providing exceptional quality translation and localization services along with outstanding customer service. Our operation team is made up of highly skilled professionals with a combined wealth of experience in business and personal translation services. Our world beating team can help with translation in over 120 languages – let us know how we can help!

How to get started with your French translation project

Getting started with Torjoman couldn’t be easier – simply head on over to our quotation form and give us a few details about your project in order to get a quote and get a team of linguists allocated to your translation project. Should you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional customer service team.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be translating my document?

We have a comprehensive pool of native French translators, and your translation professional will be selected for you based on your industry sector, French dialect and target market.

How long will the translation take?

This does, of course, depend on the length and complexity of your document but, if you have a specific deadline, we will always try to accommodate this. We usually aim for 2000 words per day, per translator.

How much will my translation cost?

We offer a straightforward pricing plan for our French translation services and you can find out more about this on our online platform.

My document contains confidential information, how do I know it will be kept private?

We offer a 100% privacy guarantee – no document will ever be shared with anybody other than your translator and we are happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement if required (although there may be a small surcharge for this)..

What happens if I’m not happy with the work?

When starting work with us, you will be allocated a dedicated project manager who will liaise with the linguist to address any concerns. We do, of course, always welcome feedback from our clients.

Are there any documents which Torjoman will not translate?

Our French translators are unable to accept documents containing illegal materials, for example, extreme pornography or violence..

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