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Certified translation are probably the most well-known
and important type of translation.

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For official purposes

Translating your personal or business documents for official purposes differs from any other type of translation and requires extra verification. Certified translation services mean that the translator of your official documents provides a certificate of accuracy and authenticity and takes the full responsibility that the translated documents are valid for formal uses.

Certification statement

The provided certificate includes a declaration that the translation is completed to the highest quality and the best of the translator’s knowledge and features his/her name, signature, personal information, and contact details. The certification statement also showcases the translator’s requirements as well as an identification of the translated document and language.

Verified and guaranteed

Certified translations are verified and guaranteed to be accurate and authentic and convey the same information of the source documents, through a signed and stamped certificate by the translator or the translation company.

When are certified translations important?

Obligatory for legal documents

Also known as official translation services, certified translations are obligatory for legal documents, business contracts and any other forms of official documentation. When you apply for immigration or studying abroad, file a lawsuit in a different country, or provide your business papers to a formal foreign organization, you are required to submit some official documents in a foreign language. Here is exactly when you need professional certified translation services.

Volume of international migration

The volume of international migration worldwide hit nearly 272 million migrants in 2019, according to the UN’s international migration 2019 report. The number of internationally mobile students approached the benchmark of 5 million in 2016, the UNESCO’s data showed. This was also the case with international court cases, not to mention the growing business transactions and international trade.

No room for errors

Reliable translation office

It is important that you look thoroughly for a reliable translation office with demonstrated experience in certified translation services and ask for help. From birth certificates, criminal records, and passports to affidavits and official business documents, certified translation attests to the quality and validity of the documents in your target country.

Must be flawless

When it comes to certified translation, the service provider guarantees that the documents are accepted by any official body and becomes fully accountable. For that reason, certified translation services must be flawless and have no room for errors or double meanings

Literal translation

Unlike other translation services, a certified translation task is meant to produce a literal translation of the document without adding or omitting anything. Certified translation specialists are usually familiar with the nature of official documents and proficient in both the source and target languages.

Torjoman’s exceptionality

ISO 17100 certification

Backed by its ISO 17100 certification, Torjoman is proud to offer fast and versatile certified translation services that fulfill your needs. We follow the world’s highest-standard process to come up with exceptional quality and proper fulfillment.

Global reach

Our certified translation services are available in the US, the UK, and the Middle East in over 120 languages and across all industries and business fields. Since 1994, our highly qualified team of experienced and recognised linguists has finalized a myriad of satisfactory certified translation projects to high-profile individuals and reputable multinational brands.

Fastest turnaround

We also pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and lowest prices. We promise to deliver highly accurate official translation services along with a certificate of authenticity within your budget and your strict timeframes. Request your competent certified translation, and complete your official document submission process.

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Best practices

The first step is always to find a trustworthy certified translation agency that commits to the highest quality and confidentiality levels. Here is how we, at Torjoman, apply the best practices and provide the ultimate fulfillment of our clients’ needs.

Step 1: Request submission and files upload

At this initial step, you upload a copy of your official documents and files along with your request details through our website, our mobile application on Google Play or Apple Store, or our email address projects@torjoman.com. Make sure you provide us with the language(s) you want to translate your documents into as well as your preferred time limits and any other special requests you might have.

Step 2: Customized quotation

A few minutes later, one of our dedicated project managers will get back to you with a free detailed and customized quote. This includes all you need to know about the prices, delivery dates and general framework.

Step 3: NDA agreement

Once you submit your approval, you get to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the complete confidentiality of your official personal, business, or legal documents.

Step 4: Translation

We usually receive the documents as scanned pictures and non editable PDF files. Our certified translation team extract the text and embark on an impeccable translation process during which native linguists, who specialize in your respective fields and languages, will create an accurate and identical copy of the text into the target language.

Step 5: Client feedback

Our project manager then sends you the translated text to have your initial feedback comments and also pass any possible inquiries, such as the spelling of the names, on to your side. Once you get back to us, the final delivery phase begins.

Step 6: Final delivery

After validating and applying your amendments, we replace the original text with the translation into the same template you provided. We eventually provide you with an identical translated copy of your document(s) along with our signed and stamped certificate of authenticity.

Certified Translation Services

Certified translation documents

Throughout our extensive global experience and long-standing partnerships with international organizations, we have conducted many certified translation projects for a myriad of documents. Classified in four groups, these are a few examples of the countless official documents that need certified translation services:

Personal documents

  • Immigration documents
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Criminal records
  • Death certificates
  • Insurance certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Bank statements
  • Adoption Paperwork

Corporate documents

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Distribution agreements
  • Certificate to Foreign Government
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Legal documents

  • Power of attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Police reports
  • Patents

Educational documents

  • Academic Credentials
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Transcripts of Academic Results

Medical documents

  • Medical records
  • Vaccination Records

Top-notch translations

All in all, Torjoman has engraved its name as a leading certified translation agency in the US, the UK, and the Middle East. We have been working with government institutions and multinational companies since 1994. We have helped migrants, refugees, international students, small and medium sized businesses, and sizable corporate clients through our world-class certified translation services. If you are looking for top-notch official translation services at the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and most competitive rates, Torjoman is here to help! Contact us today and get your free quotation!

Supported languages

If you are planning to travel, study abroad, or branch out your business in foreign markets, getting your documents officially translated is a vital part of completing your eligibility requirements. We, at Torjoman, are happy to help! Having operated in the global market for over 25 years, our translators are ready to provide you with the certified translation services you need. We have native certified translators in more than 120 languages and across hundreds of language pairings. Here is some of our most wanted certified translation language combinations:

  • Arabic ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Spanish ⇋ English certified translation services
  • German ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Turkish ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Italian ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Hindi ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Russian ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Chinese ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Portuguese ⇋ English certified translation services
  • French ⇋ English certified translation services
  • Japanese ⇋ English certified translation services

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 23 years of solid experience.

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Why Torjoman?

Many international organizations, universities, business regulatory bodies, and even government institutions are now requiring certified translations of official documents. Finding the right partner is critical to fulfill the necessary requirements and submit a complete application. If you are still looking for a professional certified translation agency, you have come to the right place. Here is a few reasons why Torjoman will offer you the optimal certified translation services:


We have been in the business of certified translation services for over two and a half decades and we know exactly what you need. Our veteran language experts have many years of practical expertise across a wide range of industries. We have a long list of satisfied clients and we would like to have you on board.


Our certified translation services entail a long process of quality management that ends up at the top quality levels. We never compromise on quality and we never cease to satisfy our client needs. Along with a certificate of authenticity, you will receive an accurate and proficient translation that aligns with your target country’s rules and regulations.


Available round the clock, our certified translation team will get back to you a few minutes after you submit your request. Moreover, we strive to finalize your projects at the shortest turnaround time and stay within your expected timeframe. We manage more than 4000 words/day/linguist.


At the beginning of every certified translation process, you get to sign an NDA to guarantee the complete privacy of your documents


In addition to the highest quality and fastest turnaround, our certified translation services are budget-friendly and cost-efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation means that the language service provider (LSP) issues an officially signed certificate of accuracy and authenticity to guarantee the translated documents are a true representation of the original ones. Certified translation services are usually required when submitting official documents in foreign countries for official purposes.

What is the difference between sworn, notarized, and certified translation services?

Certified translation services are provided by professional translation companies with a signed certificate of authenticity that assures the accuracy of translation and includes the company’s contact information.

Notarized translation services further require a notary public to witness the certification process then sign and stamp the document to give it a higher level of verification.

Sworn translation services are endorsed by the signature of a sworn translator who is authorized by the respective translation institution in his/her country to translate official documents.

How long do certified translation services take?

Our capacity manages up to 4200 words/day/linguist. However, certified translations sometimes take a bit longer due to the multiple quality checks and the preparation of the certificate. In any case, we make sure we commit to the deadlines and deliver within your expected timeframe.

Can I add notes on the spellings of names?

Yes, definitely. You can provide any supporting details either during your initial request submission or after you receive the initial text translation and before the final delivery of the project.

What does it mean for a translation to be certified?

Certified means that the translation is guaranteed by its provider to be accepted by any official body. Certified translations are accompanied by a signed certificate that affirms translation is completed to the best of its provider’s ability and knowledge.

Do you have special offers for large translation projects?

Of course, we offer special discounts for large-scale official and certified translation projects. Once we receive your request, we tailor a free customized quotation that fulfills your needs and matches your special requirements.

What are the components of the certified translation’s certificate?

The certificate of Torjoman’s certified translation usually includes:

  • A preview of the linguist’s or linguists’ qualifications.
  • A guarantee of the accuracy and authenticity of the document.
  • An identification of the translated project details (ex. Languages – word count …etc.)
  • The translator’s or translators’ name(s), signature(s), personal information, and contact details.

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