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Game Localization by Passionate Translators

The internet has no borders and so shouldn’t your game! Torjoman’s game localization services help push your games to a larger audience across borders. We understand that complex games with intelligent plots, numerous endings and countless characters create an immersive gaming experience – and its localization calls for expertise as well as passion. To increase your game’s popularity and international success, game localization companies offer super fast and accurate game localization services with bespoke packages that fit games of all genres, scales and budgets. Whether it is an online game, a video game or a mobile game app – Torjoman has you covered.

Game Localization Services

Torjoman’s tailored processes are developed to integrate all parts of game development – not just the language! How do we do that?

When we offer game localization services, we ensure that our most experienced translators and project managers handle your project.

Torjoman has localization experts who are native speakers and can work with over 150 language-specific vocabulary, expressions, style and form. They know and understand the cultural conventions necessary to localize a game and are quite passionate about it!

Game Localization with Cultural and Social Aspect

As a rule, we tend to focus on the linguistic aspects as well as the moral, historical and social issues that might play an important role in the localization of the game. Thus, we offer a thorough and holistic game localization services in which we focus on user experience since only a fully localized game will allow the players to have smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Localizing a game calls for expertise beyond the language! Torjoman’s team of translators, voice artists and testers specialized in video game localization to ensure your game achieve the maximum success in all cultures. With us, you won’t risk the game – in fact, you can bet on the job well done. Our game localization services team goes through an exhaustive localization process which includes modification of the product so that it is heartily accepted in another country with a different culture.

Torjoman’s localization service includes:

· User interface localization
· QA support and localized game testing
· Localization of all game marketing assets such as banners, website translations, ads etc.

· Game script translation
· Graphics localization
· Localization project management and planning

· Localization of user manuals
· Localization of print materials
· Voice over recording

Our game localization services support different platforms, distribution channels and genres when it comes to game localization. Our comprehensive suite of localization and translation tools help us make your game multilingual: such as API, online platform, integration with platforms like PhraseApp, Lingohub, Tranisfex and more. These tools also come with a wide range of customizable feature to give your localized game the effect it needs.

Unbeatable QA Process for Trustworthy Game Localization Services

Torjoman’s specific and strict QA process guarantees quality localization of your game. The work of the team is supervised by a highly trained and technical game localization project manager who is responsible for meeting standards and deadlines for your 100% satisfaction.

We are well aware of the confidential nature of all data and information exchanged from the client when it comes to game localization services. At Torjoman, we have strict security measures throughout the process. We also sign the confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements for your satisfaction.

Are you ready to take your game to international success with a leading localization service? Let’s talk!

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