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Professional language interpretation services

We have the best interpreting solutions customized to your business needs so that you don’t worry about technical and language barriers.

We have an extensive team of certified professional interpreters who can interpret more than 100 languages. We are careful in matching the strengths of our interpreters to each job and assignment. It also means that we have a professional interpreter for every combination of languages; and a skilled interpreter for different fields with excellent command over specialized terminologies. Is that what you were looking for?

Interpreting services and language interpretation services

In our interpreting services, we make sure that multilingual conference interpreting is done by real experts and professionals that have proper command over languages being used and skills required to correctly comprehend the message and translate it for the target language listeners in an accurate way. Even if this means that the interpreter has to work fast. Or under pressure!

Expert Interpreters in all Situations

Our interpreting services team consists of key professionals who are certified in multilanguage conference interpretation with international experience so that you get only the best quality language interpretation services.

We also have extensive cultural knowledge that guarantees correct communication and render them to be valuable cultural liaisons between multi language speaking audiences – who are crucial for your business. We understand different dialects and variations of languages so that the message is interpreted as the source intended it to be received.

We understand that there can be multiple instances where authentic interpretation can be required. Our language interpretation services cover a wide range of situations appropriately for different circumstances. Don’t know what type of language interpretation services you’ll need? We can advise the best approach of interpretation according to your requirement such as:

  • Simultaneous interpreting: We offer interpretation for large conferences and meetings where two or more languages are required. It is a highly skilled task that requires an interpreter to have years of subject-matter expertise and experience in language interpretation services. Usually interpreters are in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset and then speak translation into a microphone that wirelessly transmits to headsets worn by the audience. We have the trained interpreters and special equipment to do this successfully.
  • Consecutive interpreting: This interpretation is commonly used in small or one-on-one group settings where the speaker delivers a complete note and lets the interpreter deliver the same note in the translated language right after. Since the interpreter has to listen to and remember a large amount of translation, it is important for him to have exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills. This type of interpretation is usually done in workshops, court hearings, medical and legal appointments, business meetings, interviews and press conferences.
  • Face to Face Interpreting: Our interpreter will be physically present at the appointment and will translate the message from one language into another. This approach works best in situations such as medical appointments and confidential meetings or even international conferences.

Interpreting Equipment

Since we provide a holistic language interpretation services, we also have a range of interpreting equipment available. Our experts are very well prepared to operate the different types of interpreting equipment:

Wired microphone systems

Wired microphone systems

A wired microphone system comes with built-in language channel listening for participants, is given to everybody in the conference room. For presenters, wireless microphones are installed by technicians before the conference.

Soundproof Booths

Soundproof Booths

This has many options such as custom-built, full size soundproof booths are installed at the back of the conference room. If there is less spaces, we can install a compact table-top booth.

Portable systems

Portable systems

These are used in less formal settings. The portable equipment system is economical. A small transmitter is used for the interpreter and wireless receivers with headsets used by listeners – allowing movement. This type of equipment can be used for small group meetings, tours, visits or in lectures, presentation and in classrooms too.

We can suggest a suitable type of interpreting equipment according to the situation in which the interpretation is required.

We are very well aware of the importance that accurate and correct interpretations hold for your business in multiple situations. We could help you remove all language barriers that could slow down your progress or become a hurdle in your business.

Our Dubai interpreting services are offered in all formats including simultaneous, consecutive, telephone, conference and sign language. Not sure which interpretation service you require? To help you decide…. Learn More

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Frequently asked questions


What are interpreting services?

Interpreting services refer to when a person uses either sign or verbal language to convey a message from a source language into the target language.

What are interpreting and translation services?

While it is a common mistake to use the two words interchangeably they are in fact vastly different. Translation services are the conversion of text material from a source language into the target language. While interpretation services require the immediate conversion of the two from a live speaker.

What is meant by interpretation?

Interpretation is explaining an opinion of speaker A to speaker B through an intermediate person called interpreter. Contact Torjoman Translation Services for more information.

What are the different types of interpretation?

While they can be subcategorized into many different areas, there are three main types of interpretation services are:
1- Simultaneous Interpretation
2- Consecutive Interpretation
3- Face to Face Interpretation

What is an example of interpretation?

You may not realize it, however, interpretation is all around us. From the speeches made by state officials on television, where we see off to the side a person interpreting the speech into sign language. When we travel to a new place and hire a tour guide, they act as our interpreter with the local people.

What is interpreting in reading?

Interpretation is reading usually refers to the full analysis of a document. You might recall in school when you were told to read a poem by a famous poet and then interpret how you understand it or feel it.

What does simultaneous interpretation mean?

The definition of simultaneous interpretation can be seen during diplomatic conclaves, such as the United Nations. At such events, members from all over the world make keynote speeches. To ensure everyone is heard, you will see the members wearing headsets, where they can hear the interpreter speak their version of the speech. The interpreter is usually sitting in a booth with a separate pair of headset and microphone.

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