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Translation for business communication

Multilingual communication is now representing a core activity for any international business, and finding reliable, proficient, and industry-specific translation services has become a major priority. This importance highlights the need to partner with a trustworthy translation company as Torjoman to get past your communication barriers and speak to the entire world. Torjoman is one of the world’s leading language service providers in 120+ languages.

Professional translation services

Translation services are mistakenly thought of as a conversion of a textual content into a different languages. Yet what they really refer to is the regenerating of a message to a new audience, and adapting it to their cultural and social contexts. At every step of your business journey, communication is key to reaching out. Professional translation services are what makes communication possible on a global scale.

Extend presence beyond borders

Since its birth in 1994, Torjoman has notched up a scalable success in the global market, helping a plethora of well-known multinational brands to penetrate new markets and extend their presence beyond borders. Our winning bet on quality has gained us a formidable reputation within the language industry, and qualified us to be a trusted choice for over 4720 clients around the world.

Best solution to translation needs

Backed by innovative technologies and competent processes, our subject matter experts understand your intent, transcreate your message, and retain the same meaning from your original content. Therefore, Torjoman is the best solution to your communication requirements, and the utmost fulfillment of your translation needs.

Our happy clients

Torjoman Translation Services Clients

Establish effective communication

Whether you are a multinational brand, a well-established business that is already up and running, or a newly-born startup, you are required to establish effective communication channels with your foreign stakeholders. Torjoman’s translation services are meant to bridge you to your target market, across a diverse range of quality language solutions that align with your business objectives. Think of a legal or financial document you want to submit in multiple countries, a business contract with foreign partners, or a marketing campaign addressing an international audience. These are a few examples of how vital translation is to your business, especially as you aspire to global expansion.

business communication

In need of translation services?

Translation within the digital transformation

Engage with clients

In the digital era, there are countless reasons why you need professional translation services by a certified translation agency. Expand your reach at the click of a button, build a strong reputation in numerous countries, and engage with your clients in distant locations.

Global reach

We are concerned with helping businesses in the US, the UK, and around the globe to seize new opportunities and unlock untapped resources. No matter your location, your industry, or your target language, Torjoman’s team of experienced linguists is ready to fulfill your translation needs.

Proficient linguists

Featuring a team of proficient linguists and a suite of cutting-edge technologies, and following a best-practice approach, Torjoman is one of the world’s leading language service providers in 120+ languages.

Quality above all else

A professional translation company has no room for errors! Torjoman’s stringent quality management system aligns with the world’s latest and best practices, and entails multiple steps of detailed quality assurance. From experienced editors and proofreaders to quality-checking software, the highest standards of accuracy and precision are guaranteed with Torjoman’s professional translation services. If it is anything in particular, it is the strict quality standards that would be the distinguishing edge that keeps Torjoman ahead of the curve. Reach out and get the highest quality at the lowest prices with the fastest turnaround!

quality above all else
return on investment

Translation ROI

When done professionally, translation services result in higher revenues, and the expenses you incurred soon begin the pay dividends. You can further understand the concept of translation return on investment when comparing the impact of a machine-translated content (Google Translate) and a professional translation by specialist individuals. It goes without saying that the latter would not only resonate more with your clients, but also account for higher conversion rates. Partner with Torjoman and maximize your translation ROI.

Industry-specific expertise

There is a huge difference between a medical translation conducted by a doctor with specialized background and a translation by a linguist with general experience. Domain-specific translations reflect in greater precision and steadier consistency, and they are irreplaceable in the likes of the legal and healthcare industries. We pride ourselves on having an extended network of industry-specific translators who are fully versed in their respective fields, as well as in the cultural and language nuances. Our team comprises an array of subject matter experts in every single discipline, with an extensive track record of successful projects.

industry expertise
machine translations

Machines have a say

Although machines may fall short of producing accurate results, they can offer a great help for human translators. We believe that the most advanced neural engines are designed to complement human expertise, resolving the daunting triple equation of quality, price, and turnaround time. It is fair to say that AI-powered machine translation can be usefully leveraged to increase translation consistency, reduce translation costs, and speed up the entire process. We employ a set of innovative technologies that range from computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, and powerful translation management systems (TMS), to translation memories, glossaries, and termbases to provide the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

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Across various sectors, you will get your highly-specialized content translated by linguists experiences in your field, with the help of domain-specific translation memories. If you think your translation project requires a complete understanding of your industry details, Torjoman has got what you are looking for. These are some industries within whose sphere we translate documents:

Language pairs

Torjoman’s adequate translation services are available across several language combinations that include the world’s most popular languages and most-spoken dialects.

Related services

In addition to traditional translation services, Torjoman is proud to present
a number of other language solutions that satisfy different needs:

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 25+ years of solid experience.

46 Million








Get your translations started

Our translation process

translation process

1. Project assessment

Once you submit your translation request, along with your source documents, our dedicated project managers (PMs) review your request and conduct a detailed analysis of its requirements.

2. Quotation and NDA

Following the thorough project assessment, we provide you with a free customized quotation of your project. After we obtain your approval to proceed, you get to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the project’s confidentiality will remain intact.

3. Translation

The actual operation begins right after the technology setup, as a group of qualified translators with industry-specific expertise are handpicked by the PM to handle your project at the best convenience.

4. Editing

Editing does not only consider grammatical and structural mistakes, but also keeps an eye on the linguistic and cultural relevance of the text in the light of the requirements of each industry.

5. Proofreading

The role of proofreaders comes in after editing to give a final look at the target documents as a whole and compare them with the target files.

6. Client review

After this documents are sent to the client to get his/her initial feedback comments and insights, in the middle of the process.

7. Applying feedback

A second phase of editing is done afterwards to enable the client to amend and finalize the reviewing of the translated documents.

8. Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a fixed final step, in which a linguistic verification and technical test are conducted if needed, before the final delivery.

9. Final delivery

The target files are eventually delivered to the client, who approves the translation and provides his final feedback. We only consider a translation project as accomplished when the client is fully satisfied.

Why Torjoman?

Over and above our longstanding success is a list of distinguishing factors that sets us apart from the competition. Over the course of 25+ years, Torjoman has been a trusted brand name in the business of language solutions across the Middle East, the US, Canada, the UK, and the entire world. Offering world-class translation services in more than 120 languages, and across myriad industries, Torjoman owes its outstanding services to the following attributes, there’s a number of specific reasons why we always come out on top.

world map
success-driven team

Success-driven team

A team of committed and highly qualified professionals who never cease to go the extra mile and fulfill the requirements of our clients. Our success-driven translation team is a group of adept native translators, veteran editors, skillful technical specialists, and dedicated project managers; they all work together to come up with the optimal solution that caters to the client’s needs.

competent process

Competent process

Conforming to our ISO 17100 and DIN EN 15038 certificates, we follow a high-standard translation process that includes multiple phases of review, and leaves no room for possible mistakes. Once we receive a new translation request, our comprehensive best-practice process kicks off, passes through a series of integrated stages, and ends up on a high note of success.

new technologies

New technologies

We believe a successful translation agency in the current digital era is a one that deploys a full suite of cutting-edge technologies as part of its competent translation services. We, at Torjoman, strive to keep pace with the latest translation technology standards and come out with the highest quality at the quickest turnaround time.

extensive experience

Extensive experience

Since 1994, we have translated nearly 54 million words in over 120 languages, and completed around 9500 projects with over 4720 satisfied clients of different scales and from various industries. These figures show a glimpse into our vast hands-on experience in the market and keep us motivated to achieve much more.

full confidentiality

Full confidentiality

At the beginning of each translation project, we ask our client to sign a professional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that guarantees the utmost confidentiality and complete privacy. Access to your documents is also limited to the team of linguists that handles your project.

iso certification

Reputable certification

Torjoman has been granted a 17100 ISO certificate for its sufficient translation process and world-class quality control system. This reputable certification is also a further guarantee of the excellent quality of our exceptional translation services.

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customer service

Frequently asked questions

What are the types of translation?

Translation refers to the conversion of text from one source language to an intended target language, in the most accurate manner. Human translations (HT), machine translations (MT), and post-editing machine translations (PEMT) are the three most common types of translations one comes across. Depending on the unique needs of your project we may use more than one of these methods.

What are the types of language translators?

There are three types of language translators; compiler, interpreter, and assembler. Translating a language for a certain target audience means that you need to ensure they understand the concept and are not just reading mere words. Our translators guarantee this occurs in the most efficient manner.

Do we translate into all languages?

At Torjoman, we can translate your document into +120 languages.

How quickly can you translate my document?

As each project is unique in its own manner, the turnaround time varies on the complexity of the documents and the target language.

Will I have direct contact with the translator?

We assign you a project manager right from the start of our business relationship so that he/she can keep you informed every step of the way.

What is the difference between an certified translation and a normal translation?

An authorised translation, also-known-as a certified translation is used for official purposes. Legal and education are the two industries where these are seen the most. A normal translation simply refers to a professional translation that goes through a rigorous quality check process.

Important to keep in mind: the primary rule of translation is to remember that not all translations amount to a literal translation. Depending on your source and target language, grammar, word order, and sometimes even the actual word same not always fall into place. That’s where our professional translators can assist you.

Which file formats can you handle?

We deal in more than 10 leading industries, preparing us to deal with any source document. So whether it is an audio, visual, HTML, etc, we cater to it all.

Will the translation look the same as the original text?

Our goal at Torjoman is to ensure your translation is the best suited for your intended audience. Which may require us to change certain aspects of it while keeping the main message of your content.

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