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Age of global communication

Communication in today’s world has become much easier, and successful businesses are no longer confined by the borders of their local markets. This growing tendency for global expansion comes with an imperative need for professional business translation services that not only facilitate communication with international stakeholders, but also adapt business content to new markets and different cultures. Business translation and localization services are nowadays seen as the communicative power that allows your business message to travel the world.

Professional business translations

Whether you are a giant multinational brand that already addresses a global client base or a small business with global expansion aspirations, finding professional business translation services is a must. Look at all recent success stories around you and find out how they managed to localize their businesses to resonate with diverse audiences in distant locations. Your projects are never meant to go global unless you partner with the right business translation company that helps you boost your sales, communicate better, and manage your daily operations smoothly and efficiently beyond borders.

Torjoman is your best choice

Thanks to its high-quality and cost-effective business translation services, Torjoman has managed to build longstanding partnerships with several multinational giants and establish its name among the top-tier language service providers in the US, the UK, the Middle East, and around the globe since 1994.

Aligned with your business objectives, Torjoman’s proficient team of business translators is fully equipped with knowledge, expertise, and technology and ready to translate your business content at exceptional standards. Partner with us now and let your company unlock a world of endless possibilities.

Business transcription services

Types of business translation services

There are several types of language solutions that fulfill various business needs. As the business sphere includes managerial, legal, financial, and promotional activities, business translation services vary to cover each and every aspect of business. The following are Torjoman’s business translation services with regard to your business needs.

Business document translation

Document translation is the typical type of business translation services, and it is concerned with the translation of any business-related documents from financial and administrative reports, to marketing and communication papers. Multinational businesses are in constant need for these translations as they file their official documents, regulate their work environments, or communicate with their clients.

  • Business plans
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Legal contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Financial reports
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate communications
  • Bylaws
  • Policy and employee manuals
  • Patents
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Emails

And more…

Website localization

Apart from the paperwork, business translation has more to do with the digital presence of global companies through website localization services. Your website is the only way your business can be recognized in new markets. Website localization services widen your expansion horizons and deliver your original business message in multiple languages to distant target markets. This type of business translation usually extends widely from the language translation of the website content all the way to the transcreation of its visuals to suit the newly targeted culture.

Software and app localization

In today’s world, chances are you adopt a digital business model that depends on an integrated software or comprehensive digital platform. In this case, expanding into new markets necessitates a holistic set of technical and linguistic changes to meet with the needs of your target audience. Torjoman has a dedicated software localization team that includes development engineers and professional translators with technical backgrounds. In addition to translation, we carry out all technical and linguistic testing functions needed to get the best results.

Business conference interpretation

Another challenge facing global firms is the barriers of effective and fruitful communication in the mega industry events and business conferences and meetings. The flow of understanding in such gatherings does not only account for strong relationships with new stakeholders, but also results in fruitful outcomes on various levels. Business conference interpretation is one other business language solution that Torjoman offers across physical face-to-face, over-the-phone, or video-remote interpretation services. Having a well-trained and highly-qualified interpreter that translates your speech accurately and instantaneously would definitely reap numerous benefits to your business.

Voice-over & subtitling

As part of your brand localization efforts, you need to come up with new promotional videos or re-create your original ones. Voice-over and subtitling are two language solutions that Torjoman offers for businesses. Recording your message in the language of your audience, or at least displaying it, marks a proven and influential marketing technique. We have a large pool of talents and professionals who have been in the business of video making since 1994. We translate, record, synchronize, and provide you with a ready-for-publishing promotional video at the highest quality and lowest rates.

Website Localization Services

Language pairs

Torjoman’s adequate translation services are available across several language combinations that include the world’s most popular languages and most-spoken dialects.

Business Translation Considerations

Business documents are a lot different than other documents; they require a unique kind of skills and knowledge to be appropriately translated. As business translation tackles stuff like legal and financial documents; there are some substantial considerations linguists should pay attention to while translating these types of documents, including:

Specific jargon

Translating a corporate document should be handled by an experienced translator with an extensive background in your field. This is largely attributed to the specialized jargon and complex terminology your content might include.

Small details

A teeny-tiny mistake in legal or financial translation may lead to disastrous complications. This highlights the importance of devoting special care to the tiniest details in business documents, such as the numerical values of financial reports.


By nature, business documents are timely bounded and can not be separated from their timeframes. Experienced business translators are aware of the time sensitivity of business content and commit to tight deadlines without compromise to quality.

Culture relevance

When it comes to business translation and localization services, the adaptation to the target market’s culture is not an option. Clients will only buy your product or use your service if your marketing message resonates with their cultural norms. Native translators should take into account all linguistic and cultural-related matters when they handle business documents.


It is important that you sign a confidentiality agreement with your business translation company before the project kicks off so you make certain the privacy of your business data will remain intact. When translating patents, business plans, or financial statements, any leaking information would harm your business reputation, so make sure you partner with the right business translation agency.

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Why Torjoman?

As the realm of business is growing on a global scale, many translation vendors have been specialized in business translation services. Choosing the right translation partner is the most important step in the process; there are some factors that distinguish Torjoman and favor its services over other competitors. These are the reasons why partnering with Torjoman is a winning bet when it comes to business translation services:

Native translators

Taking your business into a new market requires the establishment of different communication and marketing strategies that take into account the cultural and social contexts of this market. Only native translators, who are fully versed into the local cultural norms and the subtle linguistic nuances of your target audience, can render your business message appealing in other languages. Torjoman’s in-country language experts are aware of their local market needs and ready to cater your business content to its target audience at the highest quality and fastest turnaround.

Industry expertise

Since 1994, Torjoman has been involved in big business translation projects with global brand names and across a variety of sectors. Our broad and diversified experience has qualified us to rank atop the business translation companies list. We pride ourselves on providing a wide array of satisfactory field-specific business translation services that meet our clients’ dynamic needs. Our business linguists are aware of business fundamentals as well as your industry-specific terminology and able to pass their understanding on to your target audience.

Impeccable process

It all comes down to a flawless business translation process that leaves no room for error. Torjoman’s impeccable business process entails multiple layers of quality assurance and is supervised by a professional and well-trained project manager. The process begins as early as we receive a new translation request and does not end until we have a fully satisfied client: Translation request receiving → Full project assessment → Free quote submission → NDA signing → Translation → Editing → Proofreading → Client feedback → Final revision → QA assurance → Final delivery!

Language variety

Backed by an extensive network of translators who come from different nationalities and specialize in a myriad of languages, we offer complete business language solutions in over 120 languages. Since its establishment, Torjoman has delivered more than 9,500 successful projects in countless language combinations.

Innovative technologies

Keeping pace with the latest business translation techniques, we employ a suite of smart assistive technologies that complement our human expertise and enhance the accuracy and consistency of our final outputs. Our avant-grade computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, translation management systems, and translation memories account for higher quality, faster process, and less costly translations.

ISO certification

Business translations are only trusted when they are done by a certified language specialist. Torjoman is an ISO 17100 certified business translation agency that follows the world’s best practices and highest standards to come up with error-free business translations.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Torjoman ensure the quality of its business translation services?

Besides our veteran editors and proofreaders, we deploy advanced quality checking software to ensure the complete accuracy and precision of translated business documents.

How long does it take to finalize a business translation project?

It usually depends on the size of your project and your preliminarily set timeframe, yet our turnaround capacity is estimated at around 4000 words/day/linguist.

In what industries do Torjoman’s translators specialize in?

Torjoman’s business translators are specialized in a myriad of industries, including: legal, medical, educational, financial, technical, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce, automotive, travel, oil & gas, and e-learning translation services. No matter your industry, Torjoman has got you covered.

How much does a single business translation project cost?

We tailor a free customized quotation as per the requirements of every business translation project. Once you submit your request, we will get back to you with a detailed quote.

Do you have special offers for big projects?

Yes, definitely. We offer special packages for large-scale projects. Contact us and learn more on our special offers.

How can I submit a business translation request?

There are three different options:
Firstly, you can submit your request and upload your files here.
Secondly, you can download Torjoman’s mobile application from Google Play or Apple Store and use it to submit your request.
Thirdly, you can email us with your request details at

Where is Torjoman located?

Torjoman has offices in California, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and Riyadh.

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