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Proofreading is essential for high-quality documents.
Perfect your documents’ terminology, readability and clarity
in over 120 languages.

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Shape texts so that they are clear, concise and accurate

Too often, brilliant ideas are let down by their presentation. Poor grammar, unusual formatting and incorrect terminology detract from fascinating content. That’s why, at Torjoman, we offer all-encompassing proofreading services so that your readers focus on what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it.

We help make sure your final document is at its best. Torjoman’s proofreaders shape texts so that they are clear, concise and accurate. With our help, you can take pride in your work, knowing it’s error free.

Proofreading services

B2B and B2C proofreading services

At Torjoman, we understand that your work needs to resonate with your target audience. B2B and B2C projects have their own requirements, whether it’s a creative marketing campaign or a technical, scientific journal submission. We have over 25 years’ experience handling both B2B and B2C projects for businesses and customers around the world.

Capture the perfect tone of voice

Because we’re multi-disciplinary experts, Torjoman’s team has in-depth knowledge about writing for different sectors, audiences, and formats. We will proofread your project to help you capture the perfect tone of voice, the right grammatical structures, and the correct vocabulary for your text. Find out more about our background on our company page.

Focus on readability and grammar

Our team of professional proofreaders focuses on readability, language and grammar. When making corrections, they consider a wide range of factors, including, correct terminology usage, sentence structure, punctuation, formatting, spelling and typographical errors, and how the language flows.

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In need of proofreading services?

Professional proofreading and copyediting

At Torjoman, we offer proofreading and copyediting. We use an online portal and a dedicated app so that it’s simple to request editing and proofreading services. You can also monitor the progress of your project on the portal, or ask for support. To begin, select the proofreading option. You can then discuss the type of proofreading service you need with us and we can assess your text.

Tailored to suit your project

Because we’re a professional translation company, we proofread monolingual, multilingual and translated documents at a range of levels. Torjoman’s proofreading services are tailored to suit your project. We can work with documents in almost any format and our team members have strong, industry-specific specialisms. Our experts are happy to discuss your project’s needs, as well as your budget and timeframe, to find the right solution for you.

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Proofreading services

Proofreading involves finding and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It’s a crucial step at the end of the writing process to make sure texts are highly readable. Small errors can make the difference between a top-quality document and confusing, unclear content. Our proofreaders are highly-qualified with a deep understanding of how language works. We strive for perfection and designed a top-quality proofreading processes so that your work meets the highest standards.

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Copyediting services

Torjoman’s copyeditors are trained to transform your texts into fantastic copy. They have the skills to modify phrasing and wording, assess technical vocabulary usage, and alter structure or style. Our copyediting team optimizes your text based on its intended use and content. Depending on your needs, Torjoman’s experts can also assess formatting, design and layout. When our copyeditors finish their work, they will always proofread the file before you receive it to ensure it’s up to our high standards.

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Translated documents

If you choose editing or proofreading services for a translated document, we can work with the source text (original language text) to catch any mistakes in the translation and ensure the translation is up to our high standards. We undertake editing and proofreading alone or in combination with our other services, such as localization or translation. Our teams are experts in their fields and have industry-specific skills, to find out more about our translation services, have a look at our translation page.

About translation

Meet our proofreaders

Our proofreaders are highly-qualified with a deep understanding of how language works. They are native speakers of the languages you need. Torjoman has been delivering languages services for over 25 years, which means our team has the right experience and skills to handle projects of any size, in over 120 languages.

Proofreader Sabine
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If needed, our experts can copyedit your text before they proofread. This involves checking clarity, consistency and style, and making edits to improve readability. Proofreading is the next step. Our proofreaders carefully examine the text, picking up even the smallest grammatical errors and formatting issues.

Consistency in quality

We select the best proofreaders and editors for your project, taking into account language/dialect and subject matter. However, if you’ve worked with us before and would like to request the same proofreader again, let us know. Our project managers are here to help and you can send us a message via our app or contact page, whenever you need.

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Any questions regarding proofreading?

The proofreading process

Each proofreading company employs its own methods. At Torjoman, we designed our top-quality proofreading processes so that your work meets the highest standards. We can adapt our process to meet the needs of your project, simply get in touch to find out more.

Here is an example of how we work on standard proofreading tasks:

Start of your project

Highly-qualified proofreaders begin reviewing your text. They work to identify and correct typographical errors, punctuation mistakes, and grammatical issues.

Round of QA checks

When the team is confident that the document is error-free, senior editors undertake a second round of QA checks. They examine the copy carefully to ensure nothing has been missed. This includes grammar, terminology usage, consistency, and fluency.

Delivery of the project

We return the proofed and corrected text back to you. We strive for perfection, so you can examine the text to make sure you’re completely happy with the results.

Proofreader Sarah

Why Choose Us

Over 25+ years of working experience
Our main vision is to deliver our customers the best.

Fast Turnaround

Quality Translation

Budget Friendly

Qualified Translators

Torjoman, your proofreading partner

As an expert translation and proofreading company, we are specialists in languages. We have over 25 years’ experience and have worked on 54 million words to date. Our linguists have industry-specific specialisms, which means we can proofread technical or complex documents with ease. We provide B2B and B2C proofreading services and can deliver expert support for large projects with quick turnaround times.

Meeting the highest standards

Torjoman works with over 120 languages. We offer proofreading services for specific dialects, translations into major language pairs, and localization services to help your work resonate with your audience, wherever they are located. As an ISO 17100 certified company, you can rest assured that our work meets the highest standards. Please get in touch to tell us about how we can help you with your next project.

Take advantage of fantastic benefits

  • A second proofreader will verify your copy
  • 24-hour time zone support
  • Proofreading in over 120 languages
  • Combined, bespoke services (translation, localization, proofreading…)
  • Fast turnaround times
  • A QA team who work to ISO 17100 standards

Reach out to one of our offices

New York office

New York

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NY 10036, New York

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150 King St. West, Suite #200,
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London office


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London, EC2M 1QS, UK

Dubai office


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Abu Dhabi office

Abu Dhabi

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Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 25+ years of solid experience.

46 Million








We’re industry specialists in various fields

As a professional proofreading company, Torjoman’s team has industry-specific skills. This enables us to work with top businesses across major sectors. We provide B2B and B2C proofreading services and can deliver expert support for large projects with quick turnaround times. The industries we work with include:

Our proofreaders can also offer their expertise for fiction and non-fiction literary projects, helping your book become ready for publishing. We can combine proofreading services with the other language services we offer, as needed. This includes translation, localization, transcription and desktop publishing. If you would like to find out more about our specialisms in your industry, please send us a message.

customer service

Frequently asked questions

Which languages does Torjoman proofread?

Together, we speak over 120 languages. This means our skilled native-speaking team has the expertise to proofread in almost any language or dialect you need. If you would like more information about which languages we support, you can get a free quote online via our website.

Our translation team also offers translations and localizations in all major language pairs. We provide bespoke solutions, based on what your project needs, its size and timeline. We can combine our services or focus on proofreading alone, in one language or several.

What is the difference between copyediting and substantive editing services?

Substantive editing is an in-depth process in which editors assess a text’s structure and purpose. The editor will ensure that a document is functional for its audience, looking at everything from presentation to language use.

Copyediting focuses on clarity and precision. Editors will focus on language use and ensure that the text reads as it should. They will make changes, but on a smaller scale than in substantive editing and will not usually rewrite large sections of text.

Proofreading is the final step in the writing process. It involves undertaking a final check to catch any last grammatical errors or language mistakes. As a professional proofreading company, we can accommodate proofreading requests for projects of any size.

Torjoman’s expert team has many years’ experience in editing and proofreading texts from native or foreign speakers, in a range of industries and formats. If you’re not sure which type of proofreading service your text needs, we can help. Simply ask us for a quote and select the proofread option or send us a message. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Do I need professional proofreading?

Your message is important, which is why its delivery needs to be perfect. Professional proofreaders are language specialists. It’s their job to understand syntax, grammar, and structure at an expert level and in over 120 different languages.

Amateur proofreaders, such as friends and family, may not have the professional-level writing skills and industry-specific knowledge offered by proofreading companies such as Torjoman. Opting for professional work can save time and reduce costs in the long run, by getting it right the first time.

Additionally, we assign project managers who can handle large projects with tight deadlines, creating processes for quality assurance. We also offer an online portal where you can stay up to date with the progress of your project, order further proofreading services, and talk to us about what you need. This makes it quick and easy to partner with us on your proofreading project.

What are the rates for proofreading services?

Torjoman’s proofreading and project management teams will work with you to optimize your budget. We offer highly competitive rates, with fast turn around and zero compromise on quality. We believe that there is no room for error in languages services, which is why we follow strict quality assurance (QA) procedures, whatever size project we’re working on.

Which file formats does Torjoman support?

As a leading proofreading company, we regularly work with a wide range of file types. We offer desktop publishing services, meaning we can optimize your text for online or print publishing if needed. Alternatively, just let us know which file type you prefer and we will do our best to send your document back in that format.

We also offer language services for multimedia projects, including websites, gaming, online learning platforms, and more. Quality control is an integral part of this and we’re happy to work with you to find the best way to proofread your project. If you have a technically complex proofreading project, our engineers are on hand to help. They work alongside our linguists, project managers, and QA team.

Where can I see examples of Torjoman’s work?

We regularly publish case studies, highlighting our expertise in various industries and across languages services. Our blog focuses on important translation insights, including guides to translation for specific sectors and international projects. Our social media channels are another great way to stay up to date. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter for the latest updates.

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