E-Learning Localization: Why it Matters and Why You Need It

E-Learning Localization: Why it Matters and Why You Need It

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: December 10, 2018

Localizing your e-learning materials can help you reach new markets and achieve greater educational results, ensuring optimum understanding of the concepts explored and the classes undertaken. In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at how e-learning Localization is underway in the Middle East – and some of the key things you need to know if you want to make the most of your own Localization efforts.


Education Institutions Moving to Online Platforms

These clever online platforms provide students with the chance to learn from anywhere in the world – usually through an online portal or app. There are lots of different customisable options for educators, allowing them to ensure the platform suits their needs. In addition, this accessible and trustworthy way of educating employees provides added benefits to everyone, as an increasingly affordable and trustworthy way of explaining new concepts, gaining new qualifications and creating a centralised database for digital learning.

There are a growing number of popular online learning platforms, with everyone from trusted universities to sites such as Coursera, Lynda and Udemy all helping to pioneer e-learning techniques.


The E-Learning Market of the Middle East

E-Learning is on the rise in the Middle East – helping employees seeking new education opportunities a way to access them with ease. Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid recently launched the Arabic E-Learning Project, including a translation challenge to successfully translate 11m words, mathematics and science terms into Arabic. This ambitious project is designed to help localise the text to meet the highest international standards, and represents just one of the initiatives currently underway across the region. The UAE is notably boosting its investment in employee education, primarily in the IT sector. The E-Learning market in the Middle East has risen from $450m to $570m with an annual growth of 9%, with an understanding that educating employees is the way forward in building stronger and more sustainable businesses.

Top E-Learning Trends

There are many new trends in the e-learning sector, helping to make for a more immersive experience. One of the key trends to look out for is the world of virtual reality and intelligent assistants (sometimes better known as ‘chatbots’) which allow companies to have a handy way of helping learners without the need to hire more physical staff. Microlearning meanwhile helps to chunk down key learning concepts into manageable bitesize pieces, and there’s also been a rise in gamification which helps learners feel fully involved and invested in the classes they are taking part in, rather than simply following instructions


Major Benefits of E-Learning Localization

Localizing your e-learning materials is a fantastic way to make sure you literally speak the learner’s language. When they understand exactly what is being said, the learner can absorb the information fully – leading to higher value for both the company and the employee. Each translation should be unique, understanding the nuances of language and enabling any industry-specific terminology to be outlined with ease. Yet Localization is about much more than simply translating; it’s also about providing efficient solutions across everything from your software to your website, apps and much more. This is one of the reasons why choosing a trustworthy translation company is so beneficial, as they will connect you to translators skilled in your particular field. Whether your business is in tourism, the medical sector, legal and professional services, finance or much more – every industry benefits from accurate Localization.

How Do I Make my E-Learning Localization More Effective?

With great e-Learning localization, information isn’t simply translated roughly from one language to another language – the translation also takes account of the different meanings of words in the new language to ensure full comprehension by the learner. There are ways to make sure your own localization project is more effective, incorporating key contextually-founded nuances of language and imagery to create a translation which is appropriate to the audience it is intended to cater for.

Using a Trusted Translation Firm

There are many benefits to choosing a trusted translation partner like Torjoman when localizing your own services. Working in translation since 1994, the company’s services have evolved in line with the digital world, partnering with big companies like Google, Sony and IBM as well as offering significant expertise in Arabic. Torjoman can offer an instant quote for your new localization project – get in touch online now to find out how we can help.

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