Super Useful Tips to Get the Best Proofreading

When you perform any type of writing, do you worry that your document may have any mistakes that readers can easily pick when it goes public? If so, you certainly need proofreading services.

Actually, what differentiates a written work from another is the quality of writing which entails clarity, credibility, and word usage.

If you need to know how to get the best proofreader or proofreading services, then you have landed on the right blog.

What is Proofreading?

It is reviewing the spelling, grammar, syntax, structure, typography, spacing, and formats of any type of written text. It also includes ensuring that the main idea is conveyed clearly and that there are not any vague or abrupt sentences.

The proofreading process is the final process before publication. It comes after line editing and copyediting to correct any possible mistakes that may arise during such early processes to assure that the final document is mistake-free and ready to be published, submitted, or printed.

Proofreading Vs. Editing

Anyone may confuse proofreading with editing or copyediting. However, they are different. Editing is mainly about planning and reviewing content. Editors basically review the cohesion of sentences and ideas, and in many cases, they ensure that the style of writing is consistent with their company’s preferred style.

Proofreaders carry out the final stage of reviewing taking over additional responsibilities like page formatting, spacing, and repetitions and making sure that the output is error-free. 

At Torjoman, we provide you with proofreading services tailored especially to suit your project and allow your readers to focus on your message instead of focusing on how you deliver it. 

What are the Qualifications of a Proofreader?

Since we use written communication in our daily life whether, in the form of essays, formal reports, messages, emails, or marketing content, we need a second eye with us to catch any errors that may cause miscommunications and hence spoil a long day of hard work.

Thus, you have to hire a proofreader with the right competencies to sleep peacefully at night and stay assured that your work is flawless and impeccable. Let’s highlight the most crucial qualifications a proofreader should have.

Having an Eagle-eye

Being a good reader is not enough to be a professional proofreader. Instead, you have to possess an eye for detail to be able to meticulously catch small errors that teams before you may not notice.

That is why proofreaders in big companies carry out extra responsibilities as they take charge of guaranteeing the accuracy of the final work.

Having Profound Knowledge of the Language

It is preferred that proofreaders hold a bachelor’s degree either in journalism or in their specialist language. Their job mainly depends on reviewing the use of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, syntax, and spelling, therefore, they should have a native-like understanding of the language they review.

Ability to Work to Strict Deadlines

Most of the work that proofreaders handle is restricted by tight deadlines. Proofreaders have to be self-disciplined and well-organized to finish their tasks promptly.

Familiarity with Computer-based Processes

In our modern world, every task is performed through computers. This requires proofreaders to receive training or study courses about how to use word processing and deal with different types of editorial software.

Strong Verbal Communication

Proofreaders should have strong communication skills as they most commonly deal with different teams. Finding any errors before producing the final version of any written work demands the proofreader to revert to the previous teams.

Thus, a proofreader has to explain his/her argument on the usage of certain words, grammar rules, or sentence structures in a friendly and clear manner.

Proofreaders should also be flexible to adjust or even change things that may cause future vagueness or misunderstanding.

How to Improve your Proofreading Services?

The following are some vital tips that proofreaders have to take into consideration while performing their tasks:

Take some rest if your proofreading task takes a lot of time. Stepping away for a while is beneficial to resume your work with fresh eyes.

Read your document in a loud voice. This way will enable you to speckle any confusing sentences or phrases and provide clearer alternatives.

Organize your tasks well. If you have multiple tasks to handle, you have to be self-disciplined and give each task its deserved time while giving yourself an appropriate break time to retain your concentration.

To sum up, whether you write an academic study, book, business email, or marketing blog or post, any errors in your writing will cause it to lose its value and the intended message may not be delivered properly to readers. Torjoman offers you proofreading services that ensure the flawlessness of your writing while delivering your message smoothly and clearly.

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