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5 Main Reasons You Have to Start Localizing Your Content

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: January 16, 2023

Do you have any strategic plans to expand your business to overseas territories? does the global branding of many businesses make you worried about the future of your product? If this is the case, this blog will definitely illuminate the importance of applying content localization to your growth strategy.

Actually, Geo-targeting your product or services is essential in a world where globalization has helped spread ideas, knowledge, technology, and even goods and services over the world. This cannot be fulfilled without having a successful content localization of your brand.

According to the findings of the csa-research.com, 76% of consumers prefer products with information in their own language, and 65% of them prefer to view the content in their mother tongue despite its poor quality.

Let’s have some light on the definition of content localization and its importance.

What is Content Localization?

Localization is the adaptation of your original content (whether it is an online or offline content) to fit the target audience of a new country taking into account the cultural, legal, lingual, and behavioral nuances between regions.

In fact, people may confuse localization with translation. While, in reality, translation is just a part of the localization process. It can be even skipped from the beginning especially when localizing content of two different territories speaking the same language.

One of the signs of its success is when the new visitors or users do feel that the localized content is primarily made just for them. Therefore, the localized content has to be natural and credible.

All in all, an accurate content localization guarantees that your brand will stand the best-in-class among other competitors and will certainly feed into achieving your desired sales rates in new global areas.

What is the Importance of Content Localization?

Now, after you get an overall idea of what content localization is, you have to dive into the following key reasons why content localization is vital to internationalizing your business.

Achieving Consumer’s Engagement

  • Generally, when you are searching for something to buy, you will search for websites that address your expectations. If you open a website and find it speaking a different language you have no idea about, you will automatically leave the page and seek others. Therefore, putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customers is very essential.
  • As a result, speaking the language of consumers is very essential. Having more than 25 years of experience in localization, Torjoman’s team of experts will make your target audience feel that your content is only made for them.
  • Not only addressing the language is important, but also meeting the customer’s expectations should not be neglected in this context.
  • Many countries speak the same language, however, they differ in word usages and meanings. Therefore, the right meanings should be chosen when localizing your product especially if you are localizing, for example, a UK website to the USA, Canadian, or Australian audience.

Enriching Your Marketing Strategy

Knowing the best channels through which you can court your next customers is very crucial in content localization too. If you know exactly your target audience preferences, whether they prefer seeing your product’s marketing through the social media, emails, offline advertising, or websites, you will be able to engage a large number of customers and attain your product or service’s visibility in the local markets.

Driving UP Your Sales Rates

  • Content localization will surely bring to life many new customers, and this will put you on the path of your potential growth.
  • When your website addresses the needs of customers in their own language, culture, and legal guidelines, you will attract more customers to buy your product. Torjoman’s team of native speakers consider first the impact of your product or service on the target audience, and then convey the meaning accordingly.
  • Many famous brands localized their products to meet the expectations of local markets and, thus, their cross-border sales rates have remarkably gone up. In 2022, McDonald’s stood among the top 20 brands with an average brand value of 48,647$m as stated by interbrand.com. In an interview with McDonald’s CMO, Morgan Flately, she highlights the importance of meeting customer’s needs to their success saying: “McDonald’s has always been an operational powerhouse that offers delicious food at affordable prices. But now, we’re much more focused on putting the brand and our customer needs at the heart of everything we do.”

Setting Yourself on Top of the Competition

Many companies still do not realize the importance of content localization. Therefore, localizing your brand now will put you on the route to growth having an irreplaceable competitive advantage.

Decreasing Costs

Instead of creating a new content to reach out new markets, localizing your current content will absolutely reduce costs.

Localize your content now with Torjoman’s best quality localization services.

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