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How App Localization Fosters Your Global Presence

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  • Date: March 19, 2023

In a world where using the internet has become highly dominant, everything now can be done virtually starting from shopping, learning, working, doing financial transactions, and many more. Technology apps have come to facilitate such activities as they are easily and smoothly accessed using any smart device.

Companies and institutions in different industries over the globe now use technology apps to finish different operations in smart and professional ways. Thus, manual work is highly reduced and the possibility of making errors is minimized to the utmost degree.

However, many businesses using technology apps compete to have an international reach by invading foreign markets. In this context, app localization should be an integral part of any expansion plan. At Torjoman, we provide you with top-notch app localization services that will help you boost your revenue by making your app appealing to target customers.

What is Technology App?

Technology apps are any software tools or systems that companies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, or even individuals use to perform different activities. The following are some examples of such operations:

  • Handling communication among people such as Gmail
  • Recording employees’ data such as attendance, payrolls, and performances
  • Monitoring patients’ data in hospitals or clinics
  • Facilitating the teaching and learning processes for online schools and universities
  • Ensuring the security of financial transactions in the banking sector
  • Searching for data and collecting information such as Google Chrome and Firefox

Still, there are other types of technology apps that serve different purposes and make our life easier day by day.

Now, we will discuss the definition of app localization, how it works, and why it is important.

Technology App Localization

Generally, as we discussed earlier, localization is the adaptation of any content to be linguistically and culturally appropriate for geo-markets.

Similarly, app localization is the adaptation of any information about a certain product to have an app that is suitable and appealing to the preferences and expectations of specific markets.

How Does App Localization Work?

When you decide to localize your app, you have to keep in mind many factors that strongly affect your global reach such as app listings, locales, and product name and information. Do not miss the following tips!

Deciding Your Target Locales

Locales combine both regions and languages that both the Apple app store and Google play store support. Since the app store has around 175 countries and 40 languages, this means that more than one domain can speak the same language.

Once you decide the locales to which you will present your app, you have to fully adapt your app’s information including name, descriptions, subtitles, and preview video to match the preferences and cultures of target consumers.

Localizing Your App Store Listings

Adapting your app store listings is a must to allow your target customers to find you when they search for your app in their native language. Thus, you have to localize every single detail in your listings including screenshots, promo videos, titles, and descriptions.

Not localizing your app store listing will hinder the process of your global expansion and all your efforts to localize your app will be in vain.

Adding App Keywords

A very important point that will drive traffic to your app is using the same keywords your target audiences use in searching for your product in their native language. This will make your app rank higher in search engines and result in a successful global expansion.

Localizing Visual Content

Adapting the visual elements is as important as that done for written texts. Therefore, when using certain images or colors you have to do profound research on the culture of the target region to make sure that you use the right elements that fit their cultural norms and sound natural to them.

What Are the Benefits of App localization?

App localization is a worthwhile strategy to gain new customer bases in different countries. The following are some of its benefits.

Improved User Experience

When people use keywords in their native language and find your app at the top of their search even if they use their colloquial language, they will feel as if the app is originally made for them and hence their loyalty will be boosted.

Increased Revenues

When you increase your app’s visibility, you will enlarge the net of potential customers and consequently skyrocket your sales.

Solid Global Presence

Since customers worldwide prefer apps in their native languages, localizing your app to match the culture and behavior of your potential customers in many countries will increase your app’s visibility, and you can break into new markets easily.

Although English is the default language for most apps, many people around the globe do not know English and prefer to use apps in their native languages. Hence, having your app available in multiple languages will move your business to an international level.

If you are looking for reliable app localization services, Torjoman’s team of professionals can customize your app for each market promptly and cost-effectively.

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