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Media Localization: Why Is It Intrinsic to Your Business?

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  • Date: February 19, 2023

In the past, the marketing strategies of any business were so limited and just centered on printed media and local TV shows. As a consequence, the numbers of reached audiences were so limited too. But now, with the age of the internet, businesses can reach international audiences from various countries around the globe because of the manifold number of digital platforms through which they can create a new and solid customer base.

Courting new consumers cannot be attained without addressing them in their native languages. Being a vital part of the global marketing of any brand, localization is the adaptation of any content, regardless of whether it is written or visual, to look appealing to the target markets taking into account the cultures, preferences, and tastes of such communities.

In this blog, we will explain the definition of media localization, its types, and why incorporating it into your growth strategy is essential.  

What is Media Localization?

It is the adaptation of any creative media products into the language and culture of a target market. Creative media products can be, but are not limited to, TV shows, films, documentary ads, podcasts, marketing materials, webinars, and radio broadcasts.

Creative Media Content to be localized

Creative media has many types of content that are worth investing localization into. The following are some common types:

TV Shows

Localizing TV shows is essential since some TV series or movies are popular worldwide, and localizing them will increase their appeal to international audiences as, undoubtedly, people prefer to watch their favorite shows in their native languages. The Netflix TV series “Squid Game” and “Money Heist” have been met with a standing ovation from foreign audiences who applauded their localizations.  

Furthermore, since watching TV still holds the attention of audiences of different ages, dubbing TV films and series have become popular and light-hearted nowadays and gained even more popularity than subtitling works.

Torjoman offers you best-in-class dubbing, subtitling, and voice-over services.


You can easily promote your brand by just creating a short documentary movie. Localizing your documentary and exposing it to target markets will expand your revenue growth if done in an accurate way that mirrors the requirements of your target audience. According to, Uber documentary film that tells the company’s story and its milestones in Australia has met with great acceptance.

Another example at which I am personally thrilled is a short video created by H&M as one of its media marketing for its new store in Amsterdam. The company focused on the needs and wants of the people since Amsterdammers have changed their way of shopping and started to look for clothes that last longer instead of looking for a new outfit for every occasion.


 Podcasts and radio streams are also handy in any marketing campaign. Localizing them is also a great benefit for businesses to spread out their products and services.

Why Media Localization Is Important for Your Business?

When localizing your media content, you have to get through the following steps to ensure the effectiveness of your localization process:

  • Decide whether you want to introduce the localized materials to a local or international audience.
  • Make a research study to learn about your target audience’s expectations.
  • Determine the types of creative media content you are going to use throughout your marketing journey.
  • Cooperate with a language service provider with an outstanding reputation in media localization.

Now, we will dive into the benefits of media localization when applying it to your business.

Local and Global Growth

Media localization can be applied when you need to get your content across to target consumers within your country. This can be very fruitful in countries that have people speaking different languages. This can be perfectly shown in businesses located in England where more than 300 languages are spoken.

On the international level, localizing your media content such as videos, images, audios and even social media posts and brochures taking into account the cultural backgrounds of your target audiences will increase your sales rates and put your business in a higher place among others.

Improving Customer’s Experience

People naturally respond better to entertainment, thus marketing your business through using creative media localization will definitely affect your sales rates and create a great customer experience when the audiences really feel that your content is authentically made for them.

Upgrading Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the factors through which you can measure the health of your brand. After all, customers’ experience cannot be maintained before they see your brand and love it.

If you decide to promote your product through social media or any digital platforms, you undoubtedly need media localization to approach customers who have no access to your products or services. Whether you intend to broadcast a short video, audio, image, or even a social media post, you have to address your audience in their cultural aspects.

Briefly, media localization should be your friend in your marketing journey to grow a new customer base.

If you are looking for a language service provider to help you decide what is best for your business, do not hesitate to contact Torjoman. We will help you expand your business internationally.

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