Multimedia Content: Why Localization is Inevitable for Your Success?

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  • Date: June 25, 2019


The way people consume media and content is always changing. Since 2018, the world has seen an uprising trend in augmented reality (AR), influencer marketing and engaging video content. Multimedia content will continue to dominate the world’s marketing space as the emerging markets are on the rise with increased usage of the internet, mobile phones, laptops and other tech devices. Therefore, it is important for companies to invest more in multimedia content.

Multimedia Content Trends Are Growing

Social media platforms are now part of the daily routine of human beings and companies started to pay attention to them to reach their target audiences. Lately, it’s noticeable that multimedia content leaves a great impact on users other than the text content. 

For example, video content accounts for 85% of all internet traffic and numbers are expected to rise. Most marketers are adding video content to their marketing strategy to gain more traction. Social media channels have integrated “live video” feature that allows users to engage with highly visual content in real time. Similarly, there are a lot of internet-based television websites where the user can watch their favorite shows, movies and programs – making the use of a traditional cable and television redundant. According to studies,  users spend hours online on an average of 45 minutes daily watching mobile videos.

Since 2018, the world of technology has been a big jump in the use of voice search and so the marketers have increased their use of image-based and audio-based content.

Why Localized Content?

Investing in multimedia content can breathe a new life in your marketing presence and can put you in a unique place especially if you want to be ahead in the sea of messages everyone receives every day. Multimedia content helps your brand to stand out, has a longer shelf life as compared to text content and static graphics. The highly visual content also stays in a person’s long term memory.

In this age of customization and personalization, users are expecting to see, read and listen to content in their language and tailored to their unique needs. Most international companies and brands are realizing the need for localization of content to engage more with customers.

Here are the top reasons why companies need localized content.

1. To Expand into New Markets

When companies expand into new markets where there are a lot of competitors, localized content helps to create an appeal in public. Localized content helps the marketers capitalize on local trends and preferences by letting them know that the brand can meet their specific needs. So companies should study their target audience very well, understand their culture in order to deliver their localized content in the perfect way.

 2. Localized Content Sells More

Numerous studies have shown that people are three times more likely to buy a product when it is in their own language. Companies who want to reach a wider set of audience in the global marketplace cannot do so in one language. They need to localize their content according to the local language, culture, traditions and expectations in order to appeal to them.

3. To Build Brand Rapport

Localized content helps a company promote and build a rapport between the brand and its clients. Clients will feel that the brand is close to their thoughts and problems, and this helps to build customer loyalty in specific markets. A localized content strategy will enable companies to speak directly to the buyers.


What to Consider When Localizing Content?

Localizing content is a major decision for any company as it drastically affects its marketing plan. It is a strategic decision as it has to be carefully taken after evaluating the possible outcomes of localization. There are several important factors that you must consider before localizing your content successfully.

Choosing the Right Market and Language Preferences

If you’ve made a plan to expand your business globally, it would be wise to do so after doing deep research about the emerging markets with high growth and potential ROI. You can’t penetrate all markets at once because this requires a lot of effort and financial resources. If you want to expand in markets that speak different languages, then consider hiring multimedia localization services from a trusted translation agency that would offer video translation, video transcription and voice over services in your target language.

Determining Your Customer Base

Researching the trends and preferences of your customer base in the potential market is an essential ingredient for successful expansion. You may need to localize your content according to your customer base preference. For example, factors like gender and demographics will affect your content’s effectiveness, as what would attract women might not attract men, and what would interest people in a certain country, might not attract people in other countries.

Use of Devices and Favorite Platforms

Consider which devices your potential market uses more for content consumption and what their favorite platforms are. For example, the Gulf market prefers Twitter and Snapchat more than any other social media platforms, so you may want to focus on these platforms.

Globally, mobile phones have taken over any other digital device for content consumption. On average, 170 minutes are spent using smartphones while 120 minutes are spent on computers and 75 minutes on tablet per day.

Also, you should consider your target audience’s preferable operating systems; some prefer Google Play (Android) while others prefer Apple Play Store (iOS). If you are launching an application in China where most users are pro-iOS, it would make sense to ensure that you offer your application in this platform.

Type of Content

Different markets consume different types of content. Statistics show that 43% of global users prefer to watch videos over reading text on the internet. So before invading a new market, deep market research should be done to be able to decide what type of content will trigger your audience.


Measuring KPIs of Your Multimedia Content

Creating multimedia content and localizing it is not enough; you have to know whether your strategy is actually working in your target market or not. In order to get a solid and accurate picture, you must measure your multimedia content against adequated KPIs. Here are some KPIs you can measure your multimedia content against.

Time Spent On Page

If you are posting blogs online, so you need to know how much time do your readers spend reviewing these pages? The average word count of top-ranking content in Google is between 1140 to 1300 words, which means your visitors should spend a few minutes on your blog not seconds.

Website Traffic Analytics

You can get many insights from website analytics; you can know which countries you are getting website traffic from, new and returning customers, what devices or browsers your users are using and other useful information. So analyzing your website traffic can give you insights into whether you are able to get the attention of your target audience or not with your content.


Podcast or video downloads are both an important metric to measure your multimedia content success. If your target audience is downloading your content as much as you had intended, then you can consider this metric as an achieved goal.

Shares, Engagement & Views

Shares, engagement and views of your content show that users are interested in it and are actually finding it useful. You can evaluate the success of your content by measuring the number of shares, engagement and views. However, you can only do this if you already have an estimated number of these metrics before releasing your content.

Whether you want to localize videos, audios, text or any other type of multimedia content, you would need to hire a trusted multimedia translation service provider like Torjoman. Our large portfolio is built on more than 25 years of experience in successful localization of multimedia content. Contact us today to discuss your project and give you a customized quote!

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