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SEM Localization ─ How to Make Your Online Content Global-Ready?

Yes, it’s becoming different, and better. In the twenty-first century, business is being digitized, and this, it seems, is rewriting the present and future of our buy and sell behavior especially when it comes to SEM localization!

Difficult to remember?! A quarter-century ago, it was unlikely that a business in the UK would think of targeting prospects in the Gulf or the Middle East region. But now this is becoming the standard pattern of business and the trendy marketing practice that is taking place everywhere

Concepts as search engine marketing or SEO localization, pay per click or automated marketing, etc, are now one of the most important strategies for targeting new customers and expanding your market.


And figures speak louder!

Let’s, however, be so objective as to ask whether the statistics available are supporting our two claims that global business is now becoming more and more digital ─ along with the other controversial claim that “to go online” is the open sesame to business success. Okay; let’s move closer to look at some facts and figures.

According to Statista, the global provider of market and consumer data, these figures and facts are self-explanatory:

Fact 1: Nearly 4.5 billion people were active internet users as of January 2020.

Global digital population as of January 2020 (in billions)



Fact 2: The online penetration rate worldwide is 59% ─ with Northern Europe ranking first with a 95% internet penetration rate among the population.

Global digital population as of January 2020(in billions)

SEM Localization


The UAE, Denmark, and South Korea are the nations with the highest internet penetration rate globally.

Countries with the highest internet penetration rate as of January 2020

SEM Localization

Fact 4: North Korea, with nearly no online usage penetration among the general population, ranks last globally.


Fact 5: Business is growing and booming in the UAE (the Middle East’s business hub), Denmark and South Korea, and is down in Pyongyang.


Rules of the Game: SEM, PPC and SEO

And now, after all is said and done, we’re 100 percent sure that when any company wishes to get found on the internet amid millions of other businesses, one of the top methods they have to use is: Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search engine marketing, thus, is the umbrella covering both the pay-per-click advertisements (PPC ads) and the organic search initiatives that we refer to as search engine optimization SEO. So, what is the difference?

In simple terms, PPC (pay per click ads) is the same as search engine marketing (SEM), or an important part of it, noting that both are paid initiatives and both need budgets. So, whether it’s called PPC, CPC, paid search, or search ads, we are now aware that it is referring to paid search marketing, typically through such search engines as Google and Bing.


What is the Difference Between PPC and SEO?

SEO and PPC are both marketing tools that marketers use to achieve their marketing objectives. SEO is the organic (non-paid) effort that goes into marketing through search engines. While PPC, as we mentioned above, is the paid version. 

And now it’s time for an important question: After a company has established all their online assets and social media profiles with a view to getting found in the digital space, can they relax and rest assured that the content will be engaging their multilingual audiences in various foreign markets?!

The answer is definitely a big No, and here comes the role of professional Language services providers, Like Torjoman, with their crucial services of SEM localization.


Why SEM localization From Torjoman?

At Torjoman trasnslation company, our strategy has always been based upon the facts and figures derived from our in-depth surveys, which have revealed that businesses, both in the MENA region and around the world, need our Multilingual SEM Localization service for two important reasons:

  1. 85% of users prefer websites in a regional language.
  2. The majority of online experience starts with a search engine!

Taking these compelling facts into consideration, Torjoman has always been focusing our strategy on delivering world-class SEM localization services. In addition to the services of SEO localization, multimedia localization, marketing localization, software localization, game localization, Torjoman has over the years established a worldwide reputation for providing clients with second-to-none SEM & SEO localization services. 

Fully aware that most users have a preference for reading ads, visiting and staying for a long time in websites that are written in their native language, Torjoman has mixed the company’s arsenal of the latest translation technology with the extensive expertise of our expert translators for effectively localizing our clients’ SEM content. The final purpose has always been to allow those clients to grow their global reach and boost their search engine rankings around the world. 

So, whether they want to reach customers anywhere across the globe through a website, or wish to communicate internally with their global workforces via an app, or even aim to create software for multiple countries, Torjoman’s SEM localization services will do it for our clients!


To sum up, in this world, life without the internet is becoming both unimaginable and inconceivable; so, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote.

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