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Website Localization: How Does It Lift Your Business Up?

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: December 17, 2022

Are you willing to boost the growth potential of your business? Do you want to expand your product or service to other countries?

If “yes,” this blog is definitely for you.

Many companies aim to globalize their businesses by exposing them to new countries. Localization is an essential part of this process.

What is Website Localization?

Website localization is the process of adapting a product or service to resonate to the language, culture, legal conditions, and economy of a target country. The following are the most important elements of a website that should be altered during the localization process:

  1. Language

The first step starts with translating the content of the original website into the language of the targeted market.

For example, a product’s name can be changed according to the language of the target country. Furthermore, text length may also be changed in some languages like German.

Although many countries speak one language, there are still differences in the words they use in their daily life. For instance, the British name the front part of a car as “bonnet,” while Americans name it the “hood.”

  • Currency

Currencies should be changed according to each country. In addition, payment methods may be changed too in accordance with the used methods in every region.

  • Website Design

You have to adjust the design of your website according to your target audience to maintain their e-loyalty. For instance, the difference of languages should be considered when designing a website especially when using the righ-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Images and videos should also be adapted to fit within the targeted domain.

  • Time and Date

Time and date formats should be changed according to each country.

  • Culture

To reach your target audience, you have to deliver your message in a way that fits the culture of the target country. Your target consumers should not feel that you are a foreign company. Speaking their own culture makes them feel at home.

Why Should You Localize Your Website?

Website Localization Increases Your Revenues

Website localization is tailoring the whole content of your website to the culture of the target region. If it is not done well, you will probably lose your product’s visibility.

On the contrary, if you manage to address the target market, your business will definitely take a new direction. Speaking the language of consumers will make them feel comfortable in using your website and hence promotes their purchasing rates.

The Use of SEO Keywords

Not all consumers know English which is the most dominant language in all websites. Building a multilingual website forces you to choose SEO keywords used in the targeted language other than those used in English and this increases your customers’ engagement and satisfaction.

Saving Your Cost

Undoubtedly, localization reduces your cost. In the past, companies used to found branches of their companies physically in other countries with a new staff of employees. Now, with the use of localization, you can just localize your website and build a new virtual and profitable market for yourself.

Achieving Consumer Engagement

Consumers quickly leave websites if they do not speak their own language or address their cultural norms. On the contrary, localization makes them feel engaged as localized websites appeal perfectly to their culture.

Successful Examples

Meeting your consumers’ preferences is the key to the success of your business.

For example, Nike applies this concept intelligently. If you open the American website of Nike, you will find firstly a big image for the product. However, unlikely, the Argentinian website has many images about soccer players and this is because the Argentinians are fond of soccer game.

Similarly Coca-cola follows Nike’s footsteps in gaining cultural acceptance from its customers is other countries. Most significantly, it considers the color symbolization in each region. For instance, the most dominant color in Coca-cola’s website is red as it is the color of its product. However, in Japan, red symbolizes both life and anger which are opposite things. As a result, the company replaced the color red with blue as the latter represents everyday life for the Japanese people.

In a nutshell, website localization, if done rightly, is a magical way for promoting your sales internationally. Are you still thinking?! Visit Torjoman localization services now and hit the jackpot with having your website professionally localized.

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