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Your Complete Guide to Game Localization

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  • Date: January 25, 2023

Making your video games rock in the global market needs localizing their contents first to ensure their appeal to the target audiences.

Video gamers are increasing globally by leaps and bounds. This means that you have to cross all the linguistic and cultural boundaries to approach the highest number of gamers in the world. This can only be accomplished by game localization.

In order to guarantee the global acceptance of your video game in the target market, you must select the best language service provider that applies the best practices and guidelines during the localization process.

At Torjoman, you should never worry about the popularity of your video games nor about the future of your sales in the international markets. We will get you covered! Torjoman ensures the proper and highest-quality localization of your video games.

What Is Game Localization?

Basically, game localization is the process of translating the content of video games to sound natural and appealing to international audiences while abiding by the original message of the game.

This does not stop at text translation. However, the process involves localizing all the videos, images, and audio by adhering to the original message. Moreover, the game’s documentation such as manuals and user’s guides should also be adapted.

How Game Localization Sets Your Video Games Up for Success Globally

  • Getting an accurate and high-quality game localization makes your video games sound natural to the target audience, and, hence, you will be able to reach a larger number of users around the globe.
  • By making your video games appealing to the target markets, your sales will definitely increase and the popularity of your product will reach the utmost since many gamers prefer games translated into their native tongues.
  • Addressing your video games in your target gamers’ cultures will increase their engagement.
  • Localizing your games will give you an exceptional competitive advantage among others.

How Torjoman Supplies You with Effective Game Localization

At Torjoman, we follow strict guidelines to drive your video games through success in the international markets and cross all language borders.

Here are some of our most worthwhile strategies:

We Care about the User Experience

We not only address the target audience in their native language, but we also help you cross all the social, historical, and moral borders. Therefore, the audience will feel comfortable using your video game as if it has been initially created just for them.

We Select Cross-cultural and Experienced Translators

Our team of translators not only translates the text of your game but also reaches a milestone to adapt it to the culture of the target market. They are fully aware of the gaming industry and the culture of the target audience as well.

We Use Advanced Localization and Translation Tools

We use localization and translation tools that enable us to localize your content efficiently. Some of these tools are the following:

  • API (Application Programming Interface)
  • PhraseApp
  • Lingohub
  • Tranisfex

Our Game Localization Does not stop at Mere Translation

At Torjoman, the process of game localization pertains the following:

  • Localizing the user interface
  • Adapting the voice over recording
  • Any graphics should be adapted to meet the audience’s expectations
  • We provide QA support and testing
  • We localize all the marketing materials related to the video game
  • We provide game script translation
  • User manuals and guidelines are localized
  • We localize any printing materials

Get a Confidential and Best Quality Game Localization

With each game localization project, we provide a well-trained project manager with enough technical knowledge to supervise the process and guarantee that the work done meets the highest standards we set for our services.

Call us now and reserve your place among international competitors.

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