Torjoman Supports Clients with Free Translation of Coronavirus-related Material

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: March 17, 2020

Dubai, March 17, 2020 – At a time of global concern over the spread of Coronavirus, we believe it’s our duty as a global corporate citizen to extend our full support to the key stakeholders of our translation industry ─ partners, customers, employees, and translators. 

As Torjoman’s mission is to bridge the cultural barriers between territories, countries and peoples, we, therefore, have to contribute to the global effort aiming to combat the spreading pandemic and bringing the people of the world back to safety and welfare. 

Therefore, as of 17/3/2020, Torjoman will support its clients’ efforts to protect their employees ─ via increasing their awareness of Coronavirus ─ by providing these companies with a FREE translation of their INTERNAL content material that is related to the disease’s precautionary information. 

“Since day one, we’ve continuously been part of the global effort to connect people. Therefore, Torjoman is keen to take part in the noble campaign to fight the epidemic; and we’re sure we will win, and the world will regain wellness and prosperity”, said Ayman Saad, Torjoman – Marketing Manager. 

“In line with our social responsibility and to fulfill our commitment to take care of our employees, we’ve allowed all our global workforce to work from home under the current circumstances”, added Ayman Saad.

Message from Torjoman Marketing Manager Ayman Saa'd on Coronavirus Outbreak


To submit your translations, please contact us via our COVID-19 aid-dedicated email


About Torjoman

Torjoman is a Future Group company that was founded in 1994 and has grown into one of the world’s most trusted translation and localization expert houses. Torjoman has become a leading translation and localization company supporting all the MENA region and succeeded in establishing a global reputation for meeting clients’ requirements in the most beneficial and cost-effective way. 

With a high-tech translation memory software technology, online ordering platform, ISO certification and access to native translators for any language, Torjoman has earned a reputable image all across the language services market.


Terms of the Offer

1- The offer is available for both new and existing clients.

2- The offer covers only the first target language.  

3- The offer applies to the translation of precautionary information related to Coronavirus COVID-19 exclusively ─ including text, audio or video material whose audience is the client’s internal staff.   

4- The offer is for projects below AED/SAR 200; and if the project amount is more, we will reduce the project’s final cost by AED/SAR 200.

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