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A guide to Sports Translation: Learn about Its Types

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: December 15, 2022

Have you ever questioned how famous athletes get settled quickly in countries where they are hired? Or how do they get acquainted that fast with their teammates and coaches in non-native domains?

Here comes the role of sports translation which forms an integral part of the process of making the world a small village by bringing different cultures and languages together.

What Is the Importance of Sports Translation?

The importance of sports translation has to be illuminated from the perspectives of both spectators and athletes as follows:


 International competitions involve spectators from various countries around the globe such as the World Cup of Nations and the Olympics. Therefore, the country hosting an international sports event is always careful to address both the languages and cultures of fans through translation.

Actually, a host country’s rules and regulations are translated carefully so that fans can understand them. Moreover, spectators are also guided to know practical information about the place they are in such as exits, food catering areas, toilets…etc.


It is true that many sports players do speak more than one language. Some of them have the ability and flexibility to learn new languages. A good example is the football player, Gary Lineker, who learned Spanish when he started playing for Barcelona and then Japanese when he got hired by the Nagoya Grampus Eight.

However, some players are unable to get familiar with new languages and, hence, translation should be used in this regard.

When an athlete moves to another team in a different country, he/she needs to sign a contract and finish all the legal papers to facilitate his/her settlement. The sports councils resort to translators to handle all the legal communication.

This typically has increased the chance of hiring players and even sports managers and trainers from other countries to work in an international club as, with translation, communication is no longer an obstacle in the process.

Translators or interpreters also help sports players to get familiar with the country they move to. They may guide them on how to rent an apartment, for example, and from where they can get food, clothes, and so on.

Types of Sports Translation

Sports translation is implemented in two ways: written translation and oral translation (interpreting).

Written Sports Translation

This type can be utilized in press releases, rules books, international sporting events, social media posts, and sports teams’ websites.

  • The sports translator translates all the legal documents either for the sports lawyer or the client. He/she also translates all the legal and cultural regulations so that a foreign-hired athlete can know them well.
  • Moreover, in translating a sports social media post, a translator should deliver the words in a way that appeals to the culture of readers.
  • Sports news translation should be exciting to draw the attention of fans.
  • Spectators’ guides and rules are also translated into international tournaments.

Oral Sports Translation (interpretation)

  • It refers to interpreting all the oral communication between the sports staff members. It also involves interpreting conversations in interviews, conferences, and international sports events.
  • Interpretation can be either done simultaneously as in global events or consecutively as in press conferences.
  • The UK Premier Leagues is the most famous sports league in the world as it combines 20 competing clubs. Because of its global popularity, the league is broadcasted in different countries. Apparently, the broadcasting is done in different countries in their own languages so that people can understand the matches, championships, and news.
  • Interpreters are the key of communication between athletes and their coaches or any other members in the sports sector.

For example, if a player is injured, interpreters perform medical communication between the doctor and the player to avoid any malpractice.

  • From legal insight, translators handle the communication between the lawyer and the player.

Last but not least, sports translators and interpreters should not only acquire professionality in the target language, but they also have to be familiar with the sports terminology along with the legal policies of the target country to avoid any misperception in the process. They should also have the ability to identify different accents in one language perfectly.

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