5 Key Reasons Why Does Human Translation Win Over Google Translation?

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  • Date: December 20, 2022

In recent decades, attempts have been continuously made to invent machines that replace human labor. However, the question that always comes to our minds is “why handmade products are more expensive than machinery-produced ones?”

This is because handmade products, as their name implies, are humanly made from the scratch. They are one-of-a-kind products made by someone who spent many hours to make them unique and pricey.

The same idea arises when we use machine translation. Although, new techniques have been lately added to enhance the performance of translation machines, yet, the quality of their translations is still questionable.

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation is an automated translation of words, phrases, sentences, and even full texts using computer software without any involvement of humans.

The most common examples of machine translations are Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and Amazon Translate.

What Are the Types of Translation Machines?

Translation machines can be categorized based on the following:


The machine translation here is based on statistics; meaning that it conducts an analysis of the bilingual text and studies the relationship between the source text and the target one.


Here, the machine translation is based on applying grammatical, syntax, and semantic rules that are developed by linguistics experts.

Neural System

It is the most accurate type of all since it employs artificial intelligence to know about different languages. The most popular example of this kind is the “Google Translate”.

The Importance of Google Translation

  • Google translation is useful in emergency cases due to its high speed. For example, if you find a scientific paper that will help you in your research study, but it is written in a different language, Google translation will simply translate thousands of words by only one click.
  • Google translation reduces the cost you may pay to a human translator as it is free and available to all users.
  • Google translation has the ability to statistically build a database that includes translated texts generated by humans.

Despite the importance of Google translation, it will never reach the professional and accurate level of the human translation.

Why Human Translation is better than Google Translation?


  • Machine translation is only focused on word-for-word translation. However, human translators have the ability to identify the differences between words’ meanings in different cultures.
  • Therefore, only human translation can accurately deliver the same meaning and message from one source language to a target language. Torjoman relies on subject matter experts who transfer the same meaning and message from a source text to the target one precisely.
  • Google translation may also fail linguistically. For example, the English present perfect tense’s meaning is not identified in many languages. Google translation, actually, is unable to translate the correct meaning of the tense. Human translators have a thorough knowledge of all the grammatical rules and know well how to find substitutions in the target languages.

Knowledge of Idioms, Colloquialisms, and Slangs

On one hand, Google translation only provides literal translation of words. It does not identify idioms or phrases that imply deeper meanings.

On the other hand, translators can perceive well the meaning of idioms or slangs and know how to find the equivalents in the target languages. Torjoman follows quality assurance procedures during the process of translation and this guarantees the highest translation quality.

Addressing the Appropriate Style

Google translation cannot highlight which style or tone should be used in every translation.

Human Translators are able to decide the tone of translation. For example, whether the writing should be formal or informal.

Torjoman’s expert translators are able to differentiate between various styles since they produce many types of translations such as online translations, business translations, website translations, and certified translations.

Achieving Readability

Only human translators are able to produce readable translations which target audiences can read with comfort without any vagueness or literal translations.

Producing Natural Translations

Human translators have the freedom to modify, replace, or adjust in texts in order to make it sound natural to the target readers.

In a nutshell

Although Google translation is free, human translation is irreplaceable.

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