Common Mistakes in Translation You Need to Avoid

7 Common Mistakes in Translation You Need to Avoid

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: May 11, 2023

Globalization has opened up the gate for all of us to communicate and share information worldwide. Thus, the need to have translation services is increasing day after day to ensure effective and accurate communication with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. From translating training and marketing materials to medical, legal, and educational documents, translation is now more demandable than ever.

However, translation is far beyond just moving words from one language to another. In fact, translators should have in-depth knowledge of everything that is related to the language they are translating into. They should be aware of the syntax, punctuation, style, culture, terminology, and idioms.

You have to know that translation can make or break your reputation. Hence, translators should be well-versed and knowledgeable enough to produce the highest quality translations to avoid any possible future repercussions.

Here, in this article, we will highlight some of the most common mistakes in translation that even experienced translators may incur to prove that cultural nuances and language subtleties should never be overlooked if you wish to get rigorous and high-quality translations.

Word-for-word Translation

Literal translation or word-for-word translation is translating every word without paying any attention to the cultural and linguistic nuances of each language. This translation distorts the meaning of any content and leads to negative consequences that many international brands fell victim to. For example, when Mercedes-Benz first launched in Italy with the name “Bensi”, the name is translated to “Rush to Die” in Chinese.

Moreover, although the American Dairy Association’s campaign “Got Milk?” was successful among English speakers, Spanish speakers got confused by the translation which meant “Are You Lactating?”

Also, word-for-word translation will never work when translating idioms, colloquialisms, slang, or metaphors. In this case, translators have to search for equivalents in the target language.

So, mistranslations can cause the text to lose its original message and significance. Translating words while paying attention to the syntactic rules and cultural differences is essential to avoid any possible costly consequences.

Not Having the Appropriate Expertise

Translation has many types including legal, medical, technical, and marketing translation. So, it is very crucial to select a translator who has subject-matter expertise in the field of the text he/she will be translating. If translators lack expertise, they will not be able to choose the right words or deliver the exact meanings. Thus, translators should only accept translation projects that fall into their area of specialization.

Torjoman is a trustworthy translation agency that allows no room for errors. We Pride ourselves on having industry-specific translators who are well-informed in their fields of specialization and the language and cultural nuances of each language.

Using the Wrong Tone and Style

Translators should be fully aware of the usage of the correct tone and style. Each type of document has a different tone and style. You cannot translate medical and legal documents in the same way.

Furthermore, you have to pay attention to the correct usage of date and time formats. Currencies also matter. You have to decide how you would express the currency in the target language.

Compromising Quality with Quantity

Sometimes translators accept too much work only for the sake of money, and; unfortunately, this forces them to compromise quality with quantity resulting in inaccurate translations that are full of mistakes. The average of words that translators can work on per day is 2000. If they exceed this number, the quality of their work may go down. Thus, they have to know well what they can do and what they cannot do to not accept extra work that is beyond their capacity.

The Usage of Incorrect Sentence Structures and Punctuation

Each language differs in its structure and the choice of punctuation. Translators should know such differences to avoid any substantial problems. For example, in the English language, descriptive adjectives come before the noun such as “good girl” and “splendid view”. However, in Spanish, nouns come before descriptive adjectives.

Translators should also pay attention to the usage of punctuation. A comma can change the meaning of a sentence entirely. For instance, “let’s eat, mum” and “let’s eat mum.” Commas, semi-colons, colons, and exclamation marks play a very important role in meaning and missing any of them may be disastrous.

Miscommunicating with Clients

Before working on any translation project, translators should have effective communication with clients to make sure that every single detail in the project is clarified. Actually, some mistakes in translations happen because translators fail to understand all the needs and requirements of clients.

 Not being up-to-date on Language Development

Language evolves just like technology and many other fields. So, translators should continuously learn the most recent developments in language to avoid using outdated words or expressions. Every day new idioms, expressions, terms, and words come into existence. Translators should stay abreast of such language developments.

How can torjoman help you avoid the Common Mistakes in Translation!

Torjoman is your trusted partner in helping you avoid common mistakes in translation. With their team of skilled linguists and translators, Torjoman provides professional translation services that prioritize accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and linguistic fluency. Their thorough quality assurance process ensures that translations are meticulously reviewed to avoid errors and inaccuracies. Torjoman’s expertise extends beyond language proficiency, as they possess in-depth cultural knowledge and understanding of various industries. By collaborating with Torjoman, you gain access to their vast experience and resources, enabling you to navigate potential pitfalls in translation effectively. Trust Torjoman to deliver high-quality translations that maintain your message’s integrity while resonating with your target audience across languages and cultures.

To Sum Up

Learning from others’ pitfalls is essential to avoid repeating them in the future.

Since translation is a means of connecting people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, you have to make sure that the right meaning is delivered to avoid any unwanted results.

Torjoman has become a fast-rising player in the translation industry by employing well-versed translators with strong subject-matter expertise in many fields. Do not go anywhere else and contact us now for an instant quote!

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