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  • Date: June 23, 2020

Gone are the good old days when education used to comprise the traditional triangle of teacher, student, and classroom. The world is currently changing and with it the entire industries of learning and education translation services. But how?

In most countries, school and university students are no longer speaking the same language. Forget it in our 21st-century globalized world! Students at schools, colleges and training institutions are growing more diverse both ethnically and culturally. With this, it’s also becoming more and more important for educational institutions of all types and levels to translate their materials to cross the communication barriers and deliver knowledge to everyone ─ regardless of language or culture.  

That said, education translation is becoming a very important part of the education system all over the world. You can’t consider a school or university system successful or complete unless it’s able to provide education to students who speak multiple languages. Therefore, education translation services are increasingly becoming a must-have for all parties ─ businesses, teachers, students, and researchers.

The good news in this area is that professional learning translation services are now covering almost all types of documents ─ from course materials to report cards, permission slips, event invitations, school notices, and many more.

What Are Education Translation Services?

There’s no doubt that in today’s world, educational translation services have grown into a full multifaceted industry that covers a variety of areas, including course materials translation, textbook translation, online training, e-learning websites, interactive learning software translation and many more fields.

However, the common ground between all these areas is the process of converting text from a source language to a target language with the aim of helping learning institutions to provide both students and parents with informative communication to boost academic progress.

So, is education translation different from other translations in any way? In reply, experts always say that 100% accuracy is the primary requirement in this specific field of translation. But why?

The reason is clear. Academic circles always have their own set of unique global standards when it comes to educational content. Besides, the academic sphere has specific formatting and citation requirements that need to be stringently followed. Therefore, accuracy is paramount when it comes to research materials, educational publications, textbooks, and other types of learning content.


Who Needs Education Translation Services?

International schools, universities, and educational institutions require education translation services to ensure that students who speak multiple languages have the same opportunity to progress academically. These services are also important to keep parents and families informed about their children’s needs and academic progress.

When it comes to businesses that have multilingual workforces located in different offices and branches worldwide, it goes without saying that training these employees is key for these companies to succeed on an international scale. It is important for all employees to have the same training materials so they can achieve the best possible results in productivity.


Benefits of Education Translation Services

One of the clearest benefits of learning institutions translating their courses is that it makes it possible for learners to work at their own pace and in a way that benefits them more. It has proved to be more helpful and effective to give multilingual learners the translated materials and leave them to learn at their own pace.

Also, it’s extremely lucrative! According to a research report by Global Market Insights, Inc., eLearning market size is expected to surpass $375 billion by 2026! Therefore, educational institutions and e-learning businesses are currently doing their best to acquire some of these huge profits by translating their e-Learning material and educational content for foreign markets across the globe.

As for global companies in almost all industries other than education, the training model has drastically changed for the benefit of companies and employees alike. Instead of hiring someone (or a full department!) to train their staff in each country, companies now partner with translation vendors to have the training materials translated and available as e-learning courses in a variety of languages. It pays off!

 Documents for Education Translation Services

In this area, educational institutes, colleges, universities and global companies in almost all industries need to translate a broad range of education and e-learning documents, which include:

Torjoman Educational Translation Solutions

Over the past 25 years, we’ve gained an impressive reputation for delivering 3 types of premium educational translation solutions.

First – Academic Translation Services

At Torjoman, our academic translation services cover a wide diversity of documents, such as diplomas, academic journals, theses, essays, presentations, academic records, campus information, report cards, flyers, bus schedules, financial documents in addition to other types of copy in more than 40 languages.

To guarantee the accuracy and high quality of our translations in this ultra-sensitive area, we do two important things;

  • First, we ensure that all our academic translators have passed strict academic translation tests before they start to work with us. 
  • Second, we have in place a proofreading team dedicated to reviewing academic content in terms of style, grammar, and overall quality.  

Second – School Translation Services

With international schools held in high regard worldwide, there’s a growing need to communicate effectively with international students and their parents. So, our professional team of dedicated translators provides a broad range of translation services for schools ─ including the translation of school brochures, marketing materials, and websites.

Third – E-learning Translation Services

We stand out in this area in particular. Hundreds of global brands, including Coursera, rely on Torjoman’s eLearning translation solutions to translate their corporate eLearning courses and video training content so that they can provide effective training to their global human resources in more than 40 languages. These clients comprise major companies in various industries, including automotive, medical, information technology, financial, manufacturing and others.


Why Torjoman?

At Torjoman, our dedication to excellence is the main reason why big brands from across the globe choose our education translation services. Yet, there are some other reasons!

For more than 25 years, we have extensive experience working with educational businesses at every level of learning. That’s why our portfolio of educational and e-learning translation services helps teachers educate to the highest quality and at the same time helps students to fulfill their potential.

More importantly, our highly qualified team of linguists provides top-quality translations that focus on such details as citations, references, bibliographies, data relevance and other details that make their output stand out in the entire industry.

What’s more, the experience that has been gained by this professional team over the years spans a vast array of industries from law to IT, engineering, healthcare, aerospace and automotive. With this, our expert linguists constantly produce high-quality translations in every and each project.

Moreover, we have a two-tier review system in place that ensures that accuracy and quality are never compromised for the sake of fast delivery.  


Last but not least, should you wish to have more information about our education translation services, contact us today for a free quote.

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