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Healthcare Industry: How to Be Nearer to Your Customers?

Like all other businesses, sectors, the healthcare industry is witnessing great transformation due to the increasingly globalized business ─ with patients becoming able to obtain medical treatment in other countries while on vacation or traveling, or even seeking medical operations overseas.

Also like other industries, healthcare businesses are going global at a very fast pace. As the value of the global healthcare services market came last year close to USD 6.8 billion, an increasing number of healthcare giants are extending their medical brands beyond their borders into more and more foreign markets, targeting more and more foreign audiences who speak multiple languages.

This seems quite normal, because how can companies in the sectors of healthcare, pharma and medical devices close their eyes to a global market for healthcare services that is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.3% to reach almost USD 9.6 billion by 2022? How come?!

However, there’s still a question that comes up every now and then: Now that the entire healthcare industry is assuming a truly global dimension, with new drugs and new medical devices being marketed all over the world, and new research being conducted everywhere, so what is the channel through which all this business, this knowledge and these discoveries are disseminated across the globe? The answer, definitely, is one thing: medical translation services.


Medical Translation Services ─ What And Why?

When professionals translate documents for the healthcare, medical devices or pharmaceutical fields, this is the crucial area of medical translation services ─ which specialized companies normally provide to the entire medical, pharma and healthcare sectors.  

Medical translation services are indispensable for medical professionals to provide care and treatment to patients who speak other languages.

Also, medical translation services are highly important for translating patients’ medical histories in order for doctors to be able to provide patients with an accurate and safe medical service. 

Moreover, medical translation also helps patients to fully understand the text of the documents they will be signing. In addition, legal courts usually request certified translations of the medical documents and records which may be used as evidence in legal proceedings.   

Overall, professional translation services are always needed for many areas including documentation for drugs, translation of clinical trial and study documents, documentation for medical devices, regulatory standards, packaging & labeling, medical marketing material and many more healthcare-related documents.


Why Should Medical Translation Services Be Accurate to The Utmost?

Medical translations must be conducted by professional translators who must not only master the language, but also each of them should be versed in the translation project’s medical, pharmaceutical or technical subject matter. But why? 

Because when it comes to medical translations, there’s no room for a minor mistake, where sometimes the case may be one of life or death. With medical documents, healthcare research material, doctors’ prescriptions, etc., the smallest error can change the entire meaning and in some cases may be disastrous.

In the field of pharma, where companies in developing countries are selling their drug products into the third world markets and sometimes the other way round, any minor error, for example in medication dosage, may cause serious consequences.

As for the benefits of accurate translation, it’s a win-win situation for patients and medical professionals alike. On the one hand, doctors will be able to better understand everything about their foreign patients, which will help them provide a better medical service.  Patients, on the other hand, will be more aware of the facts and specifics about all the medical procedures that need to be followed.


Localization Or Translation?

Straight from the shoulder, in this ultra-sensitive area, the solution is by no means just medical translation services. Rather, it is localization ─ which is broader in objectives and scope.

Therefore, the linguists who work on medical translations must be responsive and receptive to the differences in culture between the source language and the target languages, as these differences might lead to providing the wrong information and advice to patients.

In some countries, some medical topics about the human body, or certain parts of it ─ such as birth control, menstruation, female sexuality, etc. ─ may be regarded as a social taboo by many people, and will thus require a very careful and professional effort of localization, not translation.  


Why Torjoman?

The top-notch medical, pharma and healthcare businesses like Leo Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, Siemens Healthineers, Shire Plc, Aspen Health Care, Novo Nordisk Pharma and Soho Flordis International that we’ve been serving for 25 years know the answer to the above question quite well.

First, every and each member of our expert team of medical translators has the utmost up-to-date medical knowledge that enables them to produce world-class translations with 100% accuracy and precision. We’ve got zero tolerance for errors in this area!

Second, we, at Torjoman, follow a multi-level quality assurance process, which is unmatched all across the language service industry.

We take pride in providing superior, professional medical translation and Localization for the following:

  • Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Patient Recruitment Materials
  • Patient Examination Reports.
  • Patient Information.
  • Medical History Reports.
  • Patient Survey Reports.
  • Treatment Instructions.
  • Consent Forms.
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Forms.
  • Case Report Forms.
  • Clinical Records.
  • Medication Labels.
  • Pharmacy Materials.
  • Drug Packaging & Labeling.
  • Clinical Trials.
  • Medical Regulatory Documents.

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