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Impact of Translation on Home Fitness and the Health Boom

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  • Date: March 20, 2022

Due to ongoing limitations and social distancing practices, many of us were confined to lengthy days at home throughout the worst stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. And motivation can be weak at times like these. However, evidence acquired in mid-2020 reveals that during the pandemic, many people around the world became their own personal trainers. And a large part of this is due to home fitness translations!

The sale of home workout equipment has increased dramatically in the previous two years. Through video conferencing platforms like Zoom, you can find everything from Yoga to high-intensity gym courses online. In essence, home fitness is experiencing a spike like never before.

The Impact of Translation on Home Fitness

Many worldwide fitness brands have begun to provide virtual training courses through the internet. When the pandemic reshuffled the way we live and do business, these services flourished. However, because the pandemic affected people all over the world, giving these training sessions in just one language would never be enough. Do you know how many times the word fitness was translated in the first six months of 2020? Too many times to keep track of!

People who regularly visited gyms and sports facilities were driving up demand for home fitness and supporting languages for remote programs. Even after the lockdown measures were reduced in the second half of 2020 and 2021, many people preferred to continue working out at home, even though they had the option of returning to the gym.

Many businesses with e-commerce sites responded to such restrictions by providing fitness enthusiasts with everything they could possibly need to achieve their exercise goals at home. People were conducting anything from a home-based fitness test to health scans and risk assessments from the comfort of their own homes.

In March and June of 2020, the app #Freeletics showed a 50 % spike in activity. During the year 2020, the cycling and running tracking app named #Strava added an average of 2 million new users per month!

How Does Localization Help You Reach More Markets?

Even in an era of social distancing and lockdown constraints, the workout brand Peloton is an excellent illustration of how localization can help fitness brands maximize their audience engagement.

Translating product labels and converting prices to local currencies are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to localization. Localization isn’t optional; it’s required if you want to reach a broader worldwide audience like the Peloton community has. And it’s the key to establishing yourself as a global leader.

Professional Health & Fitness Translation Services

We’ve helped a lot of fitness and leisure businesses market their brands at Torjoman. Thanks to professional translation services, not only on a local level, but also worldwide. In uncertain times like these, the best course of action for businesses is to plan ahead. It is critical that brands are prepared for when the world returns to normal.

Fitness brands, on the other hand, have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to their customers as interest in at-home fitness continues to rise. It could be as simple as having your marketing materials translated. Alternatively, a significant task such as localizing your entire brand for a new local market. Regardless matter what you need to take advantage of this opportunity, our services are tailored to improve your brand’s visibility. Either to have a multilingual website that’s automated and fully functioning as if it was built locally for each market, or just translating your classes and shooting its videos with transcription into multiple languages.

Get in contact with the Torjoman team today to learn more about our award-winning services and how we can help your fitness brand succeed. Our translation services for sport, leisure, and fitness help brands reach a global audience. Similarly, we’ll assist you in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

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