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The Role of Translation in Supercharging Your Marketing Campaigns

Entering international markets has become a worldwide trend for companies aiming at enlarging their customer base and having global brand visibility. However, keeping your original language while penetrating new markets will just put off your target consumers even if they can understand it. They will feel alienated and that the product or service is not originally made for them.

Translating your marketing campaigns while expanding to new markets is essential to establish a solid global presence. But, how do you maintain your brand identity while moving from one language to another, or from one culture to a completely different one? To ensure a smooth transition, you should not ignore the importance of marketing translation.

In this article, we will look at the definition of marketing translation and its crucial role in launching successful marketing campaigns.

What is Marketing Translation?

It is the translation of your marketing campaigns into the languages of your target audiences. To expand to foreign markets, you have to adapt your marketing materials to be acceptable for your intended audience. A research study should be conducted before starting your campaign to know your audience’s age, needs, and behavior.

Marketing translation can never be a word-for-word translation, or else disastrous results may happen. For instance, HSBC Bank’s “Assume Nothing” marketing campaign failed at the beginning because the message was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in many countries, which caused the bank to rebrand and pay millions of dollars to correct such a mistake.

Marketing translation can entail two main types of translation as follows:

Transcreation: It is the process of creating and translating entirely new marketing content to look appealing to target customers.

Localization: localization service is the adaptation of your content, images, videos, colors, and any other visual elements to match the culture, history, religion, politics, and even superstition of the target audience.

All Marketing Campaigns have to be translated in a culturally appropriate manner including social media posts, website marketing copy, press releases, posters, brochures, and any other marketing materials.

Torjoman offers you the highest-quality marketing translation services to help you engage your global customers and establish a strong presence in international markets.

What is the Importance of Marketing Translation?

Marketing translation simply saves your life when you decide to reach new customers in different geographic domains. Mistranslations have costly consequences that you definitely do not want to face during your expansion journey. Here are some of the key benefits of marketing translation.

Approaching a Larger Audience

Addressing your product or service in the languages of your target customers will create a more personalized experience, engage them so quickly, and foster their goodwill. This will widen your customer base and help you increase your conversions faster than ever.

Enhancing Your Brand Awareness

When tweaking your message to fit local markets by leveraging their cultures, dialects, and beliefs, your brand will be more recognizable. They will trust your brand by feeling that your product or service is originally made with only them in mind.

Reducing Costs

By communicating with your target customers in their cultures, you will avoid any miscommunication possibilities that may force you to pay extra costs to rebrand.

Creating a Great Customer Experience

Communicating with target audiences in their own languages and cultures will help them understand your product information and be more willing to buy your product or service among other competitors that may fail to address them in their native language. Therefore, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction and guarantee a higher number of leads.

Boosting Your SEO Ranking

Since most customers around the world search for products in their own native languages, your website will stand out if its content includes the words that customers use when searching for products like yours. That is why translating your website content into the cultures and languages of your target markets is required to drive traffic to your web pages.

If you are looking for a reliable language service provider to translate your marketing campaigns, look no further than Torjoman translation company! Our team is well-versed and equipped to customize and communicate your message correctly to the target customers.

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