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How to Maintain an Effective Translation Workflow Management

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  • Written By: Torjoman
  • Date: February 18, 2023

You may think that the translation process merely involves sending your file to a language service provider, and then a translator performs the translation and sends you a text converted into another language, and that is all. This is totally untrue and if done this way, the translation will be completely inaccurate and have many fatal mistakes.

The translation process, in reality, is a complex process on which a team of professionals are working in a cycle including translators, reviewers, project managers, designers, and others. They work together as a team to provide you with high-quality and accurate translations and make sure that the final layout meets your requirements.

The translation workflow needs to be organized and managed in a way that saves your time and ensures that the translation you receive will be error-free. Thus, having a centralized translation management system is vital especially if you have many forthcoming translation projects that you need to introduce into global markets within specific time frames. For many business holders, time is money, and any delays in the process of translation might result in losing potential revenues.

Selecting the right language service provider that will produce efficient translation workflows within the desired time frames is important and should be added to your strategic growth plan. Torjoman is here to help! We handle multiple projects within tight timelines.

Although a trusted translation agency can provide you with a smooth workflow, you have to arrange your requirements first before going ahead with sending your projects to be translated. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Decide which materials you are going to expose to the target audience including all visual content.
  2. Determine which languages you need to localize your content into.
  3. Underline all business requirements that you wish to be included in the translated text including slogans, messages, colloquialisms, and so on.
  4. Highlight the parts of the text that you do not want to be translated if any.
  5. Attach any comments or amendments you need to be done along with the source file.

How Does the Translation Workflow Management Work?

In the past, translation companies used to accomplish translation projects by using manual spreadsheets, and this method was a bottleneck that delays everything and allows for a multiplicity of errors or omitted parts.

Most translation companies now work on translation management systems (MTSs) that facilitate the translation process and eliminate any complexities during the workflow. They help centralize duties and reduce human and manual work, and this pragmatically helps reduce time and cost.

The following are general steps for how the translation workflow is carried out through the MTS:

Files Preparation

Once a new file is uploaded through the system, the MTS tracks it and operates it through many built-in tools such as translation memory, glossary (term base), and sometimes machine translations to prepare it for translation.

Vendors Selection

The translation management system includes a database of translators with subject-matter expertise in manifold fields. Accordingly, the system matches the project requirements with the qualifications of the existing vendors and selects the most matching translator.

Sending the Task to a Translator

Once the system is done with all the necessary preparation, it sends the translation project to the vendor as a package including content generated from the translation memory, a prepared glossary, and possibly a suggested translated text produced by the machine translation tool.

Proofreading Process

Actually, the process does not stop at a translator rendering the source text into a target language. The translated text is then sent to a reviewer with an eye for detail (a second translator or linguist) to guarantee that the final version is precise and flawless.

Final Delivery

Once the translators are done with the review process, adapting the translated text into the final format starts. This is how the translation management system is advantageous that it can handle any kind of content and format. Even the tags and metadata are dealt with properly within the system.


The translation management system, if advanced, is supplied with payment tools such as invoices, tracking costs, and time frames. This allows the system to generate reports that can be helpful for project managers who take responsibility for all the centralized duties of translation projects from the beginning.

In a nutshell, having a worthwhile translation workflow management that is straightforward is fruitful and profitable especially if you are in the process of globalizing your products or services to foreign markets.

Torjoman offers you a smooth and flexible translation workflow management that helps deliver your translation fast and cost-effectively.

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