Translation Services Rates: Translation Cost per Page, Word or Hour?

Translation Services Rates: Translation Cost per Page, Word or Hour?

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  • Date: July 30, 2019

How important is it to have your content properly translated when globalizing your brand? Well, it’s extremely important! Translating and localizing your content increases your chances to reach more people, so your market share and definately will end with increasing your sales revenues.

Translation rates are different among translation service providers. The price can be calculated on many factors like volume, content complexity and deadlines. One of the main factors that affect the translation costs is whether it will be done by a human or a machine. Translation services provided by a human, as compared to a machine, offer a more in-depth look into the culture, the tiny nuances and even the political and economic conditions of the targeted market. Also, the cost of an average document depends on the amount of work required for the content. The cost can be calculated based on Translation cost per page, word or hour. You can decide your best option while contracting with your translation service partner.


As a company that is looking for a translation service, you should understand pretty well how the cost is calculated. And now we will discuss these factors in detail;


The Key Characteristics

The cost of your document should directly be correlated to the number of words, this isn’t always the case. But recently, many companies have a built-in translation memory (TM) to avoid charging clients for repetitive words and phrases. So using ™ will save time and money, and at the same time, it will keep the content consistent.

2-Processing Time

At some times, you will have a translation project that it’s urgent and need to be submitted in a very tight deadline, the cost of translating this project might be higher due to its processing time But in general, the average turnaround differs from a provider to another, whereas the very best providers have their translators translate about 2000 words per day, most providers will be willing to accelerate the completion process upon request.

3-Supply & Demand

One of the key factors that are involved in determining the cost of your project is the source or the target language of your documents. For example, if you have a document in Kawishana language and you would like to be translated into Swedish, this project will cost you more due to the availability of these language pairs.

4-Economic Standing

A nation’s economic circumstances play an important role in how providers will charge you. Professional translation providers always keen on hiring in-country native translators to work on their projects, so countries with higher tax brackets usually bring out a more expensive cost of living, and as a result, the rate of these translators will be high too. All of this, affect the final cost of your translation project. 

5-Formatting Details

The file format of your project will affect the cost for translating it as the easier the format is, the less it will cost. Also whether this file is compatible with the translation software that the translation company is using or not. For example, Word and Excel files are much easier to work on them rather than translating an application or a website. For translation providers, besides finding the right talent to work on your project, they will need to find the ones who can work on a difficult file format.

6-Experience and Expertise

A well-recognized translation service provider will hire translators with a minimum of 5 years of experience. This is considered as time saver factor as the quality of those experienced translators will be good and sometimes there will be no need to double check their work from another expert.


Industry-specific translators usually hold an educational degree in the field of work. Though this may mean a slight jump in price as it gives you the assurance of having a translator with the understanding of the industry jargon. i.e., a medical translator will have had previous experience working in the industry; hence you can ensure receiving accurate, high-quality translations


And from here comes the importance of partnering with translation and localization companies like Torjoman. With over 9,500 projects completed in over 120 languages, covering over 10 leading industries and working with an esteemed panel of clientele such as Google, Boeing, Emirates Airlines, Apple, Nissan and IBM. We believe in flexibility and how it helps to smooth the workflow with our clients, so we have created customized plans for our clients according to their requirements. Besides having years of experience, we are always keen on working with the latest translation software programs and make sure to train our teams on utilizing it very well. And due to the diversity of the clients and industries that we are working with, we have plenty of translation rates for our clients, as clients might ask to calculate translation cost per page or hour or page according to their needs.

So, no matter the size, the scope and complexity of your project, we will make sure that even the minutest of details are catered to. 

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