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When Do You Need Back Translation?

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  • Date: February 14, 2023

The translation is not just converting a written text from one language into another. To put it simply, it is about conveying the meaning and message of a source text into a target language taking into account language guidelines and cultural aspects. Therefore, quality assurance tools are very important during the translation process to achieve your peace of mind and assure you that every single detail is tracked properly.

Back translation can be considered one of the quality assurance tools as it is a way of asserting that the translated document perfectly mirrors the source document.

In this blog, you will have insights into the meaning of back translation and when you should use it.

What is Back Translation?

Back translation, also known as forward/backward/reverse translation, is a quality assurance method in which a translator performs the translation of an already translated text back to its original language. In this case, the translation process is carried out by a different translator and not the one who rendered the original text into the target language.

This might be surprising for you, yet; this is highly recommended in this type of translation because the translator who takes responsibility for back translation should do the job without any kind of objectivity.

The back translation usually makes the translation process more time-consuming and you have to make sure that you really need back translation for your text. Torjoman helps you make the right decision in this regard, and if back translation is found to be necessary, our professionals can provide you with a well-planned back translation that fits within both your time and budget.

The back translation process can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. The translator renders the translated text into its original language.
  2. The translator compares the text he/she translates to the original text and pinpoints any discrepancies that are sent in a report to the client.
  3. The client discusses the discrepancies found with the translator to decide which changes should be made.
  4. The final result that the client receives will be a translation that accurately and confidently carries the same meaning as the original text.

When Is Back Translation Essential?

Back translation is required in cases like when you need to translate sensitive or high-quality information whether they are legal, medical, or any official data that allow no errors because if any arise, this will surely lead to costly or disastrous consequences.

Here, back translation comes in the form of a rescuer that saves your translation from any inconveniences that may emerge and makes you certain that every single detail falls in place.

We will expose to you some of the fields in which back translation is needed most, do not miss reading the following:

Pharmaceutics and Medicine

Due to the increase in globalizing medical products, surveys, research, and instruments, translating medical and pharmaceutical information into different languages has become inevitable. Therefore, the meaning of medical texts should be conveyed in a very accurate way to deliver the same message.

As an example, imagine that you own a pharmaceutical company, and you need to approach new markets. You have to translate all your product’s information into the target language so that people can easily understand the dosage, side effects, and medical indications. Any inconveniences may lead to the loss of your reputation and credibility. Back translation helps you ensure the right delivery of every single word in your target markets.

Legal Sector

Legal translation documents are considered the most critical kind of information a translator can deal with. The legal translator should have special qualifications including immense subject-matter expertise in the laws and regulations of the target language.

Back translation is highly recommended in this type of translation where every single word counts. Every word should be literally and precisely translated into the target language. Thus, any mistranslations here may lead to costly and harmful results.

Business and Marketing

When translating a marketing blog, social media post, or any other marketing materials, the translator has to be creative while delivering the message of the source text taking into account the culture of the target audience.

Back translation is handy here to avoid any misperceptions.


When translating financial reports, documents, or regulatory such as bank statements, balance reports, tax returns, or prospectuses you need back translation to make sure that you do not miss a word and to ensure the accountability of the translation.

In a nutshell, using a trusted translation agency that provides back translation among its services will save your time and money.

If you decide that your document needs back translation, do not hesitate to contact Torjoman and get the most accurate and accountable translation you will ever have.

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