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Case Study: How Torjoman Mastered a Live Website Translation in 3 Languages

Torjoman recently undertook an exciting, multilingual website translation project for a very well-known tourism website. The client requested live translations into three languages, which included elements of transcreation and localization. Below, we have created a short case study to highlight the challenges faced and the innovative solutions that achieved success.

Project summary

Platform: An informative, brochure-style website promoting tourism

Project length: One month

Languages: Translations into Chinese, German, Russian

Word count: Average of 35,000 to 40,000 words per language

Page count: 90 to 120 pages

Services requested: Translation, transcreation, localization

Format: Translations were inputted into a live website


Challenges posed by the project

Website translations and localizations present unique challenges that can be overcome with careful planning and attention to detail. Torjoman’s team of dedicated project managers, linguists and engineers worked collaboratively on this project to produce high-quality, website-ready translations.

1- The scope of the project

Challenge posed: undertaking large-scale technical work

This project offered an opportunity for Torjoman’s software team to take on their biggest website localization project to date. This meant working out the best way to allocate resources and developing a comprehensive work plan.     

Solution: developing a project plan

An experienced project manager was assigned to the website translation and localization processes. This project manager received the initial materials from the client and determined which linguists had the perfect skills for the project.

The project manager then worked on all three languages for the duration of the project, splitting tasks into manageable chunks for each language team. There were two translators and one reviewer working on each language. Each language was imported back to the website individually as it was completed. Having such clear plans and processes in place allowed work to run smoothly.

2- Technical requirements

Challenge posed: working with new platforms

The client needed us to work with their website directly. This meant exporting source texts and then importing translations back into the live website, rather than working with word processing software or HTML documents.

Additionally, transforming a website’s text from one language to another requires more than simple translation. Layout and functionality need to be preserved in the final product. The client’s website used a content management system (CMS) called UMBRACO. Maintaining the look of the website meant working with UMBRACO’s programming language and implementing additional quality control procedures.

Solution: using new tools

Before beginning translations, Torjoman’s team met with the software company that created our client’s website. This allowed us to find out about the platform’s specifications and form a strategy for working with the live website.

Our technical experts then devised a simple, effective solution. Torjoman purchased a reliable plug-in that enabled us to connect the website with our translation management system (TMS). First, texts were extracted from the website and sent to our TMS. Our specialist linguists then translated the texts, after which the plug-in sent them back to the website.

Before beginning work, our engineers thoroughly tested the plug-in, analyzing its effects on the website. This was particularly important given the distinct alphabets and syntaxes of the three languages in question: Chinese, German and Russian. This strategy was a success and enabled us to work seamlessly with the website.

3- Client expectations

Challenge: determining project requirements

Meeting our clients’ needs is an integral part of our work. At Torjoman, we pride ourselves on maintaining communication with our clients and keeping them up to date with the progress of their project. Determining a client’s expectations involves closely analysing briefs and continually identifying gaps in information that could lead to misunderstandings. In this website translation project, we found two areas that posed such challenges:


  1. Project kick-off

At the start of the project, it was stated that translations were needed on specific pages. However, it wasn’t immediately clear to us which pages these were. This created the potential for errors or confusion later in the project.


  1. Client feedback sessions

As a project develops, a client’s needs can understandably change. This occurred in our website translation project. Following a mutual approval of the word count and an agreement about which pages were to be translated, certain requirements were altered. This also happened after certain translations were finished, including changes to links and pages.

Solution: Working together with the client

Before the project began

In order to establish clear objectives, we arranged an initial kick-off meeting with the client and their software team to find out about their aims and the content management system they use. Following this, we expanded meetings to include our wider specialist teams (including engineers and localization support experts). Here, we discussed the best way to create flawless translations in the ideal time frame.

During the project

At Torjoman, we are proud of our excellent team members who work in marketing and transcreation translations. They were committed to understanding client feedback, whenever it was given, and implemented measures to ensure the project was completed in good time.



Live Website Translation Project Results

Our team achieved remarkable results in this project. High-quality, accurate translations were delivered back to the client in the desired format and in the necessary timeframe. Our translation team undertook quality assurance testing that meant website functionality and user experience remained consistent throughout.

Upon delivery of the three language translations, the client was pleased with the project’s outcomes. They asked us to undertake additional work reviewing and editing the Arabic version of their website. This had been translated and uploaded by a different company and was causing usability issues. Today, we continue to work with the client on a variety of proofreading projects.


Why choose Torjoman?

At Torjoman, we have been helping companies to speak to international audiences for over 26 years. Our linguists are native speakers of the languages you need and we have the technical knowledge to assist with translations for specialized software, websites, and more.

Torjoman is an ISO 17100 certified company, which means we adhere to the highest translation standards. All of our work is closely quality controlled and our expert team can advise on how to achieve your translation goals.


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