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Legal Translation Services

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Legal Translation services

When it comes to legal translation services – getting the legal transaltions right without mistakes is simply non-negotiable.

However, it is not as simple as it may sound. Legal document translation can involve multiple languages, hundreds and thousands of documents and tight deadlines. In a complex scenario like this, you need a partner that has experience and specialization. Welcome to the right place – our legal translation services are perfect for you.

We provide legal translation services for IP and patent attorneys, law firms, corporate counsels and legal industry professionals in more than 100 languages. Looking for top notch quality translation? We’ve got it covered.

Legal Translation Services

We have appropriately qualified professional translators, reviewers and editors for legal translation projects. Furthermore:

  • Our linguists are experienced in the legal field and go through a multi-step qualification process. We hire only those who have legal specializations and can be trusted with your content. We are big on confidentiality.
  • We also offer SME (subject matter expert) or third-party review to give you additional assurance. Your satisfaction is what we care about.
  • We could also provide a legal certification, approval from a legally qualified translator or solicitor on your request.
  • For your security our legal translation services have strict confidentiality processes in place to make sure your information is under lock. Our quality management framework protects your sensitive data and restricts unauthorized access to it.
  • We understand how important glossaries of key terminology are to the legal content and we keep creating term databases that help guide our translators and ensure consistency across all projects. Our extensive terminology covers all key subject areas likes:

· Corporate Law
· Maritime Law

· Tax Law
· Criminal Law

· Contract Law
· Property Law

Have you been looking for an experienced vendor to translate your IP, patents, contracts, litigation and prosecution materials, police records or other justice-related legal documents?

With licensed attorneys on board, we have the expertise and insight in providing legal document translation to top legal corporations worldwide.

Legal language and concepts can differ from country to country. Some countries have very specific legal guidelines related to contracts, text formatting, packaging etc. Our legal translation services take all of these into account in your project. Our translators are trained to identify all these variations and incorporate them correctly.

We understand that a professional legal document translation can play a vital role in preventing future legal contingencies. Our linguists translate the correct legal meaning as interpreted by the judicial system and convey it in the language of your choice.
Let us introduce you to our timely, high quality legal translation solutions for your legal content.

When it comes to legal translation in Dubai, one must only trust a specialized legal translator who has judicial education or experience and can translate legal documents by understanding their intended meaning.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of legal translation?

Legal translation refers to the conversion of documents that are used for official purposes. This includes the translation of documents such as birth certificates from one language to another.

What are the differences between legal translation and other types of translation?

Much like any other translation the basic concept of legal translation does involve the conversion from a source language to a target language. However, the difference lies in the context itself. As each nation/state has their own rules, it is vital that the translator has a complete understanding of both laws.

Why is legal translation important?

The legal systems of nations are unique as the languages that are spoken there. More so, laws are constantly being modified or dismissed leaving heaping amounts of margin for error. Obtaining a professional legal translation provider decreases the chance of such errors.

How do I get a certified translation?

Certified translation can be obtained via professional translation companies like Torjoman.

Do I need a certified translation?

The institution or the company that is requesting the translation from, will notify you about that.

Can you be a translator without a degree?

Yes. While many companies do not make having a degree a prerequisite, it is often preferred. Having something as simple as a language degree can possibly help you jump the pay grade level.

What is a certified translation of a document?

A certified translation of a document is a signed affidavit by the translator saying that the translated document is true to its original form.

How do you certify a translation document?

A translator will take the original document and translate it to the closest counterpart in the target language. Then the translator will sign another affidavit stating that the document is true to the original form. This is not to be confused with a notarized document, in which the translator signs the affidavit in front of a notary public who in return stamps it with his/her seal.

Where can you translate documents?

In today’s digital world, you will find hundreds of translation companies that provide legal translation services. However, nothing comes closest to the proficiency and efficiency of Torjoman. A professional translation company has many perks that a freelance or online translator cannot offer. We provide around the clock services, subject matter experts, and customized plans according to your project.

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