Advertising and Marketing Translation Services

MARKETING Translation services

Marketing and advertising translation services are used to convert brand marketing campaign messages from one language to another without losing the intended advertising impact. As businesses go global with customers from non-English speaking nations it is becoming increasingly important to translate sales messages into target languages.

This is because natives of any non-English speaking countries respond better to content written in their local language. The main focus is to ensure that the content has an appealing tone, considers issues such as cultural respect and the appropriate writing style is used to maintain the original marketing or advertising intention with the right words. 

Why You Need Professional Marketing Translation

Globalization has blurred the differences in world cultures but that is by no reason for any cultural disrespect and international companies understand that. The amount of effort that goes into understanding a native culture is what measures a company’s respect in every market. Adapting to any market requires deep local market research to ensure that translation of marketing and advertising materials to various target languages still maintains the original vision. The content needs to read well in the local language and have the appropriate local nuance or flavor. Companies that want to compete effectively in every international market need to talk to their customers by using fitting marketing and advertising messages to persuade the locals through a well researched theoretical framework. If the translation of marketing materials is not done correctly a business will then miss its brand to potential buyers. This directly translates into no sales!

Choosing the Right Marketing Translation Service Providers

Terminologies are industry specific and it is very important for international businesses to have the right translation of marketing materials by ensuring that brand dictated words are translated into the right words placed correctly into context. It is also vital to note that the translation of marketing materials should focus on goals set for marketing campaigns which are 

  • To inform your potential customers.
  • To attract potential customers.
  • To sell your brand and make profit from actual sales.

Marketing translation services can be a determinant factor on how your brand is perceived in foreign markets and success stories have reported increased sales from the targeted audience. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Pepsi are some of the business giants who have learned through failures on the importance of marketing or advertising materials translations. Small mistakes can discourage your audience from your brand and cause considerable damage with severe implications on your company profits. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have both experienced this in China when their marketing slogans translated to funny, product unrelated, and incomprehensible sentences that totally worked negatively on both brands. 

Who Should Use Marketing Translation Services

Practically all businesses selling products or services on a global scale need these marketing translation services. Some of the companies and organizations that need quality translation services for their marketing materials include

  • International colleges (especially brochures)
  • E-commerce Web sites selling products or services
  • Food manufacturers (mostly on packaging)
  • Medicine manufacturers and distributors (especially on application directions )
  • International soft drink manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers (especially manufacturers of harmful substances)
  • Others (especially where marketing campaigns include e-mailing)

How Can Torjoman Help Your Business Grow?

Torjoman can help your business grow by providing professional translations for all your digital and print marketing materials. Our services have been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification in recognition of our dedication to provide quality translations since 1994. The team of native translators led by a dedicated project manager ensures that the primary objective of any marketing campaign is not only maintained but also localized to appeal to the local market.

Thorough research on brand acceptance and customer trust makes it possible for us to translate advertising and marketing materials using an appropriate writing style with the right choice of words to avoid cultural conflict and to ensure the message is clearly received. We have translators who can easily handle translations in more than 150 worldwide languages, including their different dialects. 

Translating marketing materials is not enough and that is why our team of proficient native translators ensures that the marketing campaign uses localized techniques to pull in more new customers to your brand and build their trust in your brand with unmatched creativity. If you want to avoid embarrassing international marketing disasters like those experienced by some of the major companies such Parker Pens or Clairol please pick up your phone and call us on 0097143911813 or email us through today for a free quote. Talk to your international customers in a language and way they can easily understand and watch your sales shoot (or “go” to avoid this slangy American idiom?)  through the roof! (or “go sky high)