Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

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  • Date: May 23, 2023

Today’s world has proven to be a digital world where everyone is going online to search for products or services, find out specific information, or talk to friends. Research has shown that almost 60% of the world’s population are active social media users making it a necessity for companies to go online to reach their target customers through the platforms they use the most. If you do not promote your business using different social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram…etc., you are missing out!

Using billboards, magazine ads, or printed copies to market products or services is no longer an effective method to increase conversions or improve brand awareness. Businesses should cope with the challenges of the current age and approach customers through their preferred places. This is where digital marketing has emerged to help businesses promote their products online by applying different digital marketing strategies. Among these strategies comes the social media marketing strategy.

In this blog, we will walk you through the definition of social media marketing and why it is so important, highlight its steps, and point out why Torjoman is the best solution in this regard. Let’s dive deeper.

Before we define the social media marketing strategy, let’s have a look first at the definition of social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is about leveraging the advantages of powerful social media platforms to promote your products or services and approach your target customers achieving, this way, your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes paid and nonpaid advertising. However, social media marketing needs a consistent strategy to be successful and work on your goals.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

It is an outline of what you are planning to do on the different social media platforms. It includes your goals, the responsibilities of your marketing teams, your tactics to achieve your goals, and methods and metrics you will use to gauge whether you are on the right track or not.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Social media marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways to promote your business. Whether you are a startup or a big company, you need social media marketing to reach your ideal customers.

Here are some of the key benefits of social media marketing:

Skyrocketing Conversions

Your social media posts play a very crucial role in increasing your sales by highlighting the advantages of your products or services, adding call-to-action buttons, and interacting with your prospects by answering their queries, replying to their comments, and showing them your interactive participation.

Increasing Traffic

You can absolutely increase traffic to your website through social media by adding links to your website such as blogs in your social media posts. This will encourage people to visit your website and share it with friends.

Improving Brand Awareness

Social media platforms allow you to add your story and make it reach a wider number of audiences. This will enhance your brand visibility by helping customers know who you are and what products or services you offer.

Now, we will shed light on some of the most important steps to build an effective social media marketing strategy. Let’s start!

Define Your Business Goals

This is the first step in creating a successful social media marketing strategy. You have to select the goals you need to accomplish by marketing your brand on social media platforms. Do you need to drive traffic to your website? Increase conversions, or approach more leads? Deciding your goals before you start is very essential because every goal needs special tactics that are different from those of the rest.

Study Your Target Audience

Creating a buyer persona is also important to be able to reach the ideal customer. Therefore, you have to study who your target customers will be, and what are their preferences, habits, age, and social status. Moreover, you have to know which social media platforms they visit more. Sometimes, it is not fruitful to have accounts on all social media platforms. Instead, select what suits your business.

Look at Your Competitors

Otto van Bismark once said “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Research what your competitors are doing on social media. How are they marketing their products? Which channels are they using? What type of content are they writing? This will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses and decide which methods will help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Have a Strong Content Strategy

Your content is the linchpin of the rest of your digital marketing strategies. Thus, make sure to tailor your content to fit your target audience.

Create a social media calendar for your content to decide which posts you will publish on social media every day.

Write blogs for your website every week and include them in your social media posts to drive traffic to your website.

Why Torjoman is the Best Solution

At Torjoman, we have a strategic approach for every digital marketing practice. Our team of experts is able to create and lead a successful social media marketing strategy that will help you drive traffic to your website and increase your sales.

We focus on the following:

Acquiring New Customers

By applying our social media tactics, we help you enlarge your customer base and engage your current customers in a way that encourages them to recommend your brand to their social circles.

Establishing Effective Communication

We study your customers well and address all their needs and problems through our strategically managed social media accounts. Thus, we help you retain your customers and win their trust.

Maintaining Your Brand’s Good Reputation

We apply a strict crisis management strategy to maintain your brand’s reputation on social media even in crisis times.

Creating KPIs for Each Strategy

We set KPIs for each strategy to measure whether the goals are being achieved or not.

If you are looking for a trustworthy digital marketing agency to promote your products or services online, look no further than Torjoman! We will help you reach your target customers and skyrocket your conversions.

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