SEO Localization: Why Are Multilingual SEO Services Vital to Your Business?

Mr. Entrepreneur, beware of the competition! If you stand still for a few days or a few moments, it’s probable they will be beating you ─ hard!

In the race to reach the greatest number of customers, always remember that you’re in the digital age, where you have to remotely satisfy your existing customers, and remotely attract new customers. Also bear in mind that to do this, you have to leverage the most important digital marketing tool ever ─ your WEBSITE!

It’s a must that your business should set and optimize a solid digital marketing strategy that will take you far ahead of the competition.

However, the issue is not all about the competition, but, rather, about providing your clients and prospects with a wonderful customer experience that achieves the ultimate goal of boosting your online presence, and, finally, getting more web traffic. Isn’t it?

Mr. Entrepreneur, unlike the story of Cinderella, who couldn’t even make it to a party without magical help, your story of success is different. If you want to go to the party of new target audiences, in their overseas markets, your solution is not magic. It’s a wonderful tool ─ your WEBSITE. And you need to optimize it. All about it!

Therefore, starting from today, we’ll take you on a journey to set and optimize the digital marketing strategy for your website. However, it’s probably noteworthy to tell you that we’ve already published a lot about website localization and about social media marketing, and about how to beat them all.

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We’ll start our series with why you should be considering Multilingual SEO Services and how you can integrate it into your digital marketing strategy. Let’s get started!


What Are SEO and SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comprises all the steps in a process aimed to optimize (i.e. improve) your most important tool, your crown jewel, your website, so it may receive unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. This will happen only if certain changes are made to your website’s design and content. Real changes!

As for SEO benefits for your company or organization ─ which is doing business among a cut-throat competition ─ it simply enables your business to be more visible on search engines, and so you can reach out and engage more and more unpaid traffic ─ that is more and more potential customers.


The Open Sesame to Global Success ── Multilingual SEO!

This was about SEO. So, what about if your business wishes to expand globally into foreign markets, targeting foreign audiences who speak multiple languages?

In this case, you obviously need to set up a multilingual website. But, what’s the difference? Definitely, there are many new SEO factors to consider. And so what?

To put first things first, let’s start with admitting that Multilingual SEO is needed when your business wants to expand into various markets, with potential customers who happen to speak different languages (it happens at the best of families!). In this case, you have to optimize all the content and design of your website for multiple languages, in order for your potential customers to be able to find you on the search engines in the new markets and new countries – and you rank high! In a nutshell, multilingual SEO makes you searchable in your new markets. Dot.


Dubai ─ Cairo ─ Riyadh!

So, what do we mean by offering optimized content for numerous languages or various countries/locations?  Let’s explain with an example. It sometimes works!

For example, what happens if you’re a Japanese auto brand which is doing great business in the United Kingdom (as famous as Boris Johnson) and you want your product, via your website, to conquer Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates?

Logically, you’ll decide to translate your content into Arabic and create an Arabic-language website. Wow!

But there is a problem! Even though classic traditional Arabic seems to be one thing for web readers (shall we call them searchers?!) in the 3 cities of Riyadh, Cairo and Dubai, still, what about the keywords that you’ll focus on for SEO? Shall you ignore that they call the Toyota “sayara” in Dubai and “3arabia” in Cairo? If you, however, decide to ignore this and feel satisfied with using seemingly homogeneous keywords, you’ll end up selling Nissan or Lada!

Therefore, to be successful, you’ll need to draw up 3 plan versions for Saudi Arabic, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, leveraging the commonly used keywords in each country. With this (and only with this!), you’ll be able to reach out to your potential audience in the three Arab countries and will also increase your chances of SEO ranking for each of the three regions.

Mr. Entrepreneur, the secret of your success is that you’ve brilliantly used multilingual SEO not only to address the needs of your customers but also to provide them with a fabulous experience.

How Torjoman Can Make the Real Difference?

If we accept that multilingual SEO is just a cog in the digital marketing machine, we will, therefore, admit that Torjoman has put the whole machine in operation for the benefit of thousands of businesses that wish to stand out on both the local and global levels.

In addition to our multilingual SEO service ─ which has earned us a worldwide reputation thanks to our team of SEO professionals who work hand in hand with translators to localize our clients’ target keywords and ensure that on-page optimization best practice is implemented ─ we, at Torjoman, are standing out from the crowd with the following services (we mean the way we deliver them!):

1- Our Website Localization services provide culturally-relevant online brand experience for customers in each market, with the purpose of increasing engagement and boosting conversion.

2- Our SEO Translation service will get keyword research right in all of our clients’ target markets when translating their website, so that search engines will constantly bring the required brand, product or service to the attention of global searchers.

3- Our Transcreation services go beyond the usual translation services to give the content some life and appeal in different target markets.

4- Our Copywriting services help you connect with both clients & prospects, communicate your value to them and hence increase your sales.

5- Our Video Localization services (Translation/Transcription/Dubbing /Subtitling) convey your media’s original messages and cultural references in an appealing way to viewers in all markets.


Finally, there’s our decision to take all the hassle out of your mind to leave you to do your most important job of rising to number 1 in your niche market.


Not only a provider of multilingual SEO services, but we also do digital marketing strategy, including SEO strategy, along with all other language services including content writing and copy editing. So, contact us today for a free quote.

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