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Here are some benefits of our services:

Reach a Global Audience

Multilingual email marketing allows you to reach a wider audience and expand your business globally.

Connect with local customers

Speaking to customers in their native language can help you build trust and connect with local customers on a deeper level.

Increase Engagement

By speaking to customers in their preferred language, you can increase engagement and build stronger relationships with your audience.

Stand out from competitors

Offering multilingual email marketing can help you stand out from competitors and show your commitment to serving diverse customers.

Identify your ideal customer profile

Identify your ideal customer profile: When developing your ICP, consider factors like industry, company size, geographic region, how the services or products you provide will work with other tools that customers use, and specific pain points.

Find the decision makers: A single point of contact with an account isn’t enough when working on an ABS model. Instead, you’ll pinpoint the ideal responsibilities and roles of your target personas and target specific people, such as CEOs, sales managers, sales reps, and account executives within an account to set meetings and expedite the decision-making process.

Find the decision makers
Create an individualized approach

Create an individualized approach: When content is personalized at the sales-rep level, you will see a boost in conversions. With ABS, you can tailor an individualized approach that specifically addresses the interests and pain points of the decision-maker with whom you have connected.

Develop an organized plan: The sequence of your emails should be compiled into an organized plan. This will let you track where you are in your approach and how the process is progressing. You’ll also be able to pinpoint what worked and what did not, enabling you to tweak your approach to the next account.

Develop an organized plan

Our multilingual email marketing services include language research, content creation, localization, design and development, testing and optimization, deployment, and reporting.

We offer flexible pricing options based on your business’s needs and budget for each language.


We regularly have translation work that needs to be done urgently and Torjoman team are always on hand and prompt in responding to our requests. Our timelines were sometimes tight, but Torjoman was always successful in meeting our needs. We are happy with Torjoman services, and thank you for your assistance.


Torjoman is trusted by 3000 clients for the high quality of its professional translation services.

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