Web Site Localization Services

Essential for Better Market Penetration

A world full of Websites is offering products and services similar to yours. How could you attract people to visit your website and read about it? You really need a global website that appeals to your customer language and culture preferences, allowing these customers to feel at home at first glance. It takes more than mere content translation. Website localization is all you need to communicate with your customers internationally in their terms and that should help to easily double your profit easily.

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Web site Localization is the process of adapting and modifying the language, culture and appearance of the site to accommodate the target market. It’s an ideal means for providing usable and culturally suitable context to target customers. Because of the increase of business people desiring to invade new markets worldwide, reach new international audience and increase sales, Website localization became an essential part of their plan.

The successful localization process consists of certain steps any professional localization and translation company should master, including the following:

  • Putting SEO in mind and utilizing correct key words while working on content to get high rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Getting Website localization analysis for providing accurate costs and timelines to avoid delays in launching your Web site or issuing your product in the target markets
  • Understanding target market cultures and languages to ensure that the language really reflects target customer cultural preferences
  • Localizing layout and site navigation according to the target language specifications, such as RTL or UTD.
  • Using images, symbols and colors that don’t offend Web site visitors in your target market to reflect your messages. The first things that should be localized: symbols of currency, numbering systems, measurement units and time and date display. Colors also play important roles in raising favorable attitudes toward your site. For instance, red in India represents “Purity,” and yellow in China represents “Nourishing.”
  • Running QAs for ensuring consistency throughout the whole Web site and functional testing to make sure that your localized Web site works properly.
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Localization and Translation Similarity

Localization companies pay attention not only to the text translated, but also to the image and color selection and layout. Such strategy makes navigation easier for users of different languages and cultural preferences.
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Should I localize my Website? 

It’s time to make the right decisions to being visible worldwide or in a certain country or region and acquire more customers that’s because:

  • Web users stay twice longer on Web sites in their own language, and Google has started to consider the average time per session as a ranking factor.
  • A total of 37% of Internet consumers stay for a longer time on Web sites that are available in their mother languages.
  • And 70% of Internet users don’t speak English.
  • Customers are more likely to purchase from Web sites that communicate in their local language.

In summary, receiving more traffic and high search rankings do hand in hand with a global Web site introducing your products and services to customers in the way they like.

Let Torjoman introduce you perfectly to the world!

Sometimes you never do a task, not because you don’t need it, but because you don’t know how to do it. So It is critical to entrust a professional localization company to provide you with a global Web site that helps you reap the fruits of internationality in no time. Torjoman is your best choice to help you do this. As a highly professional localization and translation company specialized in almost all language pairs, the Torjoman Team can do it for you at best quality and best price. We can keep customers on your Web site for a longer time and make every user visit a first-step toward a purchase order. Increasing your global Web presence power and improving your ranking on search engines are easy with our smart localization and SEO strategies. Thanks to the many experiences the translation and localization teams have Torjoman experienced, we guarantee you best quality content localization and translation of your Web site.