8 profitable business ideas for women in Dubai

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  • Date: November 28, 2022

Over the years, the number of female company owners in the UAE has steadily increased. What business ideas for females in Dubai might be successful, curious to know? The response may be found in the UAE government’s several policies, such as visa reforms (10-year property visas for expatriates and one-year residency extensions for recently divorced/widowed women), easy maternity programmes, inexpensive startup costs, and on and on.

What if I told you that A $50 million fund was established specifically to boost female entrepreneurship in 2017? In just one year, this fund was able to close 64 percent of the gap between men and women in the UAE employment. On that point, let’s give a big shout-out to all the successful female entrepreneurs and leaders.

What are some excellent Dubai business ideas for women?

To make the process a little smoother, we’ve compiled a list of small business ideas for females in Dubai that are guaranteed to make them stand out.

1. Event planning and management

In Dubai, event planners are constantly in high demand. People with a keen eye for detail as well as a love for organization and planning are required in a city with events covering all sectors and topics. Female entrepreneurs may build their own identity in anything from meetings and conferences, product releases, and meet-and-greets to party organizing, customized experiences, and art events. 

In conclusion, women can expand their networks, communicate, and grow while creating events that are guaranteed to become the center of attention, making event planning a wonderful business model for women.

2. Application services for henna

In most Middle Eastern and South Asian nations, henna application is a typical cultural ritual. As a result, henna services are in high demand throughout the year in Dubai, where these countries account for the bulk of the population. Even ladies without a professional degree might accomplish their ambition of opening a henna salon. One may simply turn their henna company concept into reality with a professional license and the suitable organizational form, such as an LLC or a sole proprietorship.

3. Advisory services

Women with professional degrees can establish their own consulting firms based on their areas of skill and interests. Women are permitted to open up shop in Dubai after paying a small professional licensing cost. Advisory services may be used in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to wedding planning, educational planning, migration planning, and much more.

4. Management of marketing and social media

It is uncommon to discover someone who does not have a social media presence in today’s digital environment. However, this information may be used to build a social media management and marketing presence. Companies from all around the world are interested in investing in Dubai and need assistance in marketing their products. As a result, women may start their own marketing firms and provide their skills to clients all over the world. As a woman, doing business in Dubai opens access to a worldwide audience.She can also promote her business through social media platforms and publish what she offers in multilingual content in order to reach wide audiences, and using a translation company in Dubai will facilitate this matter.

Some of the world’s most influential people and celebrities consider Dubai home, and they want continuous social media updates across all platforms. As a result, social media management is a profitable and well-paying business. These services are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek assistance with their social media presence.

5. Shops and boutiques

Women with a passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail can launch their own stores. Boutiques are one of the most popular and successful business opportunities for women in Dubai. People in a fashion-conscious city like Dubai are always on the lookout for someone who can keep up with the newest trends while still providing high-quality goods. As a result, starting boutiques allows women to express themselves artistically while simultaneously establishing a long-term company.

6. Florists

Flowers blooming in the desert is a rare occurrence. Flower stores, on the other hand, are becoming a popular business idea for women in Dubai, with expected growth every year. Flowers are designed to be used to memorialize all of life’s important events. As a result, women may simply operate a flower store and work in a variety of environments. E-commerce licensing and logistics would be the two biggest expenditures. Furthermore, the Dubai Flower Center free trade zone’s launch will provide you access to the greatest floral selections at reasonable prices.

7. Health related centers

Launching a wellness Centre definitely makes sense in a world where individuals are more mindful of their health and desire to adopt good living practices. To create a wellness Centre, you must first choose what services you will provide. A DHA license, which costs roughly AED 9000, may be required for some establishments.

Opening a health Centre as a business model for women would enable you to provide a mix of lifestyle and healthcare-related services. As a consequence, this would appeal to a broad audience and may become a brand.

8. Bakeries

In Dubai, opening a high-end bakery with a distinguishing selling feature is somewhat simple. The large number of visitors that visit Dubai each year might benefit entrepreneurs. So, once you’ve received initial clearance from the Department of Economic Development (DED), you may concentrate on other areas like developing a business strategy, settling on a menu and location, acquiring authorizations, and receiving a NOC from the Food and Safety Department, among other things. Then you’re ready to use your hands to make magic.

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Putting your company ideas into action!

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